BREAKING NEWS: Tourists robbed, culprit arrested

BREAKING NEWS: Tourists robbed, culprit arrested
The alleged robber (in red vest) being taken away by police.
The alleged robber (in red vest) being taken away by police.

Police officers arrested a man after he was caught robbing a tourist couple at St Louis Street, Castries on Friday morning.

The incident occurred sometime around 9:30.a.m.

Eyewitness told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) that the couple were walking along the busy Castries street, when the alleged robber confronted them and snatched a chain off the woman’s neck.

In an attempt to fight off the bandit, the woman’s husband held on to the robber, but he was injured in the process.

An eyewitness said the man sustained a cut to one of his hands, which was seen bleeding.

But the vendors in the area were the ones to get the police attention, when a few of them shouted for help.

The police ran quickly to the couple’s rescue and handcuffed the robber.

The robber and couple were taken to the police station.

Eyewitnesses said the couple looked traumatized following the incident.

One of the victims.
One of the victims.

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  1. Recently my mother n law was robbed of her chain n Castries last week and she lives n St Lucia. It's a damn shame...


  2. In broad daylight they are robbing people, let it be known tourist as a matter of fact. This is what the country depend on. It's a shame, i am very happy he got cought. Go get a job. BRAVO TO THE CIVILIANS, AND POLICE OFFICERS......


  3. St.Lucia is still in Communist status when we in the diaspora still cannot speak freely about what is going on in our home country because of "the Law"/what I call "Fear", which is Bondage in itself. Simple little statements are being denied, which most of the time I am being Sarcastic or even hilarious. Grow out of it for goodness sake.

    Your word is a lamp unto my foot and a light unto my path!...KJV.


  4. Why call the police.....give him a sound strapping / beating then call not the police but the ambulance.. Disgraceful sons of the soil. In my country under my rule chock and rob in public is death farless....I want a country where my people can window shop with No fear at all.


    • Dan ban VOLEER !! THAT'S HOW YOU ALL WANT TO EAT? By robbing people. Get a life, there is free movement of people in the Caribbean go look for work else where.

      Useless imbeciles robbing from the elderly. No respect. But one day when you all think is peace and safety it will be a sudden destruction.


    • Lmao oye u must b a notorious thief or u benefit from the stolen goods or money's made from the act???


    • Come and eat from me. I will feed you free. But you might not wake up next morning. What about earning some money to buy something to eat. There are jobs around but yall damn lazy. Yall want people to just give yall money when they employ yall. You begging bossman give me a job and when you get it yall ain't want to work hard for the money. OHHHHH boy LUCIA getting LOW LOW LOW. (ASHANTI)


    • Give advice to a robber,tell him I live near The Corinth gap in a White House (2 storey) there's an old cement mixer near the road next to it so it's not easy to miss....Encourage him to come there to steal,I beg of you.Hope you'll be the one paying for his funeral.


  5. The perpetrator needs to be taken on a long drive in a small boot for a bit of "attitude adjustment." Too bad that he then fell down all those stairs in handcuffs while being remanded. I bet he's a model citizen after that.

    By the time the couple gets back to their home country, the nasty details will have long made the rounds of the hotels, and will have been posted on traveller websites (, or any one of other sites, take your pick of the dozens of them), their pictures in colour-corrected hi-def and accessed by potential visitors from Boston to Budapest.

    Our RSLPF needs to be properly funded and know that their government stands behind them as they go about both their prevention activity as well as their enforcement activity.

    If the word gets out on the street that the police are going hardcore on the street crime, the rats will get the message.

    As was pointed out in another comment and alluded to in others, the economy is dying death by a thousand cuts as more tourists instead choose SVG, Grenada, Antigua, and others.

    Our PM and Ministers need to take concrete action. Deeds speak.

    We have the fortune of living in a vibrant democracy --- we should be asking more of our government, and engaging with them to seek solutions. We can telephone them, e-mail them, post a letter, ask them to organize community meetings, and get active on social media.

    Disappointingly, we won't need to bother throwing money into a TT-based "national air carrier" for SLU if tourist traffic and foreign direct investment is going elsewhere, because, i can assure you, our tourist visitors are very active on social media that, obviously, has a global reach.


  6. Jombi, boy I was bursting that sub human trash a**. Good I hope the cops plock. People working hard for their money and that's what happening gason you see them little sh*t heads I see them mun get plock so much in town for trying and rob people


  7. Just imagine you were the tourist visiting a foreign country, possibly for the first time. The story he/she have to tell is nothing nice. Thanks to that thief. Hence the reason this should not be taken lightly. It is directly affecting our economy.


  8. They should have flogged him in front of the tourist.we have a bunch of lazy youth that have no ambition what so ever.I cannot understand how a person can get up on a morning and not want to go earn a dollar.I stayed they want to rob and rape and comitt crime .
    We need to adopt the Malaysian laws ,robbery your hands are chopped off ,and drugs is deaths .simple


  9. This is a sad reflection of what our society has become, why rob the hand that ultimately feeds us, too many people thinking just for now and not the bigger picture, make an example of this piece of dirt show his photo so we all know who he is. He needs to pay, lets hope karma takes him.


  10. Things happens everywhere but do you think those tourist will ever come back to St Lucia again?
    do you think they will encourage their friends to visit? let hope so!


    • Things like this do happen everywhere hence if the tourists like the island and the good people that are here! then theres no reason for them to let one individual put them off from all the good things st lucia has to offer! Although thugs like this guy should be punished properly by the justice system.


  11. Show the robber's face so that we could all be on the lookout for him.
    If we know him by face then we could have the Police arrest him in the future for acting in a suspicious manner or because it seemed that he was about to rob another tourist or commit some other crime. Prevention is better than cure.


  12. Sad to say..............he will be roaming the streets within a month to carry out the same crime!!!..............Our system here just sucks!


    • true, maybe he is the one all the time, and he does get away, but they get a chance to make an example out of him,, better they do that example to warn the other's


  13. Praise the lord! 99 days for the thief 1 day for the guard. Yall vagabonds think all of you will get away. I hope they make an example out of you and send a message to the rest of them.


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