UPDATE: Sub-machine, ammo recovered by cops

UPDATE: Sub-machine, ammo recovered by cops
Guns confiscated by police
Guns recovered by police

A Mack 11 sub-machine gun was among three firearms and a quantity of ammunition recovered by police during an operation in Sarrot, Bexon early this morning.

About 12 persons have been taken into custody.

Police said in a press release that the operation was carried out at a bar in the area about 3:15 am.

“About 3:15 a.m. Friday, October 18, 2013, officers attached to the Special Services Unit and Traffic Department, were on mobile patrol when they had reasons to stop and search several individuals at Sancha’s Bar at Sarrot, Bexon.

“During the search, three firearms were recorded: a .45 pistol with nine rounds of ammunition, a 9mm Glock pistol with 17 rounds of ammunition and a Mack 11 Submachine gun with 11 rounds of ammunition. Several persons were arrested and taken into custody, age ranging from 19  to 30 years old. Investigations into the matter are ongoing,” the release stated.

It is alleged that the men tried to discard the sub-machine gun and two pistols when the police arrived.



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  2. Ex cop you feel thats america man, with the bullistics you talking there, it will be years before slu see that kind of sophistication.


  3. Gud Job By The [email protected] Even Tho They Run That Don't Give The Police Any Right To Shoot. They Did A Gud Job This Tyme N That's That. St.Lucia Iz Not That Big N The Officers Are Trained To Run After Suspects, Most Of Dem Are Jus Lazy N Rather Shoot...Tha Fcuk You Talkin Bout Let Dem Run N Shoot Dem.