UPDATE: Guardsman security guard fatally shot in Balata identified; firearm stolen

UPDATE: Guardsman security guard fatally shot in Balata identified; firearm stolen
The security guard was on duty when he was fatally shot.

Police officials have confirmed that a Guardsman security guard who was shot during a robbery in Balata, Castries on Friday afternoon (Oct. 18), is dead.

Police said he has been identified as Paul Bruce of La Clery, Castries.

The shooting occurred around 4 p.m. at a gas station in Balata.

Police have also confirmed that the security guard’s firearm was stolen during the incident.

According to reports, the security guard was shot in the back of the head before the gas station was robbed of an undisclosed sum of cash.

“The guys went there to kill, immediately on arrival one shot the guard in the head and another was standing at the door in mask holding a long handgun,” one person wrote on social media.

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Another said: “There was talk they stole his handgun as well, I wouldn’t be surprised that they killed him just for the gun let alone rob the gas station.” Police have confirmed that the guard’s occupational firearm was stolen.

A frequent customer told St. Lucia News Online that Bruce always “sits upstairs the other building looking down at the gas station”.

“Looks like the robbers were watching him and as he probably came down they shot him from behind. He probably didn’t even check what’s going on,” the source said. “He does be upstairs the building next to the gas station. I don’t know if he was there and when he came down they shot him or he was making rounds.”

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Reports from other sources indicate that after hearing the explosion, an employee decided to investigate, thinking initially that children were bursting bamboo.

When the worker got to the door, he reportedly saw the gunmen and immediately tried to close the door, but they still managed to get inside.

At least two of the robbers were armed — one with a “pump rifle,” one source told St. Lucia News Online.

“They asked him (worker) for the money, he gave them what was in the register and they asked for the rest like they knew what was there,” the source said.


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  1. Lucians are killing Lucians and citizens at an alarming rate, so when will it end. the laws of this Island is non existent. Our governments has failed us. Our justice department has failed us. our police department has failed us , UWP-SLP-and UWP they will continue to fail us until some non corrupt new bloods gets into politics.we will continue shooting our selves in the foot until we are crippled. Mean while all our hard earn dollars are leaving the country for India.pakistan, Trinidad and the list goes on and on. Stand up people before we go bankrupt . Stop giving foreign companies too much stake in St. Lucia.


  2. My condolences to Paul Bruce's family. He left home to do an honest day's work and never returned. How many of these stories have we heard? Paul's family is now reeling from their brutal loss.

    Earlier this week, I watched the security minister lamenting about the fact that magistrates/judges were imposing $5,000 fines for gun crimes. He sounded so helpless, detached and clueless. It took a few seconds for his dismal and groveling speech to sink in.

    As a member of the ruling party...with an enormous majority, one would think that legislation would have been enacted a long time ago to halt those mini fines. Nah, that's a far reach. Mr. Minister, how about mandatory sentencing for gun crimes? How about absolutely no bail? Why haven't you attacked the gun problem head-on with a vigorous strategy?

    By the way, how about those deep tinted windows? I can count over two hundred major cities and states where those windows are illegal. You probably think the authorities there do it for fun.
    A crass joker played upon the St. Lucian people.


  3. We have a security problem on this island, The police are corrupt and dealing drugs, why is it the chief of police and the security minister do not do something about it. Too many police men are gamblers and dealing drugs You know who they are lock them up, they are only giving this country a bad name. God only knows who those guns and gun men work for. I only hope it won't be long before this sacred bubble is burst. Some police men should not be on our streets, they are criminals. My heart goes out to the family of this security officer may the good lord bring those killers to justice asap.


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