BREAKING NEWS: Teacher and students involved in fight at Dennery school

BREAKING NEWS: Teacher and students involved in fight at Dennery school
Clendon Mason Memorial Secondary School
Clendon Mason Memorial Secondary School

Officials at the Clendon Mason Memorial Secondary School in Dennery are investigating an alleged fight shortly after lunchtime between several students and a female teacher.

A well-placed source at the school told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) that three male students from Form 5 were suspected of being involved in the fight with a teacher who teaches French, around 1 p.m.

It is alleged that the teacher received minor bruises during the attack. It is further alleged that an emergency meeting between teachers and the principal was being organised to address the issue.

The cause of the altercation is not yet clear.

When SNO contacted the school, an official said the incident is currently under investigation, but he declined to give any further information including his name.


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  1. when our children live our homes on a morning to go to school.while they are in school they are under the care of the staff of the school so they should respect the the teachers like they would respect there own mother and father.and the teachers should do the same.


  2. the teacher hit them in a way that was not right not all at once not the same day but she did so when she hit the third one the other twoattack


    • u lie u were not there. stop spreading useless information. these same students will beat ur ass up u that ignorant aa


  3. Has anyone stopped to think that there are lines we just don't cross. a child, children putting a hand to parent is one of those. Teacher in loco parentis enjoys a bond and relation with the child like a parent does. I know those boys were misguided hoodlums. As a teenager I would walk away if my Mum had ever tried to slap me, not that she ever did. I would not never dream of hitting a woman and certainly not a teacher. The teacher may have mishandled an incident, that still gives them no right. since that sacred bond has been violated I really do hope that the teacher in question ensures that they feel the full force of the law. Teaching is a noble calling and teachers deserve a bit more than being beaten up by those they are trying to nurture. It is like a dog biting its carer. Even dogs know that is wrong.


  4. This is a school in a small community where most people are somehow related to each other and where each one (especially those in the same age group) "looks out" for the other. Although I agree, that one should respect their elders etc, etc, I find it strange that three (3) male students in a class would attack one(1) female teacher. What would make three not 1 but three students beat up a female teacher just so. The report in fact, the lack thereof, is to scanty to make a proper judgment. I hope the dear teacher did not jump a "weaker" kid and then the others figure is "advantage' and took the law into their hands!!!!!! oh boy.


  5. Sometime the teacher look for it cause some of them are rude and have preferences for those they like and saying that they are there for the money. Especially in form 5 when they have SBA to write and teachers mess a round with their grades.