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UPDATED: Student appears in court for blackmailing senator

By SNO Staff

thumbnail_20170113_112916-1-1An 18-year-old college student charged for blackmailing Senator Dr. Ubaldus Raymond, Minister in the Ministry of Finance, appeared at the First District Court in Castries Friday afternoon.

The student, identified as Curshaby Alexander of Beausejour, Gros Islet, was represented by Attorney Shawn Innocent.

She was charged under section 223, subsection 1 of the criminal code.

Bail was granted in the sum of $10,000.

Alexander is expected to make another court appearance (closed hearing) on February 2, 2017 at the Gros Islet Court.

“Further to that I do not wish to comment on the private parts of public bodies,” says Innocent.

Police officials told St. Lucia News Online that the student was arrested in connection with nude photos circulating on social media.

Raymond, at a news conference today, claimed he was the victim of an extortion attempt.

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  1. What disturbs me most, is that as responsible parentswe teach our kids about the dangers of cyberspace/the internet; how then could Dr Raymond: a husband, father, government official, so called "educated" man, do something so stupid? Sorry for asking because I already have the answer....Most men think with their brainless heads (down below). I sympathize with his wife and family. This must have really hurt them.

  2. it scares me that this happpenned with a girl who was president of the students council, i mean thats someone that use to represent others. she surely brought shame.

  3. If we're a country where Public personalities are not held to a higher standard than the common folk then why should he resign? Then we would judge him like we judge ordinary people, by mediocre standards.

    So are people saying that that type of behaviour is acceptable from our Government officials. Here are some of the other things we can accept from our Statesmen if you think that's acceptable and should not be severely reprimanded:

    Walking around town intoxicated.
    "Cursing" people on their mothers in public.
    Driving around town in their vehicles telling women how big their asses are in St.Lucia.
    Walking around town with their pants below their asses, and their "gros blancs" exposed.
    Stopping to urinate everywhere and any time they please.
    Trying to pick up young school girls in town.

    You cannot be serious. Listen to yourselves speak when you're not thinking straight.

    If you think he is right and the girl is wrong then simply ask yourself, "Would I do the same thing, if I were in his position"?

  4. "Gosh" made a very interesting comment earlier. Very well said whoever you are. We have allowed those kinds of activities to go unpunished over time. Looks like it is now woven into our country's culture. Totally unacceptable!

    There is something common to the people who get caught up in those affairs. The men who get entangled in this situation are usually seeking to feel needed and to have control, usually over someone who they see as weaker. It doesn't matter how big their pockets are but they always want to feel that some woman somewhere is begging them for attention. One recurring characteristic of the women in those situations are low self esteem. Therefore, they need a man who is taken to make them feel important.

    A teenage girl, who I know well, always went for married men or a man who was "taken". I used to wonder why. But later, through interactions with her, I realised that she felt that it was a sort of competition. To her, being pursued by a married man meant that she was more worthy than the wife. She had lots of complaints about the wives who didn't even know she existed. It was a great boost to the low self esteem she tried to hide with tons of makeup and trendy pics on Facebook. Poor girl! One sad day it blew up in her face and she realised that the competition was all in her head. The men held her in very little regard. Reality check -They simply saw her as "user-friendly." Her whole life has been messed up since...

    One more thing, I cannot stand to hear people say that it is a man's nature to cheat. PURE NONSENSE. All of us are capable but of cheating. All of us at one point we may see someone who catches our attention; but not all of us are consumed with selfishness, disrespect and greed. Not all of us are bent of tearing families apart. Not all of us are gullible!

  5. I am ashamed for for Chastanet for not being ashamed for finance chief if only for his sloppiness. Public figures caught in these acts have no defense in the eyes of their peers and colleagues. Some of us old enough will remember the John Profumo and Christine Keeler scandal. There was Silvio Berlusconi. There was Dominic Struss-Khan. All of these individuals found it difficult to remain in office after being hit by sexual scandals. Yes they did try to say this and that but eventually they did the right thing and resigned. DR. Ubaldus Raymond would do the nation a world of good if he would JUST GO! We all are ashamed for him!

  6. This has been the culture ever since I can remember. What baffles me is "how can the doctor allow himself to be blackmailed by an eighteen your old in this manner ? She may have done wrong but it will have a lasting effect on this very culture we have allowed to perpetuate. Hopefully, it will bring a change for the better. This eighteen year old will receive a scolding from the public, the severity of which will depend on party affiliations. She is bold and may go in history as the citizen who helped change the sex culture both in the private and public sectors. Change is a must. The players will reconsider how they do things.

  7. The size of his "thing" is the real crime here. How his wife still with him.

  8. Celine, get off the Internet and go take a shower.

  9. there is a way thats seems right unto man but at the end is destruction,this is a part of the wages of sin which leads to destruction this is sad for both individuals and families no one is to be blame but both of them,yet still it is humiliating for somebody who is a rep for the country and this issue will go on for a while until it dies

  10. He certainly does seem to garner interesting coverage, especially from alleged female students who've posted to rate him as a professor.

  11. To the wife yall must learn to take care of yourselves so yall man could stay. where the skimpy outfits in bed for him, suckit for hours, where the thongs not the big punty, bath more often so you could always be fresh for the taking. exercise more to keep the body fit. stop wearing dem long church clothes. walk around the house naked. give d pum more often. Cuz to me in all dat you is to blame cuz the fella desperate for some action in his life. Cuz men dont post nude pics for women it's the other way around. the wife is to blame cuz look how stupid she looks by her man believing he is a good family man doe go and see how many students mate knock already on your sorry self. just sit there smile and DO NOTHING. like the boring wife you are.

    • @Woman.....Darling if you have to do so much to hold on to your man I feel sorry for you for I see you have nothing on Ursula from the Little Mermaid. Please educate yoursel, you and your corrupt mind take a hike hope you can keep the moron in your life.

  12. Seriously you have a wife you could knock for free, you have your children who respect you, you have a church who thinks you should be the pastor, a office in government representing people. And in your closet you soliciting young students for sex. your wife not good enough, your children dont mean shit, your church god always sleeping, the people stupid and blind so you could always hide your character. Thats the type of people in office I eh want dem sickos representing me. GO AFTER YOUR WIFE if it eh good again make it good. Cuz i bet it eh SMELLING yet, might lose alil GRIP with old age but you dat marry it.

  13. Every calypsonian will be singing about it is the Title"Cock La"..ha ha ha....

  14. That chick eh looking no 18. She not even looking like she all that. Mr. Minister u should have check me instead. I would have never squeal on u. Awa I would have just take the dick and keep my ass shut. U look for it so thats your problem now. Some of dem young tings too forward and like sending themselves up too fast.

  15. Any real woman knows $700.00 was way too high a value for that small Dick....she has to be a kid to think it she could get past that figure... lol lol...

    The God you now seek should've blessed you some more Mr. Minister because your tongue is now longer than your Dick old man.

  16. Chastnet i hope doesn't take to facebook in tears again the solution to this ubaldus caught in the act shait is to fire his ass from public office he knows very well his secret is out in the open chastnet be trsnsparent fire ubaldus imagine if people had voted for ubaldus. And do us a favour ubaldus keep your cock in your pants you are holding a public office position resign

  17. doh hurt them daddy lol ubaldus eh easy!

  18. Proud Lucian,so worldly hindrances? Religious hypocrite yet Ull don't know y did he entertain her and the evil pics?U say she shud forgive but isn't that seeds of adultery and unfaithfulness.a man disgracing his family, forgive don't mean to accept wrongdoing.and to those who quick to say "he without sin",this same scripture says "go and sin no more", hypocrites!!Where is the standards for morality.the man is a sexual predator yet our society turns a blind eye due to his power n many women and girls being molested,abused and destroyed by these same men.most of Ull not living right yet quote scripture wen convenient and refuse to live out the same laws of that very Bible.wrong is wrong.the gurl is still very immature yet Ull pounce on her and refuse to address the issue?How did he get into communication with her? Was he sexing her?And the pics?

  19. Truly disturbed for both individuals

    St Lucians! Get real. According to Rick Wayne _ 'THE HYPOCRICY" - How many cyber today? It's a common thing - something people find pleasure in - dont make it sound so "Nasty" and "far fetched". It's an intimate thing between 2 people, which in this instance led to unfortunate circumstances. . It was not nice of the lady to blackmail a man with whom you have been intimate - obviously they share something! Men & Women need to express their feelings not with strangers but with partners who are truly interested and interesting and who appreciate those moments as pleasurable and fulfilling - not for money in return, cause then you become a Prostitute. Bottom line - choose wisely , as neither should have chosen each other - he is a married man and should have restrained himself from such activity - on the other hand - she should have respected his marital status ( and Im not even talking his Ministerial position, cause that does not make him less human) , she should have sought someone free and single and of her age group. Besides, GET INTO YOUR STUDIES GIRL - LIFE IS NOT RUNNING AWAY -LIFE IS NOT RUNNING AWAY l - enough time lies ahead to cyber if that's the only way you feel you can satisfy your sexual needs. It's available really! You see, today, young women get so screwed up with relationships and in their sexual encounters they fall into cybering, dont condemn them - with that no one touches their bodies, and believe me thats what creates the mental bond - so the pain and hurt you may feel when you are disappointed is minimal , if at all. Lesson from that is though - Cyber if you must, but with someone for whom you have feelings and you can trust. This is being realistic.

  20. Look cricket eat it

    Meeee cricket manj'e uh Chou zot

    • He is a MAN with a portfolio, aka Minister, not GOD. A JOB like the rest of us. That's the problem. He should not be held up to any higher esteem than the rest of us COMMON folks. All you hypocrites and Bible thumpers, shut the hell up, with more shit in your closets and the freaky deaky things you like and do. I bet thousands of you are now cleaning up your phones. Let his wife deal with his infidelity and the courts with the crime.

      My issue here is that I thought he was a lot smarter. When you're in public office, expect and plan for any and every thing. Almost everyone has an agenda.

      This will soon blow over. Hypocrites enjoy your 15 minutes.

      • Ummm, sure we all do freaky deaky shit, but when you're in office certain standards are expected. Yes we know politicians have none and no morals but still, they need to fake it. And we have the religious angle. I don't think jesus would be happy to know one of his flock was breaking his marriage vows showing his lolo to another woman.

        He should do the right thing and resign.

  21. UWP: "We Don't Negotiate With Terrorist".

  22. Like seriously. U bal bal u r caught red handed with the evidence. U r ashamed now of your actions and you are trying to sugar coat it by going first and takinh her to court. U never remembered you had a wife and a family. You made a deal(so i would say) just abide by it. If only you had given her the money you wouldn't have been in hot water. You older guys like to trouble young ladies too damb much. You must learn your lesson

  23. Both a dem wrong but she wrongerer LOL salop la go n work for your money now everybody kno your business en chu

  24. Oil them minister! What yall base, minister cah get woman too?! Chou zot la tuns!


    De man is a young man, so young girls want to connect with the man... All of y'all need to ease out on de man now !!


    • Are you serious! He is a profound Christian with a wife! WTF....Are you serious!

      • A christian is not god, he is a sinner. Did Jesus lime with church people or choose them as disciples? What about you, am guessing ure a Christian, what's in your wallet?

      • Profound christian, my backside. First Jamaican pastor with 15 year old pussy, now a UWP minister with his god almighty boner spread all over.

    • I wonder how old is his wife, poor her she must be getting to slack....

  26. Legally they are both adults and both did wrong things but at the Press conference the minister said he will fight for all those out there who have been wrong. What shit is that I hearing. blackmail is criminal and yes you may win Ubaldus but the loser is not the young woman, Its your family!!

    My question to you as a man is
    -what made you leave your beautiful wife and children for a "school girl"
    -what will make you fall for this bait and use FACETIME on your IPhone to be soo comfortable and let your guard down to show this woman who is not your wife your private parts
    -what the hell are you doing with a school girl naked pictures and threatening to show hers too, ..smfh
    - To make it worse it is alleged some of the photos are taken at the Ministry of Finance

    And you saying she have a lot to lose and not fool remember you were a professor and economic adviser, people will not remember your work just what you did to your family and how you shamed your office by getting exposed.

    I do hope that you did not have sex and worse yet unprotected sex...smh.. let that be a lesson for all of us. Be committed to your marriage or your girlfriends and respect them and your family and yourself. Love those who love you and have always been there for you. Shame on both of you.

  27. Now my take on this is that ubaldus use his connections because in his heart he knows what he promised the young lady his wife should divorce him he knows that he is wrong pay the young lady the young lady has proof on ubaldus he take front first so he will not look guilty we need some transparency here resign ubaldus no young woman does something like this unless u promised her nice things just so the young lady have nude pics of you they are real thats why you scared you are a grown ass man who knows public figures are targets to all sorts of allegations be a man this young girl is still a child no matter if she is 18 and because she has no backbone to stand up for her you want to spoil her future be careful ubaldus what you do because karma is a BITCH

    • SHE should know that karma is a bitch. She should have taken her cockie and shut her mouth. She should have solidified that "relationship" where she could have had him eating out of the palm of her hand. She is stupid. Blackmail? I wish someone would try that shit with me. Badgyal doh negotiate with terrorists. He needs to take her DOWN!!!! His wife won't leave him. She's intelligent and knows that you don't leave just because of some shit like that. That's just infidelity. They all do it.

  28. Student!!! Yeah Right.
    She is no longer a student...a drop out. bent on making money off men.

    Don't take me wrong, not support that shit at all. Mr. Minister you should have known better, these girls will do anything at all to get the bucks. Imagine you have other politicians who is also involved in shit / women taking man woman from their man encourage the girl to do that shit. Now she is charge for blackmail and extortion where them to help you out. St.Lucia that has been in the pipeline since December 4. Ash him for $30,000 or release it. When you friend beard is on fire take water and wet yours. Those rejoicing now at both individuals meaning the girl releasing the pics and Ubaldus caught at first slip we have our day too. If you never commit a sin cast the first stone... if you don't have skeletons in your closet you're the perfect individual and should be sitting in paradise with your God.

  29. Desert Storm Holding

    I don't think that the PM should fire you because cabinet has never been famous for attracting decent and honest people with integrity. Instead he should have you to give thirty thousand hours of free lecturing at the SALCC.

  30. So what's the real story? A lot of speculation about he didn't give her money. I would be ashamed if my penis was like a pencil and people seeing my face. The man is well endowed, nice pic! He should be proud of that pic. Now SLP hacks, don't point a finger, there are many skeletons in your ministers closet. Some were revealed and swept under the rug, some were ignored, some were settled out of court and so on. So please, do not start to rejoice because you all are lucky that none of you all own didn't come out like that. St. Lucians pray for both families because we are all human and we all make mistakes. Today is theirs but tomorrow may be yours. Peace out!

  31. All things being equal, this is a perfect reason why the cancer of domestic abuse is chipping away at our society . . . young women are impressionable, sometimes ignorant. Who's to say she has not been a victim of abuse? Who's to say our dear minister has lost his way somewhere? Sin is celebrated on the pulpits of our churches. Why do we expect better from those who do not have the Truth. This is why young women and men are raped so regularly, here in our little "paradise". We have to re-educate our men and women . . . bring back family values. Stop the vile-ness/ violence/ violations!!

  32. did u not know the man had a wife and kids,how would u feel if u was his wife right now and that happen with your husband,you need to put yourself in people shoes before doing things,Good luck.

  33. Lol..... the young girls disgusting they want sugar daddy and when shit getting too real for them they doin anything to get out

  34. Well everybody is a salop erh...

  35. Really?? She is 18! she knows what blackmail is and she knows it is a crime. She is not a little girl anymore.

  36. When St.Lucia was 30% literate in the 1970's people were more sensible because they placed a lot of reliance on their "Common Sense".

    Now I fear that St.Lucians really have a common sense deficiency problem as they are continually missing the main issue.

    The main issue here is not a young girl being less than virtuous but rather an "esteemed" public personality finding it appropriate to show his most private self in the most public of ways to someone whom he should really have no such relation of trust with. That's completely ridiculous and beyond rationalization. And that should be the focus.

    The young girl will have to be healed for her lack of virtues but the Minister should be "repealed" for his lack of respect for himself and his office.

    • Oh please! Are you serious? Repealed? Smh. He needs to be supported by his colleagues and this girl needs to pay for that stunt that she just pulled there.

      • You see my point? I assume you're literate. Now if I had told an illiterate person what you just read they would have the common sense to ask "What's wrong with those young girls"? But they would also say the man is a "madman" to do such foolishness with himself. And he is a Minister?

        So why are you, who have had the benefit of a school education, so "uneducated"?

    • Yessss!

  37. "Young boys cah get girls cause de big men taking all" I loved that song way back when..

  38. What you'll mean why she did that!!! The female involve here was only asking for what was promised to her. Men in general getting away with too many things especially those in authority. Yes she consented but there was a price and he knew he wouldn't pay sine he now saying it is blackmail. I hope the chat convo's were save for her sake. Now if they agreed on such an arrangement that means they both guilty, what he doing out free???

    • For the convos that i've read with the parties involved and i do have them there was no promise to this young lady she asked him for $700 to to go on a trip and said to him Yes or No..just tell me yes or no!! he was not obligated in giving it to her as he never promised that he would from the convos i she's in deep s**t!! she blocked off her face from the screenshot...but im sure he has on her too...cause her face is already all over social should be ashamed of yourself young lady!!Mr. Minister you knew what she was up to as you said in your convo....but yet you continued your path?? smh

      • This is interesting. I do hope he told his wife about this before it came out. I do hope that he was expecting it. I am with the Minister all the way. These home wreckers need to stop that crap!

  39. lol ha ha ha people it is true i saw the pics this is so embarrassing look now he is going to have to resign as minister

    • He is humana!! The Minister has no reason to resign as he has not committed any crime...but adultery!! this was not done in the open or at a public place he's not the only one who has been unfortunate with such mishap...but Mr. Minister you should have known better!! and to you young lady you had a motive all along and you are not to be trusted you have now branded yourself in sweet st lucia..cause you know what lucians like holding when someone has done something wrong they hold that against you for the rest of your life!!!

    • Resign why? Are you a total idiot or are you just pretending to be one? Did Lorne and Claudias resign? They are two rapists.

  40. This man is guilty of adultery! This young lady is guilty of extortion and blackmail! Only one of these crimes is punishable by law!

    The young lady is old enough to consent , and as it appears there was some ongoing relationship, whether sexual or otherwise I am in no position to speculate.
    What SHE did was illegal, it is high time we put a stop to this blackmailing with nude pictures non-sense! Trying to destroy someone's reputation and career in that way it is disgusting and I agree with the minister for pressing charges for blackmail and extortion. This young lady should have known better and should have more self respect.

    Onto the minister, shame on you! As a public figure you should have known better than to pursue such a young and immature woman (yes by our legal standards she is a woman she is NOT a child). You have disgraced yourself and your family! You deserve what you get!

  41. Well He is not to be blamed...Mr Raymond...questions:
    1.How long ago was that pic taken..and was it taken before you he was married?\

    everybody has snapped a nude photo at one point in their lives....u have the right...don't give her any money...its high time these little snitches stop their nonsense.


    • For the convos that i've read with the parties involved and i do have them there was no promise to this young lady she asked him for $700 to to go on a trip and said to him Yes or No..just tell me yes or no!! he was not obligated in giving it to her as he never promised that he would from the convos i she's in deep s**t!! she blocked off her face from the screenshot...but im sure he has on her too...cause her face is already all over social should be ashamed of yourself young lady!!Mr. Minister you knew what she was up to as you said in your convo....but yet you continued your path?? smh

    • I agree!!!! Forgive and move on. It won't be easy but don't leave your husband for that little rat.

    • Betrayal, humiliation, disrespectful to the highest degree....His wife can never forget the shame, embarrassment and pain of this. Things can never be the same again...I suggest she DIVORCE his arse.

  42. Ubaldus two thumbs up baby !! They want it, let them have it. 18 is the age of consent... Good for you, Just don't get caught cause wifey...smh

  43. What a way to begin the year in 2017.
    So many crazy events...
    Is that a sign of things to come?
    I pray to God it isn't.

  44. Haha!!!... parna have a inhaler!!!... don't mind the noise.. "small ting does jook hard"

  45. Trying to save his skin. Should be dismissed just as swiftly. What a "piece of shit" of a minister!!

  46. THE GIRL IS 18 YEARS OF AGE, SHE IS AN ADULT !! So this grown man little girl argument gets thrown out the window !! Sorry !!

    • Let anybody come and tell me that about my teenage daughter, they will see what day it is!!! They think we living in cowboy country now.

    • Agreed! She wanted to take big man wood. She wanted to get paid she should have signed a contract.

  47. I hope he didn't grab her by the PC.

  48. Dr. Raymond Should be charged also with adultery!

  49. Are they going to charge him for prostitution????? It should be within 48 hours..

    Wow she was charged rather quickly.. she is going to appear in court less than 48 hours in police custody... all because a minister and his reputation is at stake... poor jab to all those on remand for 10 years...we now no the value of our judicial system...

    • He should be charged with prostitution or at least solicitation. The released text messages clearly show that he would have likely paid the $700 if he received "something" in return. Acting swiftly to have the young lady charged after he knowingly engaged in his naughty behaviour with her is the act of a coward, not a "family man" as the article labelled him. Too often do we see women crucified for this type of behaviour, while the men get away boastfully. He should be ashamed, and should have publically apologized for the embarrassment and shame he has caused his wife and children.

  50. Based on the whats app convos. it seemed as if he was blackmailing her also......

  51. I am sure the nation and especially the staff of Finance is disappointed in the Minister. I feel especially for his family and his wife, always loyal at his side. I don't understand why men have this love for young girls and the younger the better and they forget that some old man could be doing that to their daughters, granddaughters or nieces. Also if this girl is blackmailing the Minister then it is wrong and should be condemn but this should have been stopped from the onset by the adult who should know better.

  52. These school kids like big men. Now why a big man like you doing with a little girl???? Aren't you married?

    These young girls need to start ignoring these old men advances.

    Oh well you both deal with your shit.


      younger girl is ok. an under aged is the problem. nothing wrong to have young meat.
      The blackmailing and the infidelity is the problem here not their age.

    • Some young girls need to stop pursuing old men too.

      Trust me the stories that are out there. Some of them have experience more than a seasoned prostitute.

      • Yep!!!! The young girls have more saloptaye under their belts than prostiutes. Let her deal with her shit.

      • Oh yes, you are so right, under cover prostitute to buy shoes, wig, false nails, make up tight jeans, weave their hair, they go after the men like little hungry puppies, women so betrayal and pretend, very very fake they are

  53. Both of them should be Ashamed of themselves...Disgusting!!! You'll act like that's a little child...Why did the minister feel so comfortable with exposing himself to her? Obviously she was encouraging his disgusting habit....then turns around and blackmails him...If it bothered her so much she should have gone to the police with it not post it on social media...On the other hand most of theSe ministers do that from time they get a position they act like the biggest celebrities if was only a matter of time hope the others take note like the grass on the side of the road MINISTER...DISGUSTING!!!

  54. I do not know the details of this case but I have TWO big problems here:

    1. Grown men in St. Lucia need to stop pursuing kids to fulfil their sexual fantasies, and make them feel youthful. Our society has become so morally corrupt and disgusting. The adult males who are supposed to be the main bread winners and role models for their families are tearing their families apart in pursuit of a vagina; and we wonder why the rapists are stripping our daughters of their innocence? This problems has also been present in the ranks of government from time immemorial. DISGUSTING!

    2. Whenever two people have a problem, their first inclination is to share nude pics of one of the parties via social media. It is time that the culprits be charged for doing so. This is downright wrong and DISGUSTING.

    I remember receiving one of those nude pics via email. The young man who was circulating the pics also said "BEWARE the young lady in the photo has HIV." The young lady in question pursued the case only for it to be revealed that some of the nude pics were actually not pics of the lady in question. Can you believe this? How can people attempt to damage each other's lives in this way. They do it because they know that we will circulate it. When I get them, I delete them. Pure nonsense. When they were having fun behind closed doors, in vehicles, in the bush, by the beach, in guest houses, was I involved in their happiness and bliss? NO! So please do not get me involved when your joy bucket is no longer overflowing!

  55. The man is human.she had no right to do that kind of stuff. Don't crucify the minister for such a
    Thing, because his sin may be different to that of some of us. We all have skeletons in our closets. Come on people, there are more important things for us to deal with.

    • this is one of the important things we have to deal with !!! something like this cant be swept under the carpet especially coming from a government official and with our recent outbreak of rapes. what type of example is he setting?

      • How is anything to do with being a minister? He didn't rape her did he? Why didn't I hear an outcry when it came to L....

    • Are you kidding me. Although she an adult because she is 18, she basically just stepped into adulthood. He is an adult. He is god damn minister for christ sake. He is the one with a family. A wife that he embarrassed. He should have had respect for him self his family and his office. The office that the people of st. Lucia trusted him with. He should resign public office immediately. Those men who hold high positions, this is what they do. Sleep with young girls and flash a few hundreds in their face. People will blame the young lady because maybe this minister is in a party that they supported. But wrong is wrong. I don't care what political party that he is affiliated with. He should resign because clearly he is not doing the job that the people of st lucia appointed him to do.

    • I strongly agree....ubaldus is a human being....he has blood besides m sure he has done so much for her ...why she didn't post when he was giving her money...worthless Lil girls...have no secret...lock her up and throw away the key....uldaldus ain't nun to be ashamed of....keep it moving... Time will heal that shit

    • People in prestigious positions are expected to behave at a certain standard ? The standard you set for yourself is exactly what you exhibit at there. Your comments reveal your standards. Be careful what comes out of your mouth, because people will judge you by it.

  56. BREAKING NEWS: Student charged for blackmailing gov’t minister....This is BS from SNO as you should have researched and stated: BREAKING NEWS: Nude photos on Gov't Minister surfaced on Social Media!!

    I am a cyber security investigator, not a lawyer or high road moralist. Blackmail is illegal however during my hard guava season at SALCC, nude pictures of a Gov't Minister especially if they became available without duress of the target would have been used in a similar manner as attempted in this instance. Only difference is i would have have been caught red handed!! Society come on, the student is a victim of the circumstance, this grown a$$ PhD idiot is the one who should be called to answer.

    • uz an a$$..

    • How the hell is she a victim of her own crime, and why does a young girl at salcc thinks that this is a way to stardom.. Focus on your school work, obtain your grades and everything else will follow, but no she took friends advice.. Well they forgot to warn that she's threatening a minister and what she's doing is a crime. Anyway good luck curshaby with that 30G's,you just lost at your own game, thought you were smarter than that, after all you were at A_level college.

    • That was a very stupid comment. She was the one who did the wrong. Blackmail? That doesn't work. Her advisors should have told her. Dr. Raymond is a man of God and he did wrong by his wife but in no way should he negotiate with that slut. He is very right in the decisions that he has made.

  57. dem young gurls like to much money, as he eh give her she doo that she too salop

  58. Cheating is not a crime. It's disgusting and sinful but not a crime (unfortunately). However, Blackmail and extortion are. If the pics are not authentic she further stick in dat. Foolish foolish girl.

  59. If he had jus given her the money non of this would have happen.
    Cheap ass !!!
    Why the helll u interfering with a student!!!!????? An youre married. ?

    • I'm in no way condoning his behavior, but if he had given her the $$ she would have keep coming back to him for more for as long as she kept those pics in her possession.

    • You never give in to blackmail. You're stupid if you plan on doing that. He did the right thing.

  60. I have a 21 year old daughter with a baby..i dont condone what transpired with the Minister...But really who is to be blamed here...?? this "young" college student has to be blamed much more...cause if she was brought up in a proper environment and a proper christian home she would have known better....after all "college student" i know of a young 15 soon to be 16 year old who has so many adult men in her life not one not two but several grown older men old enough to be her father!!! some of these young girls are crazyyyyyy!! They are wild...their hormones are raging and they could not be bothered...but hit on every male or man they come into contact with...smh. The males have to be able to shove them seen in this clip here...the minister i am sure is or would be utterly embarrassed with all this.

  61. Mr. Minister were you really caught with your pants down? Aa what wifefy is feeling now if that is true? Where there is smoke there is fire. How she got those nude pics? Your whole self not good. Next time deal with mature adults.

  62. Big man nah deal with bag pon back, underage sweet me nah join that, stocking me girl wear she nah wear socks – Beenie Man. Take note Mr. Minister!!!!

  63. He should step down from office

    • aa why? hes the minister of finance, no home affairs. yal too so.

      Hes not the first to do it. yal on him just cus hes a public figure.

      its wrong, but not more wrong just cuz hes a minister.

      this gil will get charged. yal hv yal ting. u kno he married n ave kids.... u kno is position in society.... yal on videocall.... u takin screenshots without his consent. because u probably alrdy planned this. so now its premeditated. n now u sharing it on social media as a form of black mail? you're not a child, u know what you were doing.

      youre 18 stupid, and will be charged as an adult! foolish.

    • Really? Step down? Why?

  64. Big man nah deal with bag pon back, uderdage sweet me nah join that...."Beenie Man" Take note Uballs Duss.

  65. I want to draw lol!

  66. How big is it??? Loool ministers swef , young girls money hungry.

  67. Based on the opinions of the general public, it seems to me that it is "okay" to blackmail and extort persons. Regardless of what may have transpired between the two, blackmail and extortion are criminal acts and whosoever is found guilty in attempting to carry out or successfully carrying out, should be prosecuted.

  68. So when poor women who have no position its ok. No one gets taken to court to defend their "good high reputation" But youre involved with a student and you want to defend your actions

  69. Curshaby why you do the man that ?? That making sense ?

  70. in my mind i thinking the man packing a big black cock but......... . yourll want woman and yourll cant do nothing.

    woyeee what a gear shifter lol. cant even hold it proper


    • The pics before never had evidence of blackmail or extortion. previous pics circulated was an act of maliciousness by jealous lovers or persons who had access to someones phone or PC. She implicated herself by asking for money

    • The pics before never had evidence of blackmail or extortion. previous pics circulated was an act of maliciousness by jealous lovers or persons who had access to someones phone or PC. She implicated herself by asking for money

    • disturbed guest may b no one else decided to take they matter to court they may not have the finance or doesn't want it to go further i hope that make an example for all the fb and whatsapp fans that take pride in tarnishing people reputation on social media it was time someone took the action.

  72. That right. You'll will leave the people children alone. Now if someone your age does that to your kids, what will you do????

    • BTW how old is the "young college student?". Above 16 I suppose. According to the law she is mature enough to engage in sexual activity.

      This probably is no child here. Let both of them face the music for their rendezvous.

    • Quite right, if it was my daughter, people would just start seeing things happen here. White magic in his ass. I not even using weapons, he would not know what hit him. wy are there different levels and different age groups, he is the senior of the two. I don't care of that 18 years you'll speak about, you are a teenager from 13 to 19. Until my child not 21 no one feeding me that bullshit!!! ...and you'll wonder why people get killed all the time.

    • I'd raise my kids with better virtues than this I can't fathom out this !


  74. So because I'm a minister I eh have feelings I eh have blood I cah make bomb?? How is that your role uh so a former pm had all young tings and I can't mwe faahay tun!

  75. It good for dem kinna man.. y'all go learn to stop entertaining girls dat eh in y'all age group ????

  76. and let me guess he is going to sugar coat it and make it look nice as if nothn didnt happen

  77. Desert Storm Holding

    Five inches to stay alive.

  78. It's good to expose them. Big minister like you instead your focus on BIG PEOPLE AND THE BIG ISSUES in the country , you want to allegedly send mizzy nude selfies to a College student ! A college student of all people LOOOOOOOOL ....Now your wife has to be ashame of you..your friends, colleagues and the residents of your consistuency..SHAME ON YOU! she right!

    • i second that notion, with the amount of things that are going on these days i mean . that is why people will always blame government because the things they are supposed to be involved in they do not do and if they are doing we just do not see what they are doing. as much as i am disappointed in both parties i am disappointed in the minister . right now people will not respect you. we call these things on our own selves. i mean come on man ! how will the country get better when the leadership, the heads of government are not leading and delegating as they should.

    • He is focusing on his Big Cock!!!!!!

    • I don't know why this man don't do the decent thing and not drag the nation's moral standing and just go. The young woman may be guilty of black mail but something went on between the two to the extent that she was able to take extremely compromising photos of him. In any case it is no longer about which is guilty or not. The question is can his judgement be trusted? His actions following the revelation speaks volumes about this man's character which is his lack of respect to the public. This is the last thing we were expecting to see. What we are seeing there should have remained and consumed by you and your wife. The moral standing of all the denominations on the Island make no room for extra marital affairs. So Mr Raymond why can't you save the nation embarrassment?

  79. this minister is disgusting

  80. Like WTH, really choopz


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