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BREAKING NEWS: Teen charged with destroying relative’s house

By SNO Staff

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A young man has been formally charged in connection with a fire that destroyed a concrete house in New Village, Micoud on Tuesday, April 11.

Police said 19-year-old Brendon Burke was this morning charged with arson which carries a maximum sentence of 15 years in prison.

Relatives told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) that Burke is the grandson of the house’s owner.

They described Burke as a “troubled teen” and high school dropout who never came to terms with the death of his mother.

“He got involved with bad company,” one relative alleged.

It is further alleged that Burke and a relative had a heated argument that may have triggered his destructive actions.

“My family has been really trying with him but you can’t make a person’s mind for them. He needs a professional help,” a relative said.

According to fire officials, emergency services received the call at 10:55 a.m. and dispatched three fire engines from Micoud and Vieux Fort.

The fire destroyed the entire roof of the house as well as all its contents, fire officials said.

No one was at home at the time of the fire, and no other house was damaged, fire officials said.


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  2. 'im, a retard. 'im forgiven.

  3. Oh Father, send the Savior and thousands of Holy Angels from Heaven to influence the
    parents of ST. LUcia to seek God in their lives, and to teach the children the ways of the Lord.

  4. Why feel sorry for him.the books says 15 years. What trouble teen you'll talking about. All of us trouble in some small way. These young men just don't care about you and far less their own blood.most if them have one major sense and that's thinking

  5. No one said that he is going to Prison for 15 years yet. Arson carries a sentence of 15 yrs. If the boy is evauated, or more so if he is troubled, there are ways to deal with the problem. I don't think that they are gonna just take him and throw him into prison like everyone here seem to think, after all we are trying to make our wrongs right, we aim to correct, we aim to make a difference, so here's hoping that the problem is dealt with in a professional manner. I wish him well. Poor children of our Island, we fail them daily.

  6. It's people like you'll that create kids like this'll are too judgmental think before u's easy to judge someone when we are not in the situation but what about when it hits home..he did something bad and should be punished but not 15 years behind bars

    • I completely agree with you. Some people have no idea what it's like to lose a parent or somebody close to them. There are somethings that can never be healed or replaced. Nobody knows what he is feeling. Grief can lead people to do some pretty nasty things

    • No. No. No. It is morons like you, who impregnate young women to produce devil sperm that produce such heartless criminals. Hope he is released and burns you and your house. Karma.

  7. He may be troubled but he has to be corrected.He should be placed in a correctional facility so he will learn and understand what he did was wrong.You can't leave him in society after the crime that he has committed and hope he does not burn another house again .what if someone was inside... and you can't send a grown ass man like that to boys training center.He has to go to" the mans' training center", the Bordelais Correctional Facility, so that he can be rehabilitated back into society.Fifteen years maximum that's a bit much maybe five years on good behavior.

  8. The young kid is ferociously disturbed...can the right authorities intervene and seek him the medical attention he needs? I've seen that behavior before on trouble kids documentaries and its just an unravelling sign for future disasters if the situation is not rooted at its helm...prison is not the obvious solution!

  9. Brendon is not wat you guys a trying to make him look like he is not a monster
    Many of you here who is asking to do him this and that most likely thinks jus like him and you need counciling also
    Facts, Brendon needs to be loved he is seeking love attention this young man is an excellent young man and sending him to prison will destroy him for life. He has made a mistake which will change the lives of others as well as him self for life.
    Sno here is a story for you I hope it reaches the right person
    I was affected by this fire everything I have ever work for went jus like this in an wink of an eye. Brendon and I have a bond of father son relationship and it hurts me to see where he is today. I know he has broken the law and he needs to suffer the consequences. I would like to ask is sending you to prison the only sentence that we have in st Lucia
    We have sent so many young man to prison and 95 percent of them always come back they never change. This young man do not deserve to be sentence for 15 years i lost every thing and all I want is a change in this young man's life and prison is not always the answer judge im not telling you to how to do your job but there is something called community service and I recommend it for this young man along with seeking counciling and getting an education this would be the first step in fighting crime in st Lucia please please hear my cry save this young man

    • I agree with you 100% Vitus. We need to find alternative ways of dealing with situations .Most times prison only gets people worst. I know Brendon and like you rightfully said he is not a bad person. Sometimes we just act without thinking and we only realise the damage we have caused after the fact . After he has been through so much, being in prison would only cause him to feel unloved and unwanted, since you said he seeked love attention. As a troubled young man he should be sent to the boys training center and given community service. There he would get the help that he needs and be molded into a well disciplined young man. I dont like judging cause the bible clearly states that by the same measure you judge you will be judged. I hope and I pray that he gets the help he deserves. Family members I urge you to show him that love and do not hate him regardless of what others may say.

    • Vitus I apologize on his behalf. I apologize for what he did. I apologize for everything you lost and I will try in the the best of ability to help replace them. I've been questioning this judgement myself. Fifteen years is a lot. When he comes out from there most of his youthful days are gone and neither is there reassurance that he will be a changed person. As prejudicial and biased and greatly unfair "our" "justice" system, if that is the price he must pay for his actions, then so be it. The most we can do is pray that his time in the "hotel in Dennery" changes him for the better.

    • This one really touch me ..???i wish I could of like this status a million time..god be with you vitus

    • Since you care about him so much and was fully aware of his tribulations why haven't you or couldn't you help him before he got so destructive? It appears that he is out of control and it may not be wise or safe to have him roaming free in society in his current state

    • If he is such a menace now, and a greater menace after imprisonment, then he should be held in a straight jacket for the rest of his life in a mental institution. Seriously, he needs drugs for his brain's stabilization.

      As you have just said, you know him so well like father and son, he has no cure. So why let him loose and be a predator on normal law-abdiding society?

      Why on earth must the courts let loose a veritable mad man on the rest of society? I fail to see any logic in that.

    • So Vitus are you willing to help his grandmother replace the people's house? You mean to tell me at his age (19) he never remembered the house doesn't belong to his grand mother? This boy may need love but he had enough persons around him to talk to him. He wanted his own way, why did he take his cloths out of the house before burning it down? He should have taken everything out of the house before burning it. If he was three when his mom died don't he realize that his grandmother is his mom she brought him up to 19 years? Vitus If Brendon can burn the house not belonging to his grand mother he could have killed her and her husband. When he told his friends he put fire in the house they told him go put out the fire he said he is not going; isn't the wickedness?
      This boy is also wicked don't look for no excuses for him. His step dad is a hard worker the man is in the country every day not once he would go up to the garden with the man but he knew how to sell the man animals secretly to put money in his pockets and lime with his gang? His so called friends are now saying all the things he used to do the grandmother and her husband. Vitus leave my mouth in peace. This boy needs to stay behind bars, send him to work everyday to build the people's house and back behind bars!

  10. Send mate to Antigua's dilapidated prison, mate doh deserve to go to the hotel down Dennery.

  11. He is such a handsome young man. Parents killing each other should really read this story. He has been troubled since his mom passed. Jus sad he has not started life and it has end behind bars. God be with you my boy. I am a mother also. Its hard.

  12. Whilst I do not condone the actions but I believe there may be more to this story. Much much more and it may be property related. Maybe his mother's interest in some family property not being recognised.

  13. As part of his rehabilitation ( because this man clearly needs counselling)..make him part take in rebuilding the house..carry blocks etc...teach him responsibility

  14. Everyone tried their best with him.Spoke to him helped him how they could.He is no mentally challenger.He deserve the penalty Brendon should know better.Poor lady see hell and back with u already.U of all persons should be the one to fight for her not be against her.Wen ppl do bad and get cursed thats wat happen to them.Hope u learn ur lesson and dont blame it on ur dead mom ok.

  15. Wow ! what a destruction? look at the area that was once the kitchen. Hope they had insurance.

    Why is it when people do bad things we say they have mental issues? Bad people are BAD PEOPLE period!

  16. WOW WOW WOW...god what is wrong with this world of ours lord have mercy on us all..why do people like judging others when the bible says Jesus is the just judge amen....this young man needs help obviously yes he burnt someone house there is no excuse for that who knows what this young man is really going through I read the lost of his man his took it hard let us pray ? for each other not judge one another..for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of god...let him with no sin cast the first stone there is none that is righteous no not one hope he gets the help needed..thank you

  17. He should be made to work hard to cover the full cost of refurbing that building including all its contents.make him do minial work to pay for a full refurb...Prison ain't nothing for those heartless people..

  18. Or why didn't he make a wood pile and sit his ass on it and burn the hole in between in ass! That's just plain ridiculous and out of order! Lock him up allow him to work hard in the hot sun escpecially during the heat waves see what it feels like to work hard and earn life back again!

  19. Beverly Expensive

    Justice you said it right..always a bloody excuse and more excuse when people do hurtful things and break the law. They always mental..really really..try something else..he will pay for what he did..

  20. He should be made to work and rebuild the house, if only he could find employment. Then he would understand the value of what he destroyed. Going to jail and fattening off tax payers' money is an inadequate form of punishment.

    • Does he look like anything somebody would hire? Ask yourself this much.

      • Jackasshole its all people like you that creates the hazards of a society in our st.lucia because y'all judge and deprive persons on their appearance......i always applaud when ppl like y'all fall victims to the same monsters y'all created.

      • Like what the hell is wrong with some of y'all people???? So dam judge mental. It's really repulsive that you see people as your lesser. I'm positive that you in his shoes would have done worse!!!

  21. what were you thinking son?

    • For real I feel for this young man those young men are fighting demons that no one knows about it states that he lost his mom maybe that traumatized him in some way. Its always good to talk to kids ask questions but I pray he gets help St. Lucia truly need a place the young people can get spiritual and inspirational help when things like these we all are quick to judge but we need to look deeper than what's on the surface if you try to help and they are adamant and don't want to change is one thing but try helping them out first. My prayers going out to all involved in the situation. God bless

  22. Wow arson carries max sentence of 15yrs but what does rape and murder carry??? Smdh nothing...this countries priorities are in the gutter....what this young man did is unspeakable and he should be penalized but i find it strange that with those things sentence times and people identity are quickly released when those salop rapist are roaming the streets.... Its a dam shame.

  23. He sure need help but not professional but he needs prayers this is much to deep there is anger hurt pain within and he feels like he can't speak to anyone he feels like everyone is against him. Maybe his relatives need to seek help from a pastor

  24. Young Saint Lucians do not understand value. Not too many of the seniors have a better idea either. Did you see how the SLP run through people's sweat and blood, with their unlawful deals with foreigners, then turn around and tax them to hell to recover the squandered wasted money?

  25. now why would he do that.....smh!!!!!! madness.. just so you go n mess up (for lack of a better phrase) your life.......smh

  26. Judging others won't bring u guys anywhere!!!! Neither of you guys know what he is going through! Learn to think otherwise!

    • @Peace: Are you suggesting that what he is going through provides justification for burning someone's house? Why didn't he make a wood pile and burn that instead?

      • Quite understandable..but pleaseeee!! He was aware of his actions im sure..cause if it were demons having him do this crap he would have stayed with his demons and be caught!! Bs!! Choops

    • You hear crap? Now that is crap. The only possible excuse is insanity. Nothing else is excusable. This POS is the spawn of the devil.

  27. He's should be considered a danger to society, he needs help or prison

  28. Trouble teen my ass . why he anit burn up himself since he such a troubled kid. Poor lady.


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