BREAKING NEWS: Tamara Gibson-Marks charged with theft

BREAKING NEWS: Tamara Gibson-Marks charged with theft
Tamara Gibson-Marks.
Tamara Gibson-Marks.

Saint Lucian attorney-at-Law Tamara Gibson-Marks was slapped with three charges today at the Kingstown Magistrate Court in St. Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG).

The former SVG High Court registrar was charged with the theft of EC$21,925 between April 30 and May 21, 2014.

According to reports, the former registrar was charged with presenting a certificate which was to her own knowledge false, in a material particular to with an order claim 96/1980 on May 17, 2014.

She was also charged with direct abuse of authority in office as Registrar of the High Court of SVG and arbitrarily closing account number 800300 at St. Vincent Co-operative Bank.

Gibson-Marks pleaded not guilty to all charges. She was granted bail in the sum of EC$30,000. She is expected to make another court appearance at Kingstown Magistrate Court on October 7.

The Saint Lucian-born attorney was asked to resign her post as registrar in SVG over a month ago, by the island’s Attorney General Judith Jones-Morgan in relation to suspected financial irregularities.

Gibson-Marks, is married to former SVG Unity Labour Party senator, lawyer Ronald “Ronnie” Marks.

Gibson-Marks could be barred from practicing law in SVG.


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  1. All you folks commenting are big hypocrites.
    If she was your family and you were benefiting from her ill gain - you all would be quiet as a Lamb -
    On the other hand -this lady is a big barefaced THIEF -Goodnight


  2. She will leave St lucia and go to Canada like all the rest and live on welfare cause they just don't know any better


  3. Justice......Does that give her a right to do what she did? In spite of the nice pictures you attempted to paint of her, the fact still remains that she has tarnished her reputation for life. So stop blowing yours, hers or the family trumpet because of shame.


  4. This who;e thing ia a joke,well some comments,its not a matter of who is without sin,or who has nottaken a pen without permission,if it is wrong it is wrong.Now,when we see people living life like there is no tomorrow or have lots of material things,cars ,travels the globe with no attention to the rest of us a little less them them selves or so they think,WHY should i give a damm when they are arrested for alledegely stealing what is not theirs?When its a common person they come down on them,why should it be any different when its the daughter of a proment person or the wife of a minister??lets all treat them equal,if u thief pay the penality,she should have thought of all that before or while living the life.


  5. First and foremost she don't have to prove anything to any of you she owes you nothing about her life or how she lives it or if she's stoosh or not stop envying peoples lives and what they do she has a husband who loves her and it's so sick to see you guys trying to bring her child into it for your info she was not hiding on the Reds truck she was born with a Golden spoon in her mouth she has a family whose behind her a 100% do not worry about what she will be charged because paying that money is petty because the entire family are very close they rally behind each other in time of need

    I'm sick of you St.Lucians just saying things about people that you don't know and tarnishing them because they're not your friend or in your league leave judgement up to The Lord most of you condemning her must be have so many skeletons in your closet Lucian's quick to bring each other down all nations can unite with their people except Lucian's because their tongue is their own lethal weapon against their own people let the courts judge her we will not ask you guys a cent stop the bullshit and stop studying people that's happier than you go study a map that's what it was made for........just so sick of the way you people judge people


  6. This story on SNO has the most comments.

    It makes me stop to wonder.

    On the front page in a newspaper in St.Vincent is a photo of Mrs Tamara Gibson-Marks arrested on charges of theft. On the same front page is a photo and another story of a man wanted for all kind of gun charges, shootings, also arrested who was hiding out in St. Lucia and breaking into people's houses, stealing, robbing, etc.

    Now I'm not saying charges of theft are not to be taken seriously, but not a soul has him to study. His face not on the internet in more than one country crying shame on him. No body following his story.

    Why? Because it does not grab attention. If he is found guilty or not guilty, no one is going to argue and debate the right and wrong of that.

    The point I am making is that we all have to investigate our true motives. Is it that we are interested in justice, the legal system and having people answer for wrong doing if they have done wrong?

    Or are we just fascinated with the lives of others who are public figures and elevated to levels of celebrity, sucking it all in for the entertainment value while we justify our interest as 'concerned citizens' and 'champions of justice'?

    There are many families who have lost loved ones to murder. No body is debating the outcome of those matters and the persons charged are not held up to the same scrutiny.

    Leave the poor girl alone let her face what she has to face. Or at the very least pay her the same indifference you do to those charged with murder. Which is, to say and do nothing at all.


  7. Duhhh her father owns RCI. They will not give such news. This has been going on since May and many are just hearing about it.