Suspected suicide in Soufriere

Suspected suicide in Soufriere

(St. Lucia News Online) — A family is in mourning in Ravine Claire, Soufriere following the death of a man in a case of suspected suicide.

The man, estimated to be in his late 60s or early 70s, allegedly drank a poisonous substance this morning, according to reports.

He was taken to St. Jude Hospital where he passed away this evening.

A resident told St. Lucia News Online that the alleged circumstances surrounding his death came as a shock.

The resident said the man was a “vibrant Seventh-day Adventist”.

No further information is available.


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  1. ST lucians please do not say it is about covid has no connection. We not behave like the drs n scientist that seem to blame every death on covid. Please don't look for political points by saying it is because the pm closed the country. We need to be more positive in this time n learn not to spread useless rumors. The PM is doing his best n is more lenient than other pm n presidents put together. He allows us to go out with caution n he allows stores to be open so give him a break please. I'm no political advocate I'm a human being with common sense.

    St Lucia labour party is using everything as a way to attack the Pm when they are not doing anything to help the situation. I don't see them passing house to house donating stuff instead they are feeding on the people's fears.

    If I had to vote I would yellow because they care unlike the red they create wars n rumors of war.


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