Trump confirms emergency move to build border wall

Trump confirms emergency move to build border wall

(BBC) — President Trump has confirmed he will use emergency powers to build a wall on the US border with Mexico, saying “walls work”.

Building the wall was a key pledge of Mr Trump’s campaign, but Democrats have described the emergency as a “gross abuse of power”.

He is due to sign the plan along with a spending bill aimed at preventing a repeat of a recent government shutdown.

He announced the plan after Congress refused to pay for a wall in the bill.

The declaration will give Mr Trump access to billions of dollars for his project.

“We’re going to confront the national security crisis on our southern border,” Mr Trump said, as he made the announcement to journalists.

“It’s very simple… We want to stop criminals and gangs coming into our country.

“Everyone knows that walls work.”


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  1. Trump keeps his promise by building the wall. When will Chastanet keep his by reducing the price of fuel? I am only asking. Rick Wayne should be able to answer.


    • is you a cunt or what? chastanet dont own fuel so how can he just stay there an reduce it . the price of fuel fluctuates and it depends on the world market all the government can do is subsidize.if kenny was still there all by now we would still be waiting three months on that stupid by pass mechanism for us to reap the benefits now for now.


    • When you get your credentials in chemical engineering, and we discover oil in our territorial waters Chastenet may then be able to keep all his promise. Wait too for the oil refinery.

      Get smart. Venezuela has deposits but does not have the refining capacity to make an economic difference. Watch and see today what happens under such conditions.


  2. "Elections have consequences". This is a teaching moment for the entire world!

    When four out of every ten persons in the US are semi-illiterates, it is very easy to use the electoral system to make anyone president under the existing constitution. For copycats like us in the 3rd World, the most vulnerable part of the constitution of the US, that being its Electoral College, has been exposed for its uselessness in the governance of any country in the age of the internet and social media.

    We do not have to appease for slave masters. Therefore, we in these parts do not need the artificialisation of normality intended by such artifices.

    The only escape now to previous intended safeguards is to lopsidedly vote to put more regular people into government and pass legislation to close the obvious loopholes. But that is just wishful thinking.

    When our many imposters in our own backyard mount political platforms but can only point to wanting "to help the people" yet have no other skill than to win votes, we should take notice of the historical chaos in the ministries awarded as the spoils of election victory.


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