UPDATE: Teen shot mutiple times in Castries dies

UPDATE: Teen shot mutiple times in Castries dies


A teen boy who was reportedly shot multiple times on Chaussee Road, Castries early Monday morning has succumbed to his injuries.

Gregory Stephens, also known as ‘Boyo’, 15, was shot around 2 a.m. The teenager was reportedly returning from a party at Grass Street, when he was brutally gunned down.

The teen’s father, Gregor Jn Baptiste, spoke with the media and recalled that he was awaken by loud screams that his son was shot. He was discovered lying down on the street, in a pool of blood.

Jn Baptiste took the teenager to hospital. And although he was hopeful that his child would survive the incident, doctors had already informed him that he was not going to make it.

Boyo sustained a gunshot to the  liver, the stomach, one above the heart, one below the heart, one to the spine, one to the arm and two to the wrist, the father told the media.

Investigations into this latest shooting continues.


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  1. So where were the CCTV cameras to capture the crime.
    That is why I say the government has its fair share to be blamed for regarding crimes here.


  2. Trust me.... by the looks of this it sound like another or a group of 15 yrs olds that's also the shooter...trying to prove sumn giving him about ten shots,but lad/s your day is awaiting.my sympathy and condolences goes out to fam.as an adult just last week a guy was telling my buddy to drop him on the chausee it was after 2 am,my buddy and I said we gonna drop u down town but not on the chausee after 2 we drop him somewhere on jerimie


  3. leave by the gun u die by the gun...at 15 with plenty bullet holes..u shud be at skool trying to earn an education...too much young men n women like fast cash...sad to say but r.i.ppeace to ur family


    • that's what yourll fast to say leave by the gun you die by it
      some of lucians are so disgusting


  4. This is very sad. I see my country is just going to the gutters day by day. I visit st.lucia at least twice a year and I have first hand seen all kind of acts happening in town especially in central Castries and surrounding areas during the day light hours so you know what happens at night. Castries is now a ghost town after 5pm. I grew up in the heart of Castries and never experienced it like that back in the 80's and early 90's. Time for a drastic change. Carnival is around the corner. I hope all will be incident free. I will be there to enjoy my vacation


  5. At 15, I could not have been on the road past 7:00pm. What on earth were your parents doing? Were they being father/mother or were they being a friend?

    None the less, it is tragic that a youngster's life has been taken. Hope the family gets the support they deserve.


  6. Youth injured in gun incident at Wilton’s Yard.......................not even a year ago you were hospitalized ........ god knows best ..........young idiot


  7. this is heartbreaking , but a 15 year old at 2am coming from a party unattended? The people who did this wow you have all this guts to shoot a 15 year old so many times. The world is slowly ending. RIP dear child


  8. But daddy what your 15 yr old doing on the streets after midnight. SMH. Parents we have a role to play.


  9. Tigger happy but what is a 15 year old doing out at this time anyway? This is just not something we knew of growing up. We need prayers!!


  10. Parents we have to install in our teenagers and younger ones that nothing good happens after midnight especially on the streets. We have to educate our children,put our feet down and tell them no means no and if you break my rules you will face consequences. Hate to ask what was he doing at a party on Grass Street that leaves him out at 2:00 am where were his friends? Sad very sad indeed.


    • Would it make a difference if he was shot at 2 pm? Would broad day light deter the assassin or assassins? I very much doubt that.

      It is time to crackdown on guns in order to clean the country of these lethal weapons! A date should be set and people should be given the opportunity to hand over unlicensed weapons. Then, anyone found with an unlicensed weapon will pay a heavy penalty. It should not be a financial punishment but a lengthy period of hard labour in the community. There are many gutters and cesspits in need of cleaning. It is high time the criminally minded are forced to compensate their communities.

      It is soul shattering for a father to find his child riddled with bullets on the street; the perpetrator(s) must be caught!

      My sympathy goes to the family and friends of this young man. May you all be consoled in your grief.


    • This is insane for you to say what someone was doing on the street at 2 am. I understand that it may not be the wisest thing but does one deserve to die?


      • The question is what is a 15 year old doing coming from a party at that hour of the morning when he should be in bed getting ready for school the next day it comes down to parenting. What did he do to reach in a position that he was savagely gun down with no mercy on his soul.


    • It doesn't matter what time he was on the road the point is the youth now a days are too violent so you trying to tell me I cannot leave my home at 3am and take a walk without worrying about my life...back then when we could have left our houses open dawn are those days we need the youth to put down these guns and knives and search for peace Bless!!!


    • dey say he was coming from a party and monday was a holiday. y'all act like y'all eh had lives b4 as a teenager, ms/mr holier than thou.


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