BREAKING NEWS: Three nabbed for gang rape in Rodney Bay

BREAKING NEWS: Three nabbed for gang rape in Rodney Bay

attempted-rapePolice sources have confirmed that three males are in custody assisting with the investigations of the gang rape of two teenagers just over one week ago in Rodney Bay, Gros-Islet.

The males, ages 16, 18, 23, are from the Castries inner-city community of Leslie Land, a reliable source told St. Lucia News Online.

The 18-year-old was reportedly the last one to be picked up by police, on Wednesday, Nov. 11.

At least one of the suspect was charged with burglary. The suspects were remanded at Custody Suites and are likely to be charged pending testing of DNA samples, the source added.

Crime Chief Milton Desir confirmed the details at a press conference on Thursday, Nov. 12, 2015, indicating that samples from the suspects have been sent overseas for testing.

Police said  two females, both 16 years old, were raped by three unknown males after 10 p.m. on Monday, Nov. 2 in an apartment in Reduit Orchard, Rodney Bay.

The perpetrators, who concealed their faces with T-shirts, stormed the apartment through the apartment through a closed but unlocked door, police said.

One male was armed with a gun and the females were also robbed of certain items, police said.

“The victims suffered severe lacerations of their vaginas with one being admitted to Victoria Hospital for surgical repair,” one source alleged.

In the Third Quarter Crime Statistics Report 2015 it was revealed that sexual offences and crimes against persons were the only major crime categories which recorded an increased number of accepted cases.


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  1. Justice comes when they go to jail. I hope they will be tried as adults for their "mannish" behavior. .
    As a woman who was raped as well, you never ever forget....but you do go forward. I hope the young ladies have support.


    • Sad sad men/boys.

      For a couple of seconds pleasure, they have caused so much physical and mental abuse. I only hope the girls are strong enough to move forward with their lives after counselling, Governmental support and love and affection from their parents, family and friends


  2. We need our women coming out and supportwomen of rape voicing oopinions in public platforms forming community groups to support protesting thru the streets lifiting alarms onWE WILL NOT BE RAPED!!######. What is this new trend that our young men are getting into is it the lack of judicial laws is it bordum society's comforbility with crimes within our community im not hearing enough noise in st lucia WOMEN OF ALL RACES CLASS AND STATURE NEED TO GET OUT AND PROTEST AGAINST THIS. COME ON WE REALLY NEED STRONG COMUNITY LEADERS THIS IS SO SAD. THE YOUNG MEN TO ME ARE BAWLLING FOR SOME SORT OF ATTENTION BUT ARE BEING NEGATIVELY INFLUENCE MOTHERS AND FATHERS OF THESES YOUTHS NEED TO BE MUCH MORE ACTIVE IN YOUR SONS LIFE STOP GIVING UP ON YOUR YOUTHS . CHA THIS COUNTRY NEEDS HELP


  3. well done guys i applaud my officers........job well done beat them cuz i dont feel sorry for those animals....they coould have been ur sisters ur neice....women need to speak out we need to protect ouselves from those men....enough is enough i am a stron believer of Vigilant Justice place tem on the square and letus women handle example needs to be made and the judge better not have linency of those pis...i wish u all die and drop the soap.......


  4. As usual the police get the purpetrators but the problem is what does the law say and the end result. A low bail. Rapist allowed to threaten the lives of those women and 2nd those girls might be 60 be fore their case is finished. So am not so surprised or elated at the 3 young men in custody. Imagine samples had to be sent overseas to be sampled whiles we a forensic lab at La Toc. Just the beginning of a long process.


  5. yes! our prayers have been answered. St. Lucians are now looking up to the justice system. Please do not disappoint us!


  6. yes! people were praying for this! St. Lucians are now looking up to the justice system. please do not fail us!


  7. Everybody cries for the victims of this crime which has been committed, i only wish that i could get a chance to deal with them, for it's lowlifes like these who made society judge me and i was innocently convicted of a crime of rape i never committed and served 15 years for it, if only my name had to be publicized for something i never did, maybe i won't be able to keep a job and be a mass murderer instead, we ask for things, let's make sure what we ask for is fair to all those concerned and from every angle, as people cry out for those victims not even i can cry out for myself, please seek God Not retribution.




    • You get it from the horse's mouth - the PM, "There are serial rapists at large". These rapists do not necessarily live in the places they haunt. The women who have been targeted are young, upright. hard working and ambitious people. Your area is inviting to these perpetrators. Any areas where people are striving to make the best of themselves are the pick of the crop!


  9. From the get go I knew it had nothing to do with rodney bay ting rodney bay boyz ehh sweff ehh..wi av dulluzz.


  10. Rip out a fingernail and toenail daily, cut off their penises and have them eat it, sodomise them with brooms and machetes. . They too sick! It's heartbreaking to imagine what these girls went through smh.. torture them I say!


  11. Kudos to the investigation team....Now these dogs need to be bulled by the ears nose,, every hole tht could possibly burst and that they feel more pain than what these girls went through and continue to go through every day of their lives. They need to let animals bull them too.Inflict all kinds of pain on their asses. Thats too messed up. Surgical repair? No one knows what these girls suffered that night. I canot imagine. Dont even want to imagine. But all i want is for these dumb assess to feel it. FURIOUS!!


    • I agree with you 1100 percent too many rappist driving bus, there is this rasta guy who tied a girl to a bed driving school children on the Gros islet route, awa awa no chow mein bro. This is bullshit


  12. I'm happy to know that the accusers are now in custody. Sad that they are only teenagers. Their parents and family members now have to bare the shame. SLU needs a SOL (Sex Offender List). That is a sure way for women to protect themselves. If they know who the current sex offenders are and where they live they can take precautions when out in public. This is now becoming a trend in SLU.