BREAKING NEWS: Suspected homicide in Gros Islet

BREAKING NEWS: Suspected homicide in Gros Islet

A man has been found dead in a vehicle in Gros Islet.

Police officials are treating the death as a suspected homicide.

The deceased is believed to be a resident of La Clery, Castries.

According to a source, his body was reportedly discovered “on the back road by the beach leading to Pigeon Point”.

Police officials reported getting the news close to 1:30 p.m.

Information is sketchy at this time but we will provide more information soon.

This may be St. Lucia’s 50th homicide for the year


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  1. When restore confidence was in place and Law Enforment was doing whatever had to be done to put the bad guys away, everyone was crying merci. Now there’s a new government in place with no game plan when it comes to crime in St. Lucia. What say you!! What now St.Lucia?
    Fifty homicides as of today!!


  2. I could kill Kenny! Oops, sorry. Forgot that he's not in power. Focus on getting right with God. Things aren't going to get any better no matter what colour is in power.


  3. Everyday wooie ! It look like 65 by years end plus or minus at the rate thing are going. Chastanet can't do nothing because they don't have a crime plan initiative and to make one cost money, plenty of money if you want the police in every hole on the island It's just not possible. Them fellows don't care, these days they just don't care if they going to shoot they going to shoot. The sad reality is that it will worst before it gets any better.


  4. The fact remains the prime minister said with his own mouth, unprovoked by by anyone that he was going to make Saint Lucia safe sgain. He said that Kenny couldn't but he could and he will. These were his words. Many of you die hard UWP supporters would wish we forgot about his promise. It was a stupid statement but he did so to win an election. So now that he has won, shouldn't we hold him to his words?


  5. Theres an upsurge in crime and individuals doing as they wish and all you closed minded imbeciles can talk about is politics.. They thrive on yourll beating your you honestly believe these men hate each other or indirectly want to get rid of the man on the other side...behind closed doors these men drink and dine like brothers.. With your money... Stop being the dumb hacks that you are and smell the morning breeze...theyre gaining...youre losing


  6. Where is your analytical skills?That is not is being implied. Our PM must provide a road map for tackling this unprecedented number of murders and should spend some more time in the country to work on a plan to present it to us. His inordinate absences doesnt leave much time for him to handle internal matters. It's that simple.


  7. So you retards are telling me than kenny cared more when there was 48 murders? These are structural issues. Issues to do with how the society is put together. And these issues will take long to solved, if they are ever solved. You one part of the society as sophisticated as manhatttan, and another part as ghetto as city du soliel in haiti. You have an education system geared towards a retarded common entrance exam which reinforces inequality. You have an untrained police department, with recruits who join because they can get no other job. If you feel that kenny is coming back in power because of 50 murders you need to go sit down. This issue requires us to come together in a way we never usually come together. The mere mention of politics defeats this purpose.


    • When the shoe is on the other foot is when certain people saying politics shouldnt be brought in a discussion about crime.I wonder this persons was saying the same thing 2 years ago?


  8. Who know today I would read they found u dead in a car rest in peace my friend will miss our long talks n catching our kicks rest easy til we meet again


  9. I really don't know which is worse:

    a. that there are already 50 dead this year; or
    b. that given the lifestyle trend and attitudes of younger St. Lucians that that number can possibly rise to
    250 per year by 2025.

    I am sincerely pessimistic about the future even though it's very bad already.


  10. We cannot depend on, government to curb this issue, signs of the times ppl. None of them can stop it. Ppl now are more wicked and don't care about life. U live by the gun u die by it. We also need to realise too that the ones who are dying are not innocent ones, there's a saying don't say sorry for anyone. We don't no what they do in the dark. Also God gives us signs even before something happens, don't park on the beach, in the dark corners, things are not the same as before, listen to the holy Spirit. crime happens when an opportunity presents itself, so let's safeguard ourselves and accept Jesus Christ because his second coming is near.


    • I said the same thing why blame the prime minister? When its the youth to be blamed the rate these young men are going they just might try to kill the prime minister to . government isn't to blame . so stop being so ignorant


      • Nobody is blaming anybody! The simple FACT is the Chastenet was the one that made the utterances about crime. He wasn't provoked. So now when this is brought up some persons take offence and say that's play8ng politics! Unbelievable.....SMDFH!


        • its not the youth fault per say. there is lack of guidance and kids now are born in a technological era where every thing is easily available with a click of a button. no one believes in working and building a life and wealth. everybody wants quick money, success and status pronto and will do anything to get it. as per drugs by now the government should have weed decriminalized so that we can export to foreign countries. as a result the standard of living increases. we cannot have our country dependent on some thing we have half control over as our main source of income(tourism). also with the way jobs are employers want you to have experience outside the gate instead of offering internship to build the necessary experience. people just joining the police force just for a salary and i dont blame them . we all got to eat . as a result most are not putting in the effort as someone who is passionate about being a police. as for the government we dont need them. fuck em they are all the same with different faces. we as the people especially the older heads in the community should be responsible for each other in the communities. somebody violate they get dealt with within the community . also the knowledge and guidance these old heads have could keep the youth on track. we are taught to believe we need to go to school to get a job. fuck a job we need to go to school to learn a skill to build up our communities as a result we as a community and nation grows. everybody eats. theres enough cash , food and water for every one. our kids will be growing up in better environments. as a results. not these loose cannon ways. i could go on for days but we as a people dont need politicians. we are just giving these people useless power over us.


          • i would also like to mention that people keep saying god this god that people not praying. praying is half the battle. we as a people need to get our mental thinking fixed for us to change and grow. and put in the necessary work . the saying "god help those who help themselves" exists for a reason.


    • I agree it is signs of the times but there must be a deliberate attempt by the govt we elect to respond to escalating violent crime. They cannot absolve themselves from the situation as it is.

      Where is the strategy? Where is the plan? We can't say well at least they have a plan but it didn't work. There is nothing and that cannot be acceptable by any measure.
      So you really think that the innocent is not dying too. Should you wait until it reaches home?


      • But it's been ages since crime got out of control. Cmon. Don't you remember a time when Kenny couldn't give a plan and kept calling the opposition to talks? That election they were put out. Notwithstanding the wrongs of Op. Restore Confidence, the average Lucian for the first time felt satisfied at least something was happening. Kenny etc eventually came back in still nothing, now we're insisting on a plan from Chastanet. Pull water out of a rock. None of them have been able to do anything substantial to date. So let's just admit it's easier said than done, short of turning socialist. Quit blaming Chastanet. Back when it was 40-something under SLP, it was just as bad then because we'd never had it that bad before. Today at 50 it's just the same thing. We've never been at 50 before. Simple.


  11. Ummm Canadian Lucian u think the prime minister can stop crime. Choops tan..... Lucian's need to check themselves. Before anything is kill.


  12. I must say..... why is chasnet so interested in Kenny with regards to money spent on Hewonorra airport instead of trying to put strategies in place for all those crimes. All chasnet looking for is row row. Just another Trump. Come out n help st.lucia deal with the up growing numbers of death. Chasnet needs to step down. U have become minister for travelling. None of what u travels for benefits st.lucian people but just yourself. Very selfish.


  13. I don’t want to spew any hatred here but seeing the prime minister of the land has no sense of hurt or anger towards what is happening in terms of the escalating crime rate. 50 homicides and might be more and not even coming to address the situation. Yet he’s out of island more than he’s in to at least say something to the people is embarrassing and hurtful. This man doesn’t care about the people but for himself and his ego. I want to say to stlucian a it’s Time you guys come together to say no more to crime and people who would care less about putting people in power for their own personal gain. I couldn’t say this wasn’t going to happen since we all know he played politics with crime. This is what you get. Stlucia elected 17 ppl to lead the country and it will take all 17 to fight this epidemic. My friends are sceptical about coming to visit the island and it’s because of what they read about stlucia and how irresponsible the prime minister is portraying himself on a global scale. Have a blessed day.


    • I could not agree more. The hurtful thing is that he gets away with it. In addition none if the ministers are saying a thing about health, the economy, sports or anything else for that matter. He can say he is out looking for investments for St Lucians but I think he is out looking for investments for himself and his white business owners and expats.


      • And also schooling in Canada thats their comcern him.and wife too...they only care of themselves not the country their interests is their main concern


      • Him and his party were elected into office to see to the country's affairs, last time I checked that includes crime. Last time I checked there is also a Ministry for Justice and Internal Security.

        If he Chastanet hadn't greedily taken up the portfolios of all ministries, making the "ministers" he appointed as puppets/dummies, then maybe the Hermanguild would have something to say on the matter of crime, given that he served in the police for a number of years.

        This is what one calls a dictatorship.

        Chastanet is using the People's Office to his personal business coz we aint seeing one damn cent from what he's bringing in, except increasing prices.

        This is why I don't vote.

        Jump from the frying pan into the fayah. If you dumb alone or your loyalty has been bought, then you will say he cares for the people.

        WAKE THE F**CK UP!!!!


      • 007 get your head out your rear. They are not saying his absence is what causing the crimes. All they are saying is Chastanent is focused on travelling and does not give a F*** about the well being of St. Lucia and by extension St. Lucians and the crime situation is of no urgency for him and his cabinet. SEE BEYOND THE COLRS 007. it seems you are one of them that are benefiting from the crap Chastanet and his Boys are doing.


      • Where is your analytical skills?That is not is being implied. Our PM must provide a road map for tackling this unprecedented number of murders and should spend some more time in the country to work on a plan to present it to us. His inordinate absences doesnt leave much time for him to handle internal matters. It's that simple.


    • Oh you shut up fool you talking like your adopted country Canada has no crime I have never seen trudeaux patrol the streets where crime happens and speak to the gangs. So the shot up with your nonsense


      • Just so you know in a population it 2 million where I reside there’s currently 20 homicides. But I guess by deflecting on the real issue at hand you had a strong dose of chas juice.


      • Yes bray like a jackass until the angel of death reaches your door, then your braying will change to cries for help!!!


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