UPDATED: Three people drown in Vieux Fort

UPDATED: Three people drown in Vieux Fort

Three Indian nationals drowned in Vieux Fort around noon today, Saturday, March 31, 2018, according to law enforcement officials.

All three are attached to the Spartan Health Sciences University. Two have been confirmed to be students.

Reports are that the students were taking photos on the rocks at Cannelles Beach when a large wave took two of them. It is reported that a third drowned trying to save them.

The incident occurred around 11:54 a.m.

Two bodies – a male and a female – were recovered. A search is underway for the other body.


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  1. *** IMPORTANT ***

    if you are willing to help Dr. Boopathi Subramaniam
    Below group will connect his family members ( His Brother )

    a) Please click the below link from the whatsapp messenger and
    b) join the whatsapp group.


    Incase you are unable to add, ping me your contact number; will connect you to their family members.

    Also request you to forward this Invite link to the appropriate people / forum or group.


  2. Can any one please confirm on boopathi Anna ?
    How about his wife and son ?
    Is anyone helping her to be mentally strong to face the situation. Wish Anna should be alive. God should take all our prayers.
    Placing a request here for his Students:
    Please take some responsibility in finding him. I think you people might have realized , how entire family is in great confusion thinking of his wife and his son situation in an unknown land.Please help in updating the situation to his family every second they need.


    • https://www.htsstlucia.org/from-cannelles-to-cas-en-bas-body-of-spartan-lecturer-recovered/

      Latest sad news.


  3. https://www.gofundme.com/shsu-benefit-amp-memorial
    This is the link to donate . Please Support By any means possible
    Your help Would be greatly appreciated.


  4. It's the third day and there are still no updates on the missing body.
    I hope they will find it and I hope Dr. Boopathy survived. Condolences to their family and friends.


  5. Any updates on Boopathi..
    Please i request you to continue the search for some more time. help us please..... . he is very strong..
    We need him...


  6. Dr.Boopathy is an amazing person just created by God to help at any situation to anybody who is in need of him.very pleasant to talk and his smile and laugh is unforgettable.he showed all his Tamil braveness at all tough situation .His is a family man with very pleasant wife and
    Admirable son .I know him for the past 4 years very intensely .he believes in hard work and appreciate others hard work.Well educated in his field and never fails to add more education daily in his field . Loves to teach and put maximum effort to make his students understand the anatomy skills.he is very respectful to everybody and he was very happy to be in St.Lucia and the people in St.Lucia.
    Personally he is a handsome young and energetic Indian with extraordinary useful thoughts of humanity.he was happy to meet the st.lucian
    cricket player and the pictures with them speak his mind full of cheers.Loss of loved ones always impossible to digest but loosing a man of action with great admiration is impossible till my expiry date.My sincere condolences all in the family especially his wife with beautiful and humorous wife . We all pray for him and his family !


    • Boopathy is my friend. please update about any information regarding the searching ...what is happening there....kindly help to identify him whomever is there....please please please help him .....


    • Dear Prem.. we believe Boopathi will come back.. waiting for that news from St Lucia..

      Love from Salem...


  7. Bravo to the local fishermen who took them out of the water and handed the bodies to the Coast Guard.


  8. Every two years students death in the Spartan Univeristy. what is going on - there should be some system .


    • Thank you for your medsage5Cressy.
      E are family members of the student Bhuvan who drowned in the incident.


  9. VF is such a craphole. Nothing good ever happens there. Or coolie town for that matter. Smh.


  10. What about the third person?
    Is there any possibilities for him to be alive?
    Condolences to the other two families.Let their souls rest in peace.


  11. Rescue team is working to save Dr. Boopathi. Please do your prayers for Dr. Boopathi safe and alive somewhere. Almost 29 hours completed. Please prey for him


  12. This is typical of Indians to do stupid stuff that cost them dearly for a selfie. In fact they are known to have the highest number of that type of thing. May their soul RIP. and we learn from that tragedy


    • You know what's even more stupid? Coming on the news report of DEATH and using the comment section to show off your prejudice and ignorance. Or in your twisted mind is that somehow supposed to be helpful in any way?


    • You idiot this shows you are an ignorant scoundrel who knows nothing about Indians if you have nothing good to say do not make comments like this . You have absolutely no idea what the family is going through and one of those victims is my very own.


    • Friends and families of the deceased are reading this and it's so incredibly insensitive and disrespectful to make a comment like this. Freak accidents like this are pretty common all over the world, not limited to a specific race. Go back to hiding behind your computer screen, you ignorant buffoon. Next time you decide to troll, why don't you go troll stories of living people that deserve it. Have some respect for the deceased and their survivors.


  13. So sad and tragic. It is advisable that persons going to the beach should take along flotation devices like life belts and/or life jackets even if they can swim. Rogue waves and treacherous currents are common on the Atlantic side of Vieux Fort.


    • Sadly, they have been searching for 2 days at different locations and have not located him. He was a brave hero and thought of the others before his own life. He will be remembered dearly. I personally believe he is still alive. He was a great swimmer and was very strong. Maybe he just got pulled way back into the ocean.