BREAKING NEWS: Suspect in Ciceron homicide in police custody

BREAKING NEWS: Suspect in Ciceron homicide in police custody

17125124_10206799265499646_242408520_nThe male suspect in the killing of Sophia Edwards in Ciceron, Castries on March 5, 2017 has turned himself into police custody, police have confirmed.

The suspect turned up at the Central Police Station in Castries last night, police said. It is not clear if he was accompanied by a lawyer.

Police said there has to be an “identification procedure” before any charges are considered.

Edwards, 31, of Ciceron, Castries was  allegedly stabbed in the neck by her boyfriend after 12:45 p.m. last Sunday – her birthday.



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  1. I can't believe the woman's face is shown but the guy's face is blocked... I guess this is another guy and not the murderer. If this is the murderer then that's pretty messed up... why the need for hidden identity?


  2. Wow! Mate laughing at our justice system. In 10 years time he will be so dam big in prison, none of us will be able to identify him. All round up....he might be even speaking Denneryian . Greeting new prisoners hey what's up guys' what you here for my brother.. Time to bring Back mister loose, his real name is hang man.


    • U know that ah and they hiding his face I have girls coming and they would not show the
      murderers faces


  3. ...never thought u would of kill my friend which all she tried to do was please you.but that wasn't enough for u. All the rage and frustration u had u pass it on her now her 3 children is motherless.u didn't think of your children u didn't love ur kids.u a bastad god will judge u.and police officer do ur job I hope he spend life in prison


  4. Tell me, now that he is in custody how many years will he spend n remand before he is released into society. Smh!!!


  5. Lucian bio you are so right. And his name will not be in any criminal registry. But if it was a vice he make, some public sharers would ask for his name to go in a sex offenders registry for life. We just love "sex" things. Some of us even salivate whenever we hear the word "sex". So we stay in this country.


  6. even if he came with lawyer or no lawyer it still wont make a difference cause is he that kill the girl sakwe papa varche


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