BREAKING NEWS: Suspected bandit in police custody

By SNO Staff

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17968193_10209015615859829_739608253_oPolice said they have arrested the suspected bandit who was disarmed and beaten by patrons of a shop he allegedly attempted to rob at gunpoint on Sunday.

The suspect is currently in police custody with his lawyer at the Babonneau Police Station, police said.

He was arrested at his residence in Castries today.

The suspect will likely remain in custody for up to 72 hours. If enough evidence is gathered against him he may be charged.

Senior police officials were infuriated when they learned that the suspect, who was hospitalised after the beating, was discharged from Victoria Hospital on Tuesday morning and was never under police guard.

To add to insult to injury, the lawmen did not get any official statements from the eyewitnesses who allegedly refused to cooperate with them, and the gun used in the crime was never handed over to the police.

Without any concrete evidence, particularly the witness statements, the police have little to stand on.

They are hoping that the witnesses will come forward and give official statements so that they can place charges against the suspect.

Reports are that around 1 a.m. Sunday, the suspect, dressed in all black and wearing a mask, brandished a gun at patrons of the shop who were playing a card game, and demanded money while taking rum.

However, the patrons allegedly put up a fight with the suspect, overpowered him and relieved him of his firearm.

He was then beaten severely and stripped naked.

Photos of the suspect, naked and bleeding, was posted on social media, and it went viral instantly.

Police said they are also seeking two alleged accomplices, who were believed to be in the getaway car which drove off when their alleged partner in crime was caught.

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  1. The community should not be in fear of bandits and has the right to protect itself. However, once this alleged robber was disarmed the responsible thing should have been to call the police, provide them with the weapon and for witnesses to give their statement to convict him and his accomplices. After being badly beaten, where else can he go if not to hospital? It would have been irresponsible of the police to take him to the station for questioning when he is badly injured. This only helps to hamper the police work, compromise any case against the robbers, and show up the community in an unfavourable light.

    The table was turned against the robber because of the group’s wrath they are now cowing. Two wrongs never make a right. Just do the right thing. Do not tolerate lawlessness nor act lawlessly. This will help the police and help keep the community safe.


    They should be FIRED, the don’t know how to collect evidence and they don’t know how to interrogate suspects.



    Aiding and abetting criminals is all I see… Then you want to come and tell the people story about vigilante justice…AND YOU NOT PROTECTING THEM.

    THEY SHOULD FIRED…They just too useless in the place…

    Top cop in khakis uniform I see him on HTS talking about evidence…THEM BOYS AIN’T GOT NO POLICE TRAINING….The mask the suspect was wearing is enough evidence and it can be considered circumstantial evidence…WHO THEY THINK THE FOOLING !! SMH

    • U a real dumbass… wat they chargin him for if they have no statements from the witnesses…we to quick to lambase the cops wjen we dont the ur lawd ask questions

      • Read your laws..ask question*

      • You idiots does like to talk playing smart not being cleaver. Not all crimes need a witness idiot. Circumstantial evidence means that there is enough evidence to charge someone with a crime.

        If two people go out on a boat and only one come back and the cops interrogate that one person and they say some thing to incriminate themself there is no witness, is the person testimony that cause their guilt DumBass

      • Judass you want to defend cops that taking a criminals (armed mask man) to hospital with out guarding him, letting them get discharge and go free (putting the public in more danger) not collecting proper evidence from both parties…and you want to talk about cops getting lambaste.

        Is that right moron? I guest that’s good police work correct? Is people like you that does just come on the forum to talk shit…, they deserve to get lambaste. When police do good work they get praise, when is slackness you must say it like it is cop or not.

        As a matter of fact why you think they go back and arrest him?, is because of pressure from the public and every wise person that can see is pure slackness, except you.

  3. IN 2017 you really expect the police to arrest somebody with no report, not witness statement? Really? Come on now let us be real here now. The police have endless issues with impacs the world is watching us and we the public expect the police to just pick up people without a report or statement. Mary Francis explain human rights to the public. Let the police do their work the right way and stop hassling them. Ask yourself what have you done to help stop crime. Saint Lucia is our country and crime is our problem.

  4. You mean a lawyer taking a case like that.
    The witnesses will never come forward , for fear a file will be charged against them .

  5. Wow! Is this how we combat crime in St. Lucia? Once again , I am dumbfounded and speechless! The criminals are having a field day indeed. To add insult to injury, not a word from those in authority. Over to you Mr. Commissioner; Mr. Minister?????????? Will anyone be held accountable for such shoddy police work????????

  6. My only concern is for the wee-wee weapon. Did the police find it or is it still a missing item?

  7. Hold the gun dont make give no statement after all he gonna he will be out on the street very soon chups trust no cop urll life at risk lucia eh have law.

  8. UH CHOU-EY!!!

  9. these fellas will never talk cause i am sure they are satisfied of the beaten the passed on mate. they afraid to talk because if they do things might turn on them because of that vigilante justice and besides even if they did talk what justice will they get? mate will just be sent to prison for a few months

  10. How is it the senior officer we’re infuriated when they learned the suspect was discharged from hospital? If the police took him to the hospital, they know he is there, and should have posted an officer or officers to guard him until he is discharged and taken into custody immediately he is discharged!! The least you could have done is liaise with the hospital to find out when he would have been discharged and be there to escort him out and into your custody.
    Come on people who were robbed! How are these bandits supposed to be held by the police if you do not make statements etc? Crime rates will never go down if we don’t help to catch these fellas. We work too hard for what we have to allow these kind of thieves to take what little we have.

  11. Salop la malpop. Happy they he is alive and unmasked, now we will know his partners in crime.

  12. He has his lawyer his not alone

  13. Police department is in a mess. Not sure they know what protocol to follow at various incidents .What a stupid department.

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