BREAKING NEWS: Students arrested for assaulting Babonneau cop

By SNO Staff

Three male students have been arrested for assaulting a police officer in front the Babonneau Police Station Monday afternoon (Jan. 30), police officials say.

The three students,  who attend the Babonneau Secondary School, are scheduled to be charged tomorrow.

Reports are that the male officer was assaulted after he went to investigate a commotion outside the station.

He sustained minor injuries.

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  1. Those police officers fast to hit people children,jus do your job and don't hit people,they think cause they are the law it's aloud, if we were in Trinidad they and their families would be dead by this morning

  2. No police officer have the right to slap anyone. They are not above the law. Some of these offices don't like when the students set them straight verbally, i am positive that the offices were the ones who started that whole mess. So the next time they will look before they leap.

  3. When did saint lucians get so ignorant? There are four sides to this story, but sadly the cop already has the benefit of the doubt. Can we wait to hear all the facts? Stop being so reactive and judgemental. I thought saint lucia was majority of truly religous (love thy neighbor) people.

    • Im sure there is a perfectly reasonable explanation for a 3 on 1 fight against a police officer, right next to the police station. PERFECTLY REASONABLE.



  5. and lots of people demanding from a teacher : DON'T TOUCH MY CHILD even when it misbehaving. Now everyone can see the results of NO RESPECT and to much freedom, no respect to teachers and now neither to police. Some policies need changed.

  6. Barberella dancers

    Nonsense. Students assault a police officer . Lol lol .soft ass officer . Had it been officer black jesus , they surely would be in the ICU right now .

  7. there re two sides to a story. Who knows? the police may be wrong. they like to raise their hands and slap people. they like to play man because they form the law. i strongly believe the officer push, cuff r slap the students, so thy knock him back.
    there is an ... police officer at babonneau police station. i wont b surprise if it is him.
    he is very stupid and aggressive.
    IT IS THREE STUDENTS..therefore it could be that the police knock one, and all three put on him. would u anyone like to see a police grab and hit your friend just so. , if so be the case..they right. i hope they dont expel o suspend them from school.

    • Even though this happens there is the law which also protects citizens from aggressive police treatment. Everyone has to abide with the law whether police or civilian there is never an excuse to jump into a fight unless there is a legitimate case of self defense. However until that is proven the law still holds.

    • seriously, I will strongly suggest that you learn how to read and write (SUNSHINE) do yourself a favour by staying away from meaningful conversations.

    • "Sunshine" people like you should not have kids. My mother would not have wanted to hear the second or third side to the story. Now, when I look back, less 10 years later, I am happy she didn't!

    • Nonesense!
      Were you present?
      I find it very disturbing that a citizen could write such garbage supporting assault of a law enforcement officer.
      The officers are already underpaid and offer worked, why should they have to deal with such delinquent abuse.

      I do hope that an example is made of these youngsters who showed no respect for authority.

      • dontbequicktojudge

        You seem to have a comment for everything that is posted on here, are you Trumps watch dog or what??? Most students do respect the law, some officers are bullies, do you think students would really put up a fuss in front of a police station? You don't know the students so why make an example of them. Keep your ignorant comments to yourself and continue to drink your Tim's from the comfort of your office or home. If you so concerned about what's going on in Lucia why not make a donation to the school instead of your useless biased comments.

    • Sunshine you are a dam fool you really write garbage . If that is the way you train your kids I am sorry for you and them. that is why the future is black and doom when there are youths like them, with no respect and morals to take over the future .

  8. St Lucian at heart

    This just shows the level of disrespect that is displayed by our youth. In front of a police station and having no respect for the officer.
    What has this world come to.
    They have been given the reason to behave this way so they are just doing it. Will other advocates go to the police station and give the youth the reason why they should not be charged please.

  9. so how do we know what lead the incident to occur. let us not act like police conduct themselves in the best manner. majority of the time when a police approaching someone they doing it in a rough way. using force. police uses too much agression we all hav seen police abuse people. now i know many would say what the students did was wrong but alot of the times jus the way police approach people does cause hostile situations. police need to learn how to talk to people properly.

  10. ok then did he explain to them that he is police officer so and so and show his badge and identified himself as a police officer? or did he at least have his uniform on? cause i am sure if it was a very young police officer cause there are alot of them these days in just plain clothes and if he never identified him self to the three boys obviously they would take him on but if so is not the case i must say these guys really brave.

  11. And that is what happens when you allow crime to continue unchecked. It becomes a free for all. Soon police will be the ones to get robbed and shot. You wait and see.

  12. Pure nonsense. They are not kids and need to feel the full brunt of the law. They are engaged in adult activities, then treat them as adults.

  13. Charge them as adults!

  14. School has become a war zone, when it reach that level we now have a new breed of criminals

  15. Detain them. This is a grievous crime which will ultimately lead to homicide.

  16. And the cycle continues...


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