BREAKING NEWS: Suspected suicide in Gros Islet

By SNO Staff

A 15-year-old girl was found hanging in Piat, Grand Riviere, Gros Islet this morning.

The teenager was found hanging from a belt in her home.

More details soon.

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  1. Reading all these comments sure make you realize how angry our people are .Are you all just picking at each other's comments ? fighting each other down? calling each other names , our poor youth . Maybe cyber bulling like this is what gets to our people , and the fact that the headline is about a child found hanging is just disgraceful

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  3. honestly teenagers these days are just hard to deal with . y would u think of doing such thing HMMMM saturday was their and also Sunday y darling y would u do search REST IN PEACE

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  5. That is so sad,May your soul rest in perfect peace sweety.

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  7. Lol. It is amazing how we always think we know it all. Or our opinions are the most valid. It's amazing how this forum always turn out into a floor to criticize and called each other name. Rather than side and rally with the mourning family, set a date of protest or try to reach out to help our struggling young people. And then we expect different from our police , lawyers , politians , leaders and judges. But they are St lucians like us all and we probably should expect the same behavior from them of not being able to come from solution to help our country move forward.

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  9. Who commits suicide just because they were told what not to wear.Like seriously? I believe this thing is deeper than that.It is apparent that this child had issues. I was once a teenager and was goin thru so much at that age...suffering verbal,physical, emotional abuse from my mother.I almost reached the point where I was goin to commit suicide but God saved me,my mother was there just in time.Most times these young people go through so much and no1 to talk to or help them.For those of us with troubled teens,take this is an example and find help for your child before its too late.And if you are the one abusing your child in whatever way, if you truly love you child please stop before it results in suicide.

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  11. I am a family member and I am far away from St Lucia at the moment. Please stop the negative posting. And allow our family to pray for my cousin soul in peace.

    • I respect your comment about persons to discontinue the negative comments.. but pray for your cousin soul in peace?no one can pray for the dead...the dead had to pray for itself before it was strong though.

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  15. Ebony was quiet and loved by those who knew her. She is gone. Why now start blaming home, school
    or society. We all failed in our
    attempt to help her when she was alive. So all the name calling and
    blame will not bring her back to
    life. Instead let us focus on helping
    those who are still alive and need
    our help and support. Let us begin
    to pray as a nation for our own
    families and others.Let us pray for
    her family and friends who are
    grieving. Rest in peace dear Ebony.
    You will be missed by those who
    knew you, loved you and cared for

    • so true saddened..some young pple are very troubled..and we must try to help in watever way we nice, share some good thoughts and positive insights with them wen we realize they are hurt..don't take it lightly and just say wat is wrong with so and so

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  18. Im not sure but isn't this the second child from that school with almost the same case?. In this case it really happened. Our children are so jealous,envious, stupid and lacking love and self esteem. Years ago we attend school bare footed but now it has so be jordans and Nikes . Carriers and roasted breadfruit , there were no suicides. I'm sadden by all that but i hope others take it as an example. RIP .

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  20. No. One knows wat happened. Thisworld is coming to an end wat are we doing. Do we blame the parents or polititions or the police. They are all helpless or do we seek God????????

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  22. stop politicizing everything negative that happens in this country, in this sad situation let us sympathize with the family. parents you need to pay attention to your children sometimes they may be going through a lot of stress and finds it difficult to talk to you e.g molestation, rape, bad treatment etc.

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  24. May god be the judge

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  26. In the first place who buy the cloth for her

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  28. So many little girls would die to leave in this house .how dam this girl was

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  30. i pray her family can handle this

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  33. I don't know the circumstances surrounding the young girls' death but most of the young people today are very spiteful. Their parents cannot even talk to them or advise them. They want to do what they want when they want and no one should ask them any questions. We as parents have to nurture our children from very young. So sometimes when they can't get their way they try to hit us where they know it will hurt the most. Giving your parents bad attitudes and talking back at your parents should NOT happen. I am not saying that is the case with this young child but young people listen to your parents. They only want what's best for you and to see you take the right path. From the clothes you wear to the friends you keep to where you frequent even to the people you talk to. Be very mindful. It is because your parents and guardians love and care for you that is why they are sometimes ' all up in your business'. Don't be afraid to talk to your parents. They want what's best for you. They want to see you excel and do well in life. Make them proud!

    • that is all we see you do well..besides some of the opportunities you have now we never had it at your age..i could say children now a fortunate...the bible say when you are obedient you live happily and long

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  35. dont judge we are not perfect

    N society get blame. We as parents have a job to do n at times our way can make or brake our kids. Therefore the broken ones can influence others recking havoc on our society. Look within us ask yourself an ethical question ( how could i make a pisitive change in my society) no fingers atbothers find a solution you n others can come together tovhelp improve the situation

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  37. dont judge we are not perfect

    Some if us here are not helping, if the poir girl should come back to life n read it she would surely do it again (thats if she did it) because of the commebts here. So far i've seen political',

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  39. I am so sorry princess... the family misses you already

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  41. I heard that she wanted to wear a short skirt and her mother declined to her wearing that kind of skirt.

    A family member told me so, IF this is the reason,Children need to understand that mothers have foresight and Their see the dangers ahead , mothers have a responsibility as being the 1st role model and when children look like want to alter their mother decision ,mothers WILL will stand up.

    May she R.I.P

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  43. some persons I have spoken to have said tha they seemed to be surrounded by a wall and there was no way out.they did not want to die. they did not did not see suicide as an act of killing themselves but as solving a problem. ex. you have a bill to pay(problem); you are just paying the bill(suicide) not killing your self. another person told me 'all of the lights went out.'
    I am not speaking of deliberate of suicide. those who havw survived suicide should be used to help those who are suicidal. my sympathy to the family.

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  45. Some of the comments made at times are just so uncalled for...even in a situation like this when a young daughter has been found dead.
    Guys if we don't have anything positive to share please lets just not share anything.
    We don't always have to be in the source....just to say we posted something.
    Anyway..I am deeply saddened by this latest incident. Be it suicide or murder. Its just says what our world is evolving into. Its either people cant handle the pressures of life or...people are just possessed by the devil and taking others lives.
    I pray for the family. that God may give them that comfort, overstanding and peace as they go through this difficult time.
    if its a murder...Judegement...that's all you need to hear. Hope you are ready.
    If its a suicide...I need the authorities to take note and help those kids. Identify them early....listen for the early warning signs...please
    Thank you

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  47. sad
    i second that motion our so-called leaders have failed us
    maybe not relating directly to this issue but it's a saaad and cold st lucia

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  49. i heard she hang her self becus he mom said she wasnt leavig the house with that particular clothes she wanted tu wear ...wats wrng with the youths of today??lord pray for them

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  51. Looks like one of the DUMB police just commented (vex). There are good ones though. This thing sounds suspicious and I hope if it's not a suicide that justice is sought. The police should be encouraged to watch shows on Investigation Discovery and so on. It's too easy to get away with murder in St.Lucia.(If not hanging, then electric chair or lethal injection. No death penalty is being enforced is spurring ANARCHY!!

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  53. As always, uneducated, illiterate commoners and diaspora scavengers, posting dumb crap.

    Get a freaking life, junkies!!!

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  55. My honest opinion is there is a serial killer in gros islet. Cherise benoit.. now this young girl. There is a man/men around stalking and targeting young women.

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  57. Every time I read comments here I realizing day by day that my fellow lucians are one of the lowest thinkers in the world..first thing first no politician can prevent anyone from killing anyone or even selves.suicide is something that is mainly preventable by the people around u,sometimes u would have parents and they are very difficult to talk to so u tell a "friend" then ur business is out there every body knows adding more pressure and guilt on ur part.people handle stress and pressure differently some take on a I don't care attitude some drink some turn zombie some take drugs some kill themselves mainly becuz of the lack of love lack of understanding lack of respect lack of togetherness lack of lucians we need to show more love try to listen to each other without going and blab ur mouth in negativity stop opening ur mouths and talk about politics,care about ur friends and family love them pray for them and I am sure a lot of the nonsense will stop

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  59. at that age teens are so emotional and sensitive and we parents should monitor their psychological changes more. if we remember clearly its not the first time a 15yr old doing such in st lucia

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  61. All those who are called by God's name need to be able to tell the time. This action says that there is NO HOPE among our youth. It also says that God's People are failing the young people. Let us stop living a double standard life before the young people, that they may find Help in Trusting God and His WORD. Children of the Most High, Let us pray for our youth & the Nation at large.

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  63. u chould have call me to heurt it for u

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  65. Very sad indeed when a young child can't find any reason to live. RIP little one.

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  67. "Vex" I'm with u on that one,,, pple look for every opportunity to bash the police, like really? Why dont sympathize with the family first idiot.

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  69. fuckedup at this situation

    Wat is this world coming too....may me she had problems....stress something was wrong with this child an it was affecting her mentally this is not good ....this sociaty is poor we need to have clubs for young people to speak their mind an feel free where they can have someone to trust an to speak to....this child was goin thru no she is not to young I can't wait 4 those government to move their ass in power bcuz they affecting the country badly.....R.I.P ebony

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  71. The so called developed countries, including the US, Canada, England among a long list of less developed ones like T&T, Guyana, Haiti, Cuba and the Dominican Republic, have suicide rates twice or almost twice as much as ST. LUCIA. St Lucia remains at the bottom of the list of all countries. Any suicide is one too many especially when it involves one so young. We all wished we knew WHY !!!!

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  73. where were her parents? ... why wasn't she at school?

    • And one wonders why our Educational system Fails.

      You clearly have NO INTELLIGENCE.
      Because if you had any, you would understand that NO ONE COMMITS SUICIDE IN THE PRESENCE OF ANOTHER (Other than if it's not something both parties/or parties agree to participate in) but rather, one calculating when an area is Vacant to do such.

      You gotta be the DUMBEST TEACH WHO EVER EXIST.

      • *TEACH* should have been * TEACHER

      • loool this is the reason WHY our education system fails VERRRRRY GOODDDD....two questions asked ... i won't call u dumb because i am more INTELLIGENT than that ... but ur perception of my question u have clearly misinterpreted, OBVIOUSLY no one commits suicide in the presence of another that's the whole point of a suicide. however i do commend u on giving such insight.. my two question were just question to ponder on.

      • you are one of the reasons why ppl commit suicide anyway!!!!!! u dont call ppl dumb and tell them they have no intelligence for no reason .. you are a disgrace to God's ppl...BA!

    • You must be a disgraceful teacher. If she never left for school before the suicide,how would she be at school. I am a teacher myself but seriously we really have smqllminded people in the profession.sickens me


    • help me understand

      You did read about the timeline in which they found the body right ? they didn't find it at 12pm.

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  75. Be it suicide or murder, it's sad either way.

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  77. in your mother's arse why are you calling the police officers dumb? if you know that you could a much better job than them, then why not join the police force and do the investigations yourself?
    maybe you murdered her and therefore trying to ridicule the police.

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  79. I am very saddened by the death of such a young child.
    May she rest in peace

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  81. Father I ask you through your son to cover this family with your blood. well as others who are in distress. Confort the family...and give them strength through this trying times......Amen

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  83. So true @big will, Bible says in 2 chronicles 7: 14 if my people who are CALLED BY MY NAME, will humble themselves and pray, seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, forgive their sins and will heal their land. Amen

    God is waiting for the whole of Saint lucia to pray this prayer if not more and worst things will continue happening because you guys have given the devil to take charge and not God.

    • Almighty Yahuah is waiting for people to OBEY Him not just pray. Why keep praying and still willfully sin? Prayer without obedience is futile.

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  85. I think the people in power do have alot to do with alot of the young people killing themselves.pray for our youths.everyone has their own opinions if you agree or not thats fine.don't judge people.comment on the death and move opinion.

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  87. I am the proud father of two...20+ and below 10.... I pray daily for them and ask the lord to help and guide them...To the family you are and will be in my prays...Death though certain to all can be painful to many.

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  89. The devil is a Bastard, It's high time saint Lucians step up. So many cases of suicide and no stop to it, that's bullshit. May her soul rest in perfect peace only God knows what lead her to do such.

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  91. This is unbelievable @ 15 yrs smh, I wonder if she have ever had counselling before or any reaction similar to suicide, I hope her intentions or whoever drove her to it was that she would be sitting @ the father's right hands. To all those who are thinking of going on this road I pray that God will take control of you'll thoughts, cause as he said he have made provisions for you. There is no situation greater than God, seek his face and all will be well.

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  93. I am speachless...Is suicide the norm back home now.What are we doing to help these young people who are so feeling soon helpless that, they think the only way to deal with their problems is taking their own lives?
    I have said it once, and I am saying it again we as a nation need to turn away from all our wicked ways,and our father who is in heaven will hear our prayers and answer us.
    Too many young people are taking this viciously way out.
    We need to value our lives killing ourselves is not the answer
    parents teach your children to trust you, listen to them, when they seem s too quite asked questions, don't just say it's gonna be ok. Go deeper ask your child about their at school,
    Be your child best friend, open up to them, so they can feel confident in talking to you as their mom/ dad.
    This is getting out of hand. We need a place for these children can go and seek help. To talk, to be listen too my god our island is heading down the wrong direction and it's looks like nobody gives a dam. My lord show my fellow St Lucian That If We Keep Doing What We Doing We All Will Be lost.
    Lucian we have lost our pride and hope in each other.Lets love as Christ loves us. To the family I pray that God will strengthen you all, 15 years oh God.

    • Aweeee, you finally got a revelation since you began scavenging in th US for food I garbage bins.

      It's so wonderful to empty the litter and garbage bins of poor Americans for food, while working 7 jobs just to shop at Wal-Mart.

      Poor you!!!
      Can't even afford the cheapest plane ticket back home, whilst living in an asbestos infested apartment set-up just for you.


      • @ A B.....You are one sick NIGGER with with major problems. It's a shame you are not smart eough to know just how dumb you really are. Your ignorance level is off the chart here. What a fool belives,no wise man has the power to change. I think you are running low on your meds? Want me to call your prescription in?

        • @ "Knuckle Head"
          I'm so sorry that my comment knocked on your door and you opened the package.

          Why all the emotional tantrum?
          Can't you be man/woman enough to accept the truth and move on?

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  95. Don't believe this is a condolences to her family and friends...

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  97. ppl dont usually committ suicide in the nude especially by hanging.So i hope those dumb police officers do a proper investigation

    • and you learned that during your stint at crime school or you have that data based on the findings of your research survey...

    • so now i guess when the police c rope in a dead person nick its a suicide now,so people raping now and jus hanging the victems

    • Why are all these idiot laymen making suck overgeneralizations. There are exceptions to this isnt a generalization anyway. Teenagers in the heat if the moment do as they see fit at the time.their solutions arent thought out well enough cuz of inexperience. Ppl dnt usually cheat with spouse family,but strangely enought sisters sleep with their twins husbands. Thats not how adulterers work normally.they usually go outside.but it doesnt always follow the rule so shut up

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  99. I really do hope that its not suicide. However the thought of your child being raped and hanged is alot to take in for any parent(s)

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  101. That's really sad. What happen Saint Lucia???

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  103. god be with u

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  105. I heard is because they didn't give her money to buy clothes for jonen kweyol

    • really. How low can you go. And you honestly felt the need to share that. enough with the speculation already.

    • Hi Sweetie
      Are you one of the illiterate percent of the population? Because you cah tell me in such a serious time like this ...all you have to say is this.

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  107. May her soul rest in peace. This is truly a sad day for the country.

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  109. we as a nation have tried bacchanal, we have devil worshiping and we have tried cult worship. none of these things have pushed us forward. As a nation lets us try going back to god, because it is so obvious that we as a nation need him in our lives and country. He is waiting. Please lets give him a try in our lives and we will see that he is the only way, truth and light. Turn back to prayer worshiping, no matter how small the words are, he listens because he {JESUS} is Love and he will not turn his back on us. All theses crimes and criminal acts and suicide are happening because we don't know God and we have turn to other means of Answers. St Lucians lets give God a chance in our lives and our country on a whole. Parents pray with and for our youths.

    • Nothing will push us forward except for people going to the Most High in repentance and humility. We are too proud as a people sometimes doing what we want when we want how we want. This has made us arrogant and conceited. We need to walk in obedience to His Word and laws. He said these things would happen. This land has become a Sodom & Gomorrah with so much sin and abomination. Grace is what the Most High sent His son to give us to stay away from sin once we ask for forgiveness. The 'Jesus' many have in their lives accepts their sin and they have to do nothing for him to forgive them and give them whatever they want. If we want we have to give and how do we do that? By obeying Him. Example...How can you be living in fornication yet pray and expect 'jesus' to hear you? You need to make a decision to flee fornication and he will bestow his grace upon you to keep you from fornicating. All in all we have to obey and it's just sad that people are losing their lives without the chance of knowing how to get back to the ancient paths of the Creator.

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  111. My spirit tells me that this child did not hang herself. Many murders are made to look like suicides. I watch Investigation Discovery and Cold Case Files often and people are just so wicked when they commit their crimes. The poor victims are put in a position to be blamed.

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  114. Please yo suicide y wud she hang herself naked. Officers do urll effing jobs. 15 wow lord put a hang for ur children

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  116. I hope is not rape

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  118. sounds really fishy...naked....hanged..... yea thats suicide REALLY!! smh dem things need to stop

    • Well you know how that goes. Another case swept under the carpet.
      We get cases where there is hard evidence and guess what....the murderers walk free-because there isn't sufficient evidence for him to be convicted. smh
      May all of them burn in hell!!

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  120. Lord have mercy. More prayers people.

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  124. Very bad sign when young people in a country chose to take their lives instead of living out their dreams.
    The youths are not soly responsible for such a future of doom. The real culprits are those in power who can't seem to offer them hope.

    • looshan to the bone

      Stop politicking this please. Where are her parents? They brought her into this world? THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO BE HER ROLE MODELS. This is a school child who should be focused on school and living her dreams as you said. I will not judge the situation. Society's ills are killing our young people. All the negativity all around, in the home, in the news, on tv etc. etc. My she RIP

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  126. Oh my I can't imagine what lead that child to do such
    My condolences goes out to her family so sad
    Rip love

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  128. so in lucia hanging is not enforced so ppl taking it up on their own to just hang themselve now?

    • maybe if they did it in public to the heartless criminals destroying people's lives the good citizens would think twice about doing it to themselves

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  130. I hope its not someone I know father helps us

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  132. I don't believe it's suicide

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  134. only 15,that's really sad,but...naked, something seems off on that one,i wonder what happened

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  137. My god"

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  139. oh my word....prayer for our young ppl. wonder what may have caused her to go this extreme.

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  142. Omggg,,,what could have gone wrong ?! May her soul rest in peace and condolences to the family

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  144. Good heavens, speechless!

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  146. I dont know the details as yet...but why, SAD....Satan is ALIVE and Set to DEVOUR...Father put a hand....PLEASE

    • Satan is a liar. Only if we allow him in our minds and lives can he destroy us. If we cover our selves with the precious blood of Jesus he will guarantee us protection against this liar.

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  148. No wonder i hearing siren there


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