BREAKING NEWS: Thieves empty Vieux-Fort business: “They took…. flour, rice, sweets, fries, raw chicken..”

BREAKING NEWS: Thieves empty Vieux-Fort business: “They took…. flour, rice, sweets, fries, raw chicken..”
Thieves emptied this Vieux-Fort business.
Thieves emptied this Vieux-Fort business.

Thieves plundered a business house in Vieux-Fort last night and some people living in the vicinity are perplexed as to how no one heard any noise coming from the building during the incident.

The incident has left its owner, Fitz Gerald Daniel, who made the discovery this morning (Thursday) frustrated and aggrieved.

His restaurant, Shanz Restaurant and Bar, located on New Dock Road, in the bottom floor of a building which is occupied by a family in its top floor, has grown into popularity over the years.

“They took everything… flour, rice, sweets, fries, raw chicken, money and a few other things,” Daniel lamented.

According to him, the thieves made their way into the business by breaking a metal door at the back of the building which had burglar bars.

“It is strange no one heard any noise…” Daniel said.

He said his building has been burglarised three times during its five years of existence, adding that on one occasion it was done by a few children.

So far no one has been arrested in connection with the incident.

Just last week a grocery shop located on Clarke Street, one of the busiest streets in Vieux-Fort, was burglarised.



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  1. That is so sad! Working hard, trying to do the right thing and somebody just decides that they will come in and take everything that you've worked hard for. To take everything is truly heartless. Somebody knows who did this and they need to do the right thing and report these people to the police. Hope the businessman can get back on his feet.


  2. What a disgrace. Maybe a few days gratification for those criminals? However the owner may take months or years to recover. His customers too will be inconvenienced.

    It's likely that someone without the necessary means would have brought extra "shopping" home. A call therefore goes out to those in receipt of that ill-gottten and unexpected bounty to do the right thing and report the matter to the cops. Failure to do so while having knowledge of the crime and maybe even feasting on the loot WILL eventually leave a bitter taste in your tainted mouths.


  3. and on tuesday a game shop on clark street was also robbed if was me i would send them all sea and die they to --theaf


  4. When those thugs go out dr and steel from people they excuses are no work so u see now u working for thief's and when u kill them mummy will be saying my son was a good boy he is Innocent ,stop making excuses for ur children and in courage them to go out dr and get a job, and parents stop breeding's monster's don't put ur hand in fire for ur children's


  5. Where im from in my community...we dont call them thieves,we call them less fortunate hungry ppl...a just greedionnnnn!the dog pay the price he lost his bone??


  6. And when you shoot one in their chest the sisters and family want to come and talk about shoot in leg and arms and perfect child at home?


  7. Put two and two together...the family living upstairs never heard anything because they are the ones who robbed the place.


  8. and you're telling me people get pissed when these criminals get killed committing these acts. The place is better without them.


  9. And when their family finish they want to talk nonsense on tv. I'll find Jesus in jail for one


  10. Very sad that's the returns you get from your hard earn investment, however I urge you not to give up, just invest a little more in your own security cause trust me no one or no government will do it for you, so you can consider things like camera, alarms, etc.


  11. This truth gives them confidence that they have eternal life, which God, who does not lie, promised them before the world began.

    – Titus 1: 2


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