BREAKING NEWS UPDATE: Homicide #49 confirmed after body discovered in Deglos

BREAKING NEWS UPDATE: Homicide #49 confirmed after body discovered in Deglos

Law enforcement sources have confirmed that a homicide investigation is underway into the discovery of a body in Deglos this morning, Nov. 7.

According to reports, a young male was discovered motionless around 5 a.m.

Police officials said the body bore marks of violence, particularly a wound to the neck.

Investigators are now trying to confirm the identity of the deceased who is suspected to be a Castries resident.

This is the 49th homicide recorded so far this year.


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  1. Sad situation .
    Now hear this , ,,,because this is a lawless country people are definitely taking the law into their own hands. Believe it or not!


  2. what is the minister of NO National Security doing in this job? why has he not been fired? come on! this murder rate is a joke now! there must be a government response . this is the highest st lucia has ever seen, now unless there is something going on i dont understand.... than this should not be...


    • Some of at so stupid in this country what the minister has to do with someone killing someone the government can't do nun to stop the killing ,because If someone do me wrong I won't think of the minister or government it is what it is


    • What do expect his lapo backside to do ?? Really now ! Have a cop hiding in the bushes to prevent this one. It is what it is you can deter but you cant stop.


  3. Every week is a homicide or the occasional suicide by herbicide or weedicide. I decide to call Saint Lucia the homicide and suicide capital of the OECS.


  4. Our hearts have turn to ice.......No more love, no empathy,no more caring and sharing gone are the good old days. To my many brothers and sisters let us stay strong and please lets try to love one another no matter what, because at the end of the day we are all God's children.


  5. This guy wanna look like the mental guy who walks in Castries...... just saying....dressing always confuse... he had a strange haircut last time i saw him..


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