BREAKING NEWS: Triple homicide in Vieux Fort may be gang-related

BREAKING NEWS: Triple homicide in Vieux Fort may be gang-related

A triple homicide in Bruceville, Vieux Fort Saturday morning (Oct. 28) may be gang-related, according to police sources and residents.

Three young males were reportedly shot to death when gunmen entered a wooden house around 1 a.m.

A female occupant was not harmed.

Police have not officially identified the deceased men but residents have idenfitifed two of the victims as David ‘Pumpkin’ Raymond and Norbert Allan.

Residents and police sources told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) that at least two of the deceased men are known to the police.

Our newsroom was also told that the area where the shooting occurred is a known hotspot for criminal activity.

Police also confirmed that a shooting occurred in the same area around 10 p.m. Friday, Oct. 27. It is not yet clear if both shootings are connected.

St. Lucia’s homicide figure now stands at 47.


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  1. One story is saying that allan norbert went to visit someone after receiving a call n he was already warned countless times by family members for liming there and another story is saying that it was his house . So which one is correct


  2. Yal talking but we all all kno wats goin on but yet still we hide d criminals then complain wiw we r d problem


  3. Correct me if I am wrong . We have never in our history seen so many triple homicides . They all all occurred within the last year and a half. We will be on record for the most homicides in a year. Drugs and more drugs. For those who may not know, Bruceville is opposite the VF police station.


  4. The rape of Helen continues ..... Anti gang legislation passed over three years now and never an arrest nor charges laid under that legislation yet nearly every other major crime committed over that time period the police say is gang related. So do the math. The police are unable to operate under that legislation, an exercise in apparent futility. Mr. Minister some comfort from you the person in charge of security and safety of citizens of St. Lucia or have you forgotten that.


  5. Yeah birds of same features flock together am happy they did not hurt the woman but what she doing in drug house,unless you have a death wish.And then the police saying gang related,yeah and drugs and more guns once again,and you'll know that area is a hot spot and yet you'll won't do something about it the little criminals taking over these communities with gangs.When will you'll raid these areas and put the son of a bitch them in prison am pretty sure they are offenders,and wanted for crimes three its always Christmas in St.Lucia,these menace to society i don't know when you'll take action but the criminals won't let up if things stay the same.


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