BREAKING NEWS: Two gunmen attack Rodney Heights business

BREAKING NEWS: Two gunmen attack Rodney Heights business

(SNO) — Western Technology Group Inc. was closed on Thursday after at least two masked gunmen attacked the Rodney Heights, Gros Islet branch on Wednesday evening, according to police.

The bandits escaped with an undisclosed sum of cash. The incident occurred after 7 p.m.

An employee was held at gunpoint but no one was reported injured.

The attack was captured on security cameras.

No one has been arrested to date.

A third man, who is unmasked, is seen in the video but it is not yet confirmed if he was part of the robbery.


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  1. Cover his face? Wtf. There is no way a robbery occurring and face-guy not panicking or getting a ploc. Any Innocent young man would be hurt by those gunmen! So to protect their identity is outright an attack of the citizenry of St Lucia.

    If this case drags I forsee the rise of the right to bare arms movement to protect families...businesses and other assets amidst the silly season. Take heed!


  2. It is not even a matter of whether or not west tech overcharges their customers that's the issue here. The fact that these criminals have the audacity to think that they can undermine people's intelligence through that poor attempt at theatrics is DISGUSTING. From the video evidence alone, the unmasked guy should hv been the first to hv been apprehended. No one has that demeanor during a robbery. Not to mention the masked guys completely ignore him during the robbery all whilst he stands there holding the door. It should be a matter of grave concern that these criminals are still in our midst as this can happen to ANYONE. This is disturbing to say the least. An example needs to be made of these useless members of society smh


  3. If anyone feels that a business is being abusive with their fees, they don't have to purchase or use that business. There are more than one business offering the same service. To side with the criminals is as ignorant as on can get. The same ones complaining about about the pricing of the business, will pay $200 for an item that cost the manufacturer less than $10. and not complain. The SLP reported UWP government about the ORC to win the elections, now the country is feeling the effects. Sad era for our Sweet Helen.


  4. Lucians just pray.cause when god ready for us all youl smart mouths will be left open n people will cry for mercy.keep using the creaters world for evil.we will see soon


  5. Mary Francis, pass your ass on TV and talk about the rights of law abiding citizens. You always there to talk bullshit about the police when they are cleaning up crime. Look you have St Lucia heading right back to before ORC. Your mouth sealed?


  6. For crying out loud people. You all who are arguing sound so dumb. Save your fingers and your phone screen before you break it.


  7. Employers do not care about the safety of their staff, all they care bout is money. Where isn't there security?


  8. i cannot understand why you all would block his face don't you want the public to help identify him.and bring them to justice.the more they stay out there the more likely they will do it again


    • Of course he is one of them.

      Just look at his accessory. That bag is a trademark of drug dealers and thieves.


    • I really do not understand who this Jack*** thought he was fooling. He provided is partners access into the building and held the door open through out the robbery.Then he is playing victim role. The police should realize that these doors have magnetic locks installed thus his reason for holding the door open.


  9. I the only one who realised that one of the robbers is wearing a chef's pants, which means this man was either on his way to work or from work...maybe at a hotel or restaurant?


  10. clearly the guy in the black pants with white works at a hotel... that is a hotel pants ... most likely he is a steward at one of the hotels .... those guys should be in custody by now cause clearly the unmasked brave guy can be identified...


  11. Yeah! It's going to be the usual $3,000 bail. They wonder why they are not seeing light at the end of the tunnel. Duh!


    • Ya'll ASS-H.O.L.E.S always like talking shate. West Tech don't rob people of any duties ok because if they were it would be very easy to prove based on you taking you S.A.D to customs to verify if the duties paid are in accordance with the tariff. Ya'll bring in all kinds of expensive stuff and once the correct duties are applied ya'll have a problem with paying up thinking that ya'll have been robbed. Know your stuff before ordering and then talking shate. Now about this robbery nothing justifies these young criminals going out there and robbing people at gun point for their hard earned money, especially with the gun of specialized guns that were used with laser sight and all. What if they the criminals had killed everyone just for killing sake what would you have said then.These criminals are getting bolder and bolder and sooner or later they will be coming for you AVAITAY with all the rejoicing you are doing there based on your ignorant comment. Those thugs don't want to work and they believe that your hard earn monies and goods belong to them and they can come for it at anytime. All this is happening because of those who reported on the O.R.C and blaming the officers for doing a GOOD JOB that was necessary at the time because once you have bad eggs they have to be broken setting example for those who might think of going down such a road into the life of criminality. Ya'll think it's a joke with what's going on here in St. Lucia based on crime but it's not and I don't even want to know or see what state St.Lucia would be in say 10 yrs from now if you allow these criminals to continue to do what they are doing now without any concern in this world for the law abiding citizens. This island has to many law breakers who believe that crime is the way to go and they don't even feel ashamed to be classed as a thief or a criminal. It's as if a live of crime is the way to go and every young person wants to be a criminal because to them it's like being a lawyer or doctor. That's what you get when crime is highly glorified. Also the guy without the mask is one of them just watch how he's acting and also they paid no attention to him.


      • You just mentioned how ignorant Avitay sounds mean while you telling them sooner or later they will be coming for you... You sound Even more ignorant and please do not come on her and try to justify west tech robbery to customers.. Y'all feeding people a set of bull shit and adding majour duties on stuff THAT WAS BOUGH VERY CHEAP! With the non sense you talking bout people buying expensive things... WTF the price of the item has to do with the charge of the item... Why not the god dam weight alone! Like I said and I agree completely with avaitay!!!! Y'all are THIVES BY YALL SELVES.... PROFESHIONAL ONES AT THAT..... NOW COME FOR ME JACK ASSS


        • Saloptay you are part of the reason we have so much crime in St.Lucia. Because ya'll are so ignorant that ya'll don't even realize that the crap ya'll think of most of the time doesn't amount to jack. JACKASS cost work their duties for your ITEMS BASED ON THE C.I.F which is (THE COST, INSURANCE and FREIGHT) NOT WEIGHT YOU DUMBASS. The weight you are charged on is the frieght you have to pay to west tech not CUSTOMS. And like I mentioned to you that if you HAVE A PROBLEM WITH THE DUTIES PAID THEN YOU CAN TAKE IT UP WITH CUSTOMS. WEST TECH CAN'T ROB YOU BASED ON CUSTOMS DUTIES CAUSE IT CAN BE PROVEN THEY ROBBED YOU OK DUMBASS. AND BEFORE YOU CALL SOMEONE A JACKASS WATCH YOURSELF AND AVITAY FIRST.


          • Scenee hottt...a lil robbery have yall hype...





        • The extent to which ur jackassness goes is unheard of.. i pity u and the other one (saloptay).. sad sad sad

          i think u should travel to get your stuff and not use west tech or any of those shipping agencies.. the airline might not rob u in such a case ....

          wow!! ignorance uh


      • You sound worse because you then go on telling avaitay they will be coming for them as well.. Now.. West Tech is just a professional thief!!!!!!!! That non sense you said about buying expensive items and receiving a major price is BULL SHIT how much you payed for the iteam does not matter to west tech I have payed under 5ec for items and duties were placed on them... Y'all talk about depends on the weight of the items all type of bull shit... Y'all and all the customs officers are THIVES! I have been ordering with y'all from day one and y'all are THIVES SO IF SOMEONE DONT FEEL SORRY FOR Y'ALL BUISNESS LOOSEING OUT ON CASH LET THEM FEEL THAT WAY.... I CAN TELL YOU HAVE A POSTION AT WEST TECH MEANING YOU HAVE NO. DUTIES TO PAY.... WHO FEELS IT NOS. IT.... PEOPLE PACKAGES ALWAYS LATE OR LOST... PLEASE SIT THE FUCK DOWN .... @AVAITAY I AGREE WITH YOU!


        • Yeah I said they'll come for her DUMBASS SALOPTAY cause when crime is out of hand in St.Lucia and you are rejoicing cause it happened to someone else don't you know it's only a matter of time before it comes to you. DUMBASS boy it's shameful the level of ignorance with have on island. No wonder we have so much crime because people are unable to comprehend stuff and crime makes it so easy for us all.