BREAKING NEWS: Suspected suicide in Vieux Fort

BREAKING NEWS: Suspected suicide in Vieux Fort


Police are investigating a suspected suicide in Vieux Fort after the body of a young male was discovered hanging from a tree.

St. Lucia News Online (SNO) has confirmed with police officials that the discovery was made around 7 a.m. today, Monday, February 1, 2016.

A police official said the man, who appears to be in his late 20’s or early 30’s, was found hanging from a tree close to the Vieux Fort- Laborie Highway.

Details are still sketchy at this time, but investigations are ongoing.


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  1. What does that have to do with Kenny? Is Kenny the parent of the nation? Where are the parents? Are they playing their role? We Lucian's need to stop blaming Kenny for crimes, drugs and murders, hanging and what not which is happening in this country. He cannot stop it. Parents need to play their damn part. Choops


  2. Trust y'all Lucians to stir up trouble @ a time like that !!!! Y'all like to cause to much dam roro all ppl need to do is to express their sincer sadness for yet another fallen brother , it's not our business to wonder why he did it . It has happened lets move on no need to create drama Lucian like too much caca .
    What election have to do wif dat ?
    This is my condolences RIP my dear brother .
    Don't need to know what happened it's not my business . Lucians mind ure business.


  3. To take your own life is feeling hopeless, helplessness, loneliness , desperate amd the list goes on and on dam fool. That person in his /mind feels like his life is not worthy of holding on any longer. It will take the love of God to bring anyone out from the bottomless pit. Hence the reason we have a help line to call for help in St.Lucia its a prevention. Let's hope that we use this program.
    Suicide prevention.


  4. Enough soothsaying!

    It’s too easy for doom laden people to run to despair. Tragically, a handful of people have committed suicide. Please, stop throwing a veil of gloom over the whole nation!

    Yes, oh yes, we need to extend a hand to each other. But realise that not everyone accepts that much needed help, especially when they are bent on self-destruction whether it’s quickly through hanging or slowly through drug abuse or alcohol abuse.


  5. Again I got it through the grapevine that they saw some well
    dressed men landing here from Haiti. This seem to form some
    sort of pattern just before an election. Devils running wild here.


  6. "Since after the election people just hanging themselves" Write pure garbage. Everything is politics you don't even know the circumstances yet that was involve why this person decide to take their own life but your quick to write "after the election". so when are you going to do the honors ?? You are still around "after the elections".


  7. Kenny instead of being appalled at every thing Guy Joseph says, you should be appalled at the number of suicides taking place in our country we surely need help, why are so many young men taking their lives now


    • This is the most stupid comment i've heard,the government is your government too why dont u commit suicide? So u saying all those men that commit suicide because their women cheat on them ,they should start posing thought laws on all women? Or thinking another stupid gone because he took women for granted? Its about time for Stlucians to have options in their lives so when they fail in one they can turn to another,this could b the souloution for suicide.


  8. Oh my God, not again. What is going on in my sweet Helen. I hope people take heed nothing in this world is worth taking your own life nothing. Lord the young men and women are feeling so helpless hopeless and desperately in need of a break through in forms of a job to help themselves and loved ones. Please open the windows of Heaven and pour out some blessings for them i pray. Oh lord.


    • How do you know he did not have a job ?? How do you know he was feeling helpless. Haven't you ever read of people with a house on a hill and money in the bank and still kill themselves ?? I am just saying we are too quick to blame everything on economics. Maybe the person had a terrible sickness , Maybe he did something wrong he knows when everyone finds out it will bring great shame, Maybe he was upset about the lost of love one I mean the list goes on and on.


  9. People can say what they want but a greater force is working the minds of st. Lucian nation. Since after the elections people just hanging themselves. We need to turn our people back to god because he is the only one who can help us. We are so busy gossiping about each and every one that we as a nation can't be our brothers keeper. So many evil in our land just for power and greed and money. When we die we go with nothing. People of st Lucia lets pray for ourselves and for others including our ministers for they have sold our island to satan. But we can fight back with prayer. Otherwise you will hear more suicides more chopping and more corruption especially in the months ahead.


    • This state of affairs begun after the witch conference that was held in St. Lucia and not after any election.


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