BREAKING NEWS: Two arrested over death of four-year-old Milan

BREAKING NEWS: Two arrested over death of four-year-old Milan
Milan Ferdinand
Milan Ferdinand
Milan Ferdinand

PRESS RELEASE – On Friday, October 16, 2015 police arrested and detained two individuals in connection with the death of 4 year old, Milan Ferdinand of Dennery.

On Tuesday, October 13, 2015 a post mortem examination concluded that Ferdinand’s death was a Homicide.

The examination revealed that Ferdinand died as a result of severe brain damage and head injury due to blunt force trauma.

Also noted were multiple blunt force traumas all over the body.

Investigations continue into this matter.


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  1. Please st lucian police judge majestrate everybody in da law system don't ask for bail.....its a baby that was murdered not a criminal......jail the devils


  2. Social worker don't have anything to do with the poor child's death.....I am blaming the mother because she was never interested in caring for her son....and I know that for a fact....the only time she would play interest is when someone ask her to go an look for her kids to spend time.....that mama harlot all she cared about is fete.....put trouble...tell lies on people......that's why I love the states all of them would be jailed even the family....Am sad very sad.....innocent child live this earth so soon because of his mom not making sure she protect him....its hurting me.....up to now the mama harlot doesn't want to be expose to social media cause she knows what people have to say especially me......God will deal with you ....I know you cannot sleep because of your guilty concions...let the most high deal with you


  3. Thank god someone will pay for the child's death! He did not deserve that....they could have put the child up for adoption instead of killing him. May he's soul rest in peace with the lord, and the muderers rot in jail. AMEN!


  4. Jesus heal ten lepers and only one came back to say thank you. To the few social works we have in st. Lucia trying so hard to protect our children from the pigs and sick people that are hurting them, I say thank you. You are criticized and insulted by the media and judgement is passed even without hearing the full story. Whatever you can do for our children keep doing and do not be disappointed by ruthless people who does not know how to balance and reason out a story. Our children and even st lucia needs you. The poor child life waa cut short but think of the many whose life were speared because of the little you were able to do.


  5. After doing my investigation there were 8 social workers attached to Human services one left and now there's seven. We really do need more social workers to look out for our children. We must also encourage people to stop making children and dropping them for the system. Let us take on our responsibility.


  6. Why not ask the government to hire more social workers, invest more money in human services. They are approximately eleven social attached to the department of human services, each one is attached to a community e.g one social worker is responsible for the entire gros islet constituency. So when a social worker gets new cases almost on a daily basis explain to me how they can effectively do their job.


  7. God said let the little children come to him, not to you the murderers #justiceforlittleMillan!!!!


  8. Where is Mary Francis in all of this? Guess it's not a criminal who is at the receiving end or there is nothing political about this situation.
    Just watch folks. You will only hear from Mary Francis when there is an issue which she can openly criticize the current government on. Or unless the citizenry dont pressure her then you wont hear from her. Sick political opportunist! Also Martinus....same thing!

    My dear fellow St Lucians.Don't be fooled by those cheap political cosmetics...aka human rights fraud!


  9. to be honest government needs to fire all those social workers they r completely use less in our system trust me.


  10. the social worker needs to be held accountable to IDC , a report was made enough action wasnt taken, cuz anybody who saw the child wouldve seen the bruises, as far as i'm concerned the whole department needs to be laid off, waste of tax money.....anyone that beats a child needs help, but the people who are suppose to be there to help situations like these especially when you're being paid.........straight prison, IDC cuz the parents might be crazy but the workers seems to be even crazier..........


  11. I believe that society failed this child. The neighbours who heard the licks daily but kept it to themselves, you are responsible. ..the school teachers who picked up on strange behaviors but kept quiet, you too are responsible...the persons who placed this child in the care of these bastards, you too are responsible... and lastly the 2 sorry excuses for human beings who actively participated in this precious young boys death...#God'sNotDead


  12. Yea boy somebody going to get Mr Dill dow in the cell, yea.... You was smiling in the photo on fb but now whole chu pah bon..... Kill a little beautiful yute for no reason. Must be of jealous actions. Anyway awa awa no chow mein....


  13. There are great step parents and great parents in this world, and there's also disgusting parents in this world. You bring a child into to the world PAREN'T STEP UP..... TAKE CARE OF YOUR RESPONSIBILITY.


  14. The penalty for anyone found guilty in this case should send a strong message to the numerous other child abusers still on the loose out there. Abuses are more sexual than any other.


  15. How about the social worker and social services? They should be held accountable to........justice will be served for Millan


  16. HOORAY!!!! Couldn't be happier, the heartache I felt when I read about this little boy,I feel as much joy knowing two monsters are behind bars. Let's pray the justice system do what's right and give MILLAN some justice so he can rest in peace.


  17. Tomorrow the same two idiots will be out on bail at $1,000.00 each. To hell with the Judicial system home. Let the little tyke RIP. Too angry to post my feelings.


  18. We need the social worker to clear their self in this matter because they had a BIG roll to play in his death.. SOCAIL WORKERS TOOK A MOTHERS CHILD FROM HER AND NOW THE CHILD DIED . if i was the mother of this child and social workers took my child from me when i keep on reporting to them that my child is in danger and they ignore me and my child die... MAN GOD take me.... I WILL WANT All of the socal workers who took part or the state to give me thier child....... thats all im saying.