BREAKING NEWS: Police investigating gruesome death scene in Corinth

By SNO Staff

Law enforcement sources have confirmed that police are investigating a suspected suicide report in Corinth, Gros Islet.

The victim, Paul Fanis, 56, of Corinth, is suspected of committing suicide by hanging, at his residence on Sunday morning, Oct. 8.

Emergency services received the report at 6:30 a.m.

Sources told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) that the scene was one of the most gruesome that they have ever seen and the first responders may have to get counselling.

According to reports, the deceased was decapitated. It is possible for the neck to snap and cut during hanging.

A resident said the deceased, well known as ‘Paul, is a man that “does everything”.

More details later.


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  1. can somebody please describe where he lived in Corinth ?

  2. The force applied by the body from a certain height could decapitate the body

  3. Thats very ironic for a society that is so critical and judgemental to be asking why people commit suicide. The merciless companies have the same attitude. During the storm FLOW offers no discount neither free communication to countries experiencing the storm. However makes donations to them after they have been devastated.

    • Niggah what are you talking about? I agree with your points especially about FLOW but how the heck do you connect these dots? Man just express your sympathies and move on. FLOW is for another show. Peace and love.

    • They are all part of the system which places the people's backs against walls then try to comfort them. They don't realize that there actions lead to the problems in the first place. Catch my drift.

  4. Those who are suspicious may can be excused because it may very well be the first case out of thousands of suicides committed of this island, but logic will suggest that it is very possible for a head to be severed from the body depending on the following factors : body weight, hanging material (size and composition), and the level of impact, determined by all the above ,plus the distance of the drop.

  5. Poor jab its so sad may he rest I r I p

  6. Well , my fellow Lucian , the autopsy will determine how the head came off....and whether the rope plus his weight and the height contributed.... Let's not jump to conclusion just because we can...I suspect lost of you do not read so have no idea of what can possibly happen.... And yes person can kill another and stage it to look like a suicide ....but trust a train investigator would smikr a rat

  7. Oh boy. Jean Ste. Licie ignowan wee!
    Weh! Weh! Weh! Massiay!

    May he Rest In Peace

  8. The man was a heavy person .he was with his family down stairs when he told them he coming and went upstairs and they heard something drop when they look they see the body Without head .he had gotten news that his illness had no cure Dr couldn't do anything for he hung himself.

  9. Omg.. is this mr fanis with the burgundy pickup?!?!

  10. Some of u really need to read n educate urselves before posting on social media...condolences to the family

  11. I need to see that to believe that's a suicide.

  12. depends on the kind of rope and his weighty i think. anything is possible to happen. a fishing line can cut off your hand so easily depending on the size of the fish and its strength. sometimes we have to look at things at all angles and again we always think that people are all well and dont have problems but sometimes somewhere deep within that person lies something that they want no one else to know about. they hate shame . then again we will never know people can only assume. his problem is gone now. hope that god can forgive this man. may his sou rest in perfect peace

    • You don't know him like I do, in fact none of y'all & a fishing line....really ?there more to this than just a suicide.... In all my life I've never heard or seen NO hanging like this one before... I still can't believe you're gone.....We're gonna miss you sooo much. We love you very much and your darling memories will forever stay with us and NO one on planet earth can ever steal the love we have for you in our hearts. I will never forget you Mr. Paul neither will mummy and her love will remain til y'all meet again... RIP MR.PAUL .....LOV€ ¥OU FOR€V€R

  13. It seems you people can't read or just love being detectives??? The report said, "According to reports, the deceased was decapitated. It is possible for the neck to snap and cut during hanging". Obviously the neck was cut by the rope of whatever he used, depending on his weight or the force his body was dropped with.

  14. slash his throat n hang him.. easy for the head to decap

  15. That not a suicide and the man head was decapitated,St.lucia thats a homicide,Suicide by hanging and after the suicide he dead,right,so how he cut his head after.Well it must be a spirit decapitate him whiles he on the tree,STUPIDNESS.

  16. How the deceased was decapitated and this is a suspected suicide.... Wow

    • It is possible for the head be decapitated from suicide caused by hanging. The report says it is a suspected suicide caused by hanging.

  17. Fishy

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