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BREAKING NEWS: Two injured in chopping incident in La Clery supermarket

By SNO Staff

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(SNO) – Police are investigating a chopping incident that occurred inside Massy Stores, La Clery, Castries Friday morning (June 8, 2018) that has left at least two people injured.

Reports are that two young males armed with cutlasses attacked another male and a female companion around 9 a.m.

The injuries do not appear to be life-threatening, according to sources, but the female sustained a severe wound to one of her hands.

They were transported by ambulance to hospital in stable condition.

According to sources the incident stemmed from a long-running dispute between a group of people.

The incident frightened supermarket shoppers and employees who scurried to avoid getting caught in the bloody fracas.

The supermarket has since been closed.


ore details later.

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  1. ConcernedCitizenz

    It is truly sad..it's even sadder because it starts from the head..if the "governments" of our country spends more time lambasing each other..disrespecting each other sending words for each other..how do they expect the people they are governing to do different. All theses crimes, hatred started from the head. People do what you do..not what you say..there are no law in St lucia

  2. A long-running dispute between groups of people is not taken to court or to a reconciliation service but with implements fit for an abattoir is resolved in a supermarket! There need to be serious re-education on how to manage conflicts.

  3. Permission To Shoot, Mary?

    And after all that as if I haven't heard Mary. But just let a police bullet graze one of the soulless animals and you'll see her anorexic, drawn on eye brows looking ass on TV.
    I know you're a criminal lawyer Mary, but if you were as quick to condemn these criminal acts as you are condemning police for doing their job, people would respect you more.

  4. Security is my issue here. Where was security? Is security there only to protect the goods at Massy? This is happening in broad daylight and no security to fire a shoot in the air. What is someone was stealing massy goods I wonder what would have been done?

  5. Wat can I say but it's like ppl can do what they want where they want.freeness in st.lucia.its like u jus don't know what to do when it comes to the crimes in lucia.all we could do is pray God changes the entire nation and protect this country.

  6. guys shooting live in the city, guys shooting in supermarkets smh lucia tooooooo sick

  7. Any security gard (s) on duty

  8. Maverick Etienne

    so where is the arm guard they does have deh

  9. Urll eh no wat happen but urll talkin smh

  10. What is saint Lucia getting into??

  11. Around tht same time I was at the super market , the lord is really an awesome Lord

  12. Say it agan my dear..who care..guess no one..hope they had tons and tons of fun..what can i say..Wow its scary

  13. There's a reason for everything .

  14. say that again..my dear..WoW..who cares ...i guess no one..h ope they had fun

  15. Day off lool

  16. Human market place

  17. That supermarket has inadequate security. Rental security guards who are clueless. They stand around chatting with one another. Massy needs to get serious about protecting its customers. The management of that store is diffident. Amateurish.

  18. smh

  19. What a world..even in a supermarket you are not safe


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