Two persons shot in Marchand as violence flares-up in the city

Two persons shot in Marchand as violence flares-up in the city

(SNO) — Police are investigating a shooting incident in Marchand, Castries that occurred on Saturday evening, April 20, that left a man and a woman nursing gunshot wounds.

Law enforcement officials said the Marchand Police Station received the report of the shooting just before 11 p.m.

The female victim has been identified as Maria Willie, 56, a resident of Trou Rouge, who sustained a gunshot wound in the right knee area, officials said.

Her status was stable at the time she was being transported to Victoria Hospital, officials said.

The other victim is 47-year-old Donovan Williams, a resident of Maynard Hill, Castries, who sustained a gunshot wound to his right heel and was in stable condition at the time of transportation to Victoria Hospital, according to officials.

Both victims were transported by the same ambulance, officials noted.

The shooting reportedly occurred at a karaoke event in Marchand. A source said gunmen opened fire at a male individual, hitting Williams and Willie in the process. It is not clear if Williams was the target.

No further information was available.


Law enforcement sources have confirmed that reports were received of gunshots being fired in areas of Marchand on Sunday, but there were no reports of injuries.

There is no record of a response to the shooting/s from the Fire Service because there were no injuries, however the reports were directed to the police, another source said.

Residents have further informed our newsroom about gunshots being heard — according to one source — throughout the day, on Sunday (April 21).

“My sister said she ran inside,” the source said. “She said all through the day there was gunshots.”

Our newsroom have also received reports that some residents of Trou Rouge, Maynard Hill, Bagatelle and Rockhall have expressed concern about the flare-up of violence in those areas of Marchand.


The shooting on Saturday is also the third shooting that have occurred in Marchand in several days.

Michael Deterville, a resident of Rock Hall, Castries, was shot Thursday evening in Trou Rouge, Marchand, and was last reported to be in stable condition. No additional details are available on this incident.

And around midday Thursday, 33-year-old Rockhall resident Chad Ramsay was fatally shot while walking on Broglie Street in Castries.

It is alleged that he was with a male relative when the attack occurred. The relative reportedly escaped unharmed.


Ramsay died on the spot after sustaining apparent gunshot wound/s to his face/head.

A video of Ramsay lying face-down on the pavement in a pool of blood has been circulating on Facebook.

Though the authorities have not confirmed that his death has been linked to the recent shootings, a number of residents have told St. Lucia News Online that the shootings started shortly after his death.

A friend of the deceased suggested on Facebook that there would be retaliations for his death.

“Gasa dem @#$ man eh go get tired of killing my brothers. Eagle Mob Boss you dat used to keep all the family in line and keep us from being like the rest of them man. It hurts to know we lost another one to this bullshit of a life and now who is gonna look after your lil man… I know it hurting us but Eagle you eh going like no sh*te. Fellas have to pay for this,” the person wrote.

Other friends of Ramsay, who was employed at a hotel in the north of the island, have described him as “humble” and the one who kept those close to him “in line”.

One person wrote on Facebook: “RIP Eagle Mob Boss such a humble young man..The streets are not safe anymore !!! so many young men lives getting cut short. is it wrong place at the wrong time??or getting involved with the wrong caliber of people?? guess right now violence is the key to everything…STAY WOKE YOUNG MEN!!!

Another said: “My Mob not you just hail me last nite not gonna type rip cause you were a positive soul till we meet again bro.”


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  1. Why do we have to make everything political, we are all to blame in this crisis we live in. Young persons fighting on the streets instead of giving a helping hand we stand and record to put on social media platforms. How many of us actually have gone to those areas and talk to those young men and women? we need to make the difference and stop waiting on government. Lets all try different things in ways of changing the youth mindset open ways to help develop them and if they don't work we bring some ideas and take it to the government to see if they can help and when they don't now we can say they don't care or what not, but we need to try ourselves before lets make the different "WE ARE ALL ST. LUCIANS"


    • Crime was made political by the current government "Kenny cannot keep you safe but i can"- PM Allen Chastanet. His words and the electorate will not let him off the hook.


  2. That is the safety Chastanet promised us during the campaign. He said Kenny could not do it so he doing it now..


    • Chastanet has proved what Kenny also proved that safety in society at large is a combined effort of the family, the home, and communities as well as law enforcement all working concertedly to achieve this goal This does not mean that we let elected government off the hook. Especially when there are many social and economic ills that potentially can hack up crime such as unemployment and under-employment - without sounding preachy - the devil makes work for its idle-handed minions.

      Governments are our collective servants who have been elected to serve their citizens. Employ sloppy servants expect sloppy work. We overwhelm our servants with competing priorities which they do not have a handle on yet we expect immediate results. This can turn many dedicated servants to become self-serving especially when they are detached from the people they supposed to serve. . And the people sit back waiting for results. There are many nations far wealthier than ours who have unravelled themselves to a point that they cannot recognise themselves. They once had glory and plenty but now they are beggars and crest fallen.


  3. Malawi malawi malawi as long its Marshland or Brucevile and long as it's contained to these areas Francis don't care don't even mention it to Chastanet. These folks are considered poor and untouchable they could do this alllllll day who cares if they could build them for ambulance and police service they would.


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