Two St. Lucian women busted in Guyana with cocaine in their vaginas

Two St. Lucian women busted in Guyana with cocaine in their vaginas
Photo: cocaine in plastic wraps normally placed in the sex parts of traffickers
Photo: cocaine in plastic wraps normally placed in the sex parts of traffickers
Photo: cocaine in plastic wraps normally placed in the sex parts of traffickers

NEWS SOURCE GUYANA – Two St. Lucian women who travelled to Guyana last week for a vacation will remain in the country as guests of the Customs Anti Narotics Unit. They were arrested after being busted with a quantity of cocaine stashed in their vaginas.

The women, ages 38 and 43, were arrested by agents of the Customs Anti Narcotics Unit this afternoon (November 18, 2015) while heading through security at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport. They were about to board a Caribbean Airlines flight to their homeland.

The bust took place during a pat down of the two women.

Head of the Customs Anti Narcotics Unit, James Singh confirmed the arrests to News Source. He did not release their names as the investigations are ongoing. However, they are expected to be charged for drug trafficking before the end of the week.

The cocaine was reportedly concealed in plastic wraps measuring eight inches long and inserted into the women’s vaginas. The weight of the cocaine has not been determined up to the filing of this report.

Investigators are looking at looking at the places where the women stayed and the people they met during their Guyana vacation.

The Customs Anti Narcotics Unit has been stepping up its monitoring at the two international airports and other ports of entry. For this year already, CANU has made several busts which have netted more than 500 pounds of cocaine.

Earliet this week, CANU agents busted two men in an East Coast Demerara hotel with a quantity of cocaine pellets. One of the men was caught swallowing the pellets. They have both been charged for conspiracy to traffic cocaine and have been refused bail.


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  1. Mary Mary shut your ass!!!!!!!!
    Matthew Alexander thank you.
    And for all those saying its a way of life just wait until one of your loved ones gets addicted to that shit.


  2. an example to those considering . be careful . but the gov. needs to consider more legal and gainful employment


    • In my time we knew nothing about drugs and we all were surviving.with a plate of roast breadfruit cucumber and a cup of coco tea in the morning.and then off too school..4 sardines 2 potties and a cup of orange leaf tea..when you done go to one died from that..let them rott in jail.greed ..greed..greed


  3. People are quick to judge until they find their back against the wall. Obviously what they did is considered wrong in society however consider this... do you think if they had a better option they would do it. If they were rich or maybe even comfortable would they? Would you steal a can of carnation for your baby if you had other means of making ends meet? Be honest.


    • i remember a guy by my home who was caught trying to smuggle drugs through vigie....he said he did it because he has no work and his children mother sign a warrant for child support......did he do any justice for know what he is today...a diver making money driving for a tell me why didn't he just do that in the first place??????


    • I sincerely hope that Mary's comment is the view of the minority of St. Lucians.
      I remember the seventies, eighties and early nineties when there was less wealth in St. Lucia and people were generally poorer; most people worked hard and gradually went up the social and economic ladder.
      However, for the past few years people have developed an amazing appetite for materialism, driven by envy and greed; they want everything their neighbours have, so they prostitute themselves in a multiplicity of ways to satisfy this ungodly appetite.
      I know things are hard in St. Lucia. However, with priorities set right and people work hard they will succeed and uphold their dignity in the process.

      I am not sure if it's the name "Mary" or the story, but I am reminded of Mary Isaac who as a broiler farmer was never satisfied with the Broiler Association and agitated until she became the president of the group. When she could not deal with the rigours of that business, she disappeared leaving behind a debt of approximately $EC300, 000.00.

      When we see people doing things/progressing and getting ahead, we are too quick to envy them even if we are not cut for that type of activity, so we end up screwing up everything including our lives.


    • Get it straight, they did not steal food. They decided to traffic poison that could have end up in the hands of your children and mine. Don't act as if they hungry and didn't have a choice. They wanted to buy nice clothes and shoes so they chose what they thought was the easy way.




  4. I am sure they will be embarrassed when they get back, for people will ask them why the plastic cellophane wrapping look so brown to be where the drugs were reportedly found? The things people do for money and the chances they take. Now they are caught are they better off!? Better to have done without.


  5. People need to stay away from grugs now you become a slave to it by adiction also it will kill you try a beer it will give you stronger bones


  6. These women are not drug traffickers. They were simply getting their husbands penises addicted their vaginas.


  7. Not at cjia the will pass the size of that shit the had up in dem omg as a woman the go berbice an have a merry christmas .


  8. yes its against the law , But honestly this is the way of life Drugs run the world my friend . if i was worst off id maybe consider it . those are 2 of the many that have been caught and those that are yet be caught.. The flashy people in our society are big time drug lords its just who you know , how loyal are you and your title .. Don't look down on those people this is there way of survival .


    • Shut up you bastard!!!!
      you're trying to justify wrong, evil and immorality.
      You're a low life just like all these idiots killing our children with their drugs.


  9. Get legal employment instead of being the dopeman mule. hope sno show their faces and give their full names and addresses.
    damn shame


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