BREAKING NEWS UPDATE: Man shot to death in Ravine Poisson/Bexon area

BREAKING NEWS UPDATE: Man shot to death in Ravine Poisson/Bexon area

A man who was shot in the Ravine Poisson/Bexon area tonight (August 16) is dead, law enforcement sources have confirmed.

The victim is known so far as “Shervy”, who lost both hands in an attack “a long time” ago, sources say.

He is believed to be in his 30’s and is known to the police, sources say.

Emergency officials received the report of the shooting at 8:20 p.m.

St. Lucia News Online (SNO) received a photo of the victim laying on his back, eyes open, with blood on his face and head.

He is wearing a grey t-shirt, jeans short, and slippers.

Law enforcement officials said the victim appeared to have sustained multiple gunshot wounds.

This is the 34th recorded homicide for 2017.


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  1. I will not judge but will remind all that when you choose the path of crime and drugs that you only have one of two destinations, jail or cemetery. There is no loyalty, no friends, no future, no real happiness and no good reward dealing drugs. I hope that the young men will learn from these unfortunate events and change their lives around. There's no need for someone else to take the place of shervy, instead they should realized that the Lord has better plans for them. Please people do not rejoice of this unfortunate murder, he may have been a bad boy but we don't know what paths our sons and daughters are going to take so let's not rejoice over his demise rather unite and pray and act to change our country....


  2. Good or bad he was still human. He was a father, brother, uncle, cousin and friend. He who has no sin cast the first stone. Those of us judging him let us ask god forgiveness because we dont kno our hour how near it is. Sleep in peace. Did not know u.


  3. The only time some of us know about ppl life style is (1) when they die (2)when they in jail and (3) when they getting married


  4. Lol....I kno this is not a laughing matter but the comments on here are just too't know the guy...didn't know his life story... Been hearing negative and positive....don't really have and opinion on what went down or why he was murdered... β€œDead men tell no tales.”


  5. You live by the gun you die by it. They were warning you bro. Mal pou tan! Well look it! πŸ™‚ YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW BREDA. More life to those who are still alive.


  6. Great Job......prior to election you had all the great plans to curb crime. Now it is no longer an issue? Too busy using states funds to travel so you are unaware that under YOUR LEADERSHIP the number of homicides have not only EXCEEDED 2016 but we are well on our way to achieving a NEW HIGH. Great Job.....he who knows NOT and knows NOT HE KNOWS NOT....he is A FOOOOOOOLLLLLLLL......SHUN HIM.

    I hope you stay for 15 you can hand the county in its entirety to Chinese, foreigners and finally the IMF.


    • Stop the barrel scraping comment. All you do is sit on your azz and moan always want Government to do everything you never take the blame, you are not part of the solution you are part of the freaking problem so stop it. Your stupidity is immeasurable and immense. Do you think the PM is sending the idiots to kill each other? Very very sad there is no law about being stupid.


  7. I'm hearing so many different stories and all from good sources
    1) I heard it was a do or die rock, paper scissors battle royale. His friend begged him to choose paper but... πŸ™
    2) Heard someone was just really tired of wiping his anus
    3)His girlfriend sent him a message since Tuesday...up to now he never reply; she got angry overreacted.
    4)It was a robbery...the robber told him to remove everything in his pocket or he'd get shot... πŸ™
    5) He was involved in a drug deal with some French men and had to seal it off with a secret handshake...he tried his best but... πŸ™
    6) Some drug boss from Venezuela wanted him to be his right hand man but he just couldn't do it. Boss got angry
    Not sure which is true or false but RIP Shervy, wish I could see you wave good bye one more time... on the other hand (no pun intended) you're probably in a better place now.


    • The "good"? really??? WTH! It's really getting ridiculously annoying now? How was he good again? Please enlighten me dear.


  8. Why did you lost both hands Shervy? Why did the guys tie you with 8 in blocks and tried to drown you.
    Just like the days of Noah so shall it be before the coming of Christ.