BREAKING NEWS: Two dead in vehicular accident

BREAKING NEWS: Two dead in vehicular accident

Two people are dead as a result of a motor vehicle accident near the Marc junction Thursday afternoon, according to law enforcement officials.

Reports are that a minibus with about seven passengers on board ran off the road and crashed into a house after 2 p.m.

Two persons, a male pedestrian in his 50’s and a female passenger in her late 40’s, were killed in the accident.

Five persons were transported by ambulances to Victoria Hospital.


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  1. Two dead that's one too many: there must be a stop to this madness; this time heavy Jail
    time for the driver, no ifs nor buts, Jail for his ass. The risk is too high to have him on the
    road in a hurry. Time to set an example, let all other drivers know their License is at risk. We can't
    afford to have Police every where to watch jackasses on the road. Jerk Licenses and heavy $ Fines.


  2. Government could issue breathalyzers put the officers to work st lucia is so backwards all there about is politics


  3. Sad day for the people who lost their live and got hurt... they should start putting those drivers in jail for murder. They drive too fast and don't give a damn about the law or the lives on board. Hope he gets sued for everything he has due to his recklessness... people are now fighting for their lives and some are gone for good! What is it with speeding in St. Lucia? Chooooops!!!!!!!
    My condolences to all involved in the wreck.


  4. Our drivers are Crazy, they over take anywhere, always some useless driving. It is allege that the driver move away from a pedestrian and run off the road. Bexon people love to walk in the middle of the road. Drivers need to walk with a wip for them, when they're in the road give them two lashes of the wip!


  5. They should put more police officers on the road issuing speeding tickets .... sometime you can smell alcohol on the driver's breaths and they drive like menaces with passengers on board ... no respect for the lives on board or the LAW!. It scares the hell out of me traveling the roads from Vieux Fort to Castries. Everybody tries to overtake each other in narrow bends. People don't have to die because of you'll stupid driving. "HAVE RESPECT FOR LIVES AND THE ROADS!" CHOOPS!


  6. I drove by this yesterday. It didnt look that bad. Sorry to hear two people died. hope the injured a quick recovery.


  7. I hope there are such laws in place to test the blood of drivers for alcohol, drugs or whatever.
    Enough is enough.


  8. Something really needs to be done with this Bexon Road, put speed bumps please. Condolences to the families, may their souls Rest In Peace.


    • I think the cops need to be proactive, they know the places that some drivers drive recklessly. Post officers in those areas, and give those drivers tickets. That road is driven on by hundreds of vehicles on a daily basis, if the road was the problem more people would be hurt there.


  9. Yes uh...Bexon people walking on the highway...smfh....bus tries to avoid one, runs off the road and two people dead...weh papa!!


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