BREAKING NEWS: Student protest erupts at Choiseul Secondary

By Horace Cunningham, SNO Staff Writer

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2016-11-03-13_00_09-6-choiseul-secondary-school-students-protest-facebook-searchFifth form students today staged a massive protest at the Choiseul Secondary School.

The protest was over what many describes as the poor condition of the school after recent heavy rains.

The students complain of broken partitions, flooded classrooms and other issues affecting the 5th form block.

Approximately 120 students were involved in the protests, some bearing placards.

The problems have been present for years according to students.

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  1. Let God be Praised!

    What is the minister doing, has he even visited the school to hear the students complaints?

    Greater is he that is in us than he that is in the world.

  2. We are dealing with a set of rebellious children. We are a country on drift right now…I am mot surprised.

  3. All the tax payers money . All the students facilities fee. All the fund raising. All the sponsors. What is being done with all these money.

  4. And how much of that damage is a result of the students vandalism.

  5. This problem still exist? I thought there was an action plan some weeks ago.Who fooling who? Mr.Bradley please assist.

  6. Pressure them student doh sit see what the last party did doh let know Jack shit ppl tell you all they just come in they are not babies they are grown men and women they know bout politics they dam well know what they were coming into they say months before election. Ti chass soon as he come in he would sign bam bam Rick would say not a word not a word all what they condemn from the last goverment is that they working with .Rick said on one of his show mike the father of ti chass say he haven’t a dam clue what his son doing.ppl demand king be a leader before lucia flop.

  7. The students must help to clean up the school.

    • and they need someone like you to help them smh

    • Help with what we are here to learn BTW we aren’t no contract ERS to help rebuild this school or anything days no students job

      • This is a fifth former writing you say. Hmmm…it would appear that there are deeper issues with the school beyond the building.

    • What has become of “coup de main”? Michael Jordan shoes mentality has replaced that? It is your school. Why not put a hand in cleaning up? You go ahead and do more damage and you feel justified like an ass that this is the right thing to do? Why not just go home?

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