UPDATED: ‘Stranded’ Canadian is leaving Saint Lucia finally, thanks to Babonneau Police and local business

UPDATED: ‘Stranded’ Canadian is leaving Saint Lucia finally, thanks to Babonneau Police and local business
Inspector Bradley and Parsons (HTS video-still image)
Inspector Bradley and Parsons (HTS video-still image)

(SNO) – The Canadian man who claimed he was stranded in St. Lucia while on vacation due to financial constraints, is scheduled to leave the island this weekend.

The Babonneau Police Station in collaboration with a prominent business in the Babonneau community purchased an airline ticket for Wayne Matthew Parsons on Friday, June 22, according to Inspector in charge of the Babonneau Police Station, Terry Bradley, in an exclusive interview with St. Lucia News Online (SNO).

Bradley said Parsons is scheduled to leave Saint Lucia at 3:35 p.m. on Saturday, June 23, 2018 via flight 1879 on Air Canada.

The senior cop said the business, in partnership with the station, also purchased “brand new clothing and shoes” as well as toiletries for Parsons’ journey.

Bradley said the business place, which prefers to remain anonymous, decided it was a good gesture considering that Saint Lucia depends on Canada for tourism and such a move would portray a positive image of the island.

He also noted that the business place has always worked in partnership with the Babonneau Police Station.

The middle-aged Canadian has been in police custody after his story came to pubic attention and the authorities discovered that he overstayed in Saint Lucia.

He was awaiting repatriation.

In a report on HTS, head of immigration, Assistant Superintendent Sean Alexander, said: “From our understanding, he was just living on the streets of Castries. I personally have seen him begging around town, but at the time I didn’t know who he was, until it was drawn to the attention of immigration…. he was arrested by the Constabulary, the Castries Constabulary, and he was handed over to the Immigration Department.”

Alexander said Parsons’ family had promised to make arrangements to get him a plane ticket. He said if they had failed to do so, the ticket would have been purchased from the police’s budget. But thanks to Inspector Bradley and the business in Babonneau, the police will save some funds.

Alexander gave HTS a little bit more on the Canadian’s background.

“He came in as a visitor and when his time had expired, he never came in for an extension. My understanding also — I spoke to my counterpart in Jamaica — and he did the same thing in Jamaica. [He] went to Jamaica, overstayed, but eventually he left Jamaica. But apparently he likes St. Lucia a little more, and he is just there on the streets begging. Well he wasn’t charged. He’s not charged as yet, but we are making arrangements for him to leave voluntarily.”


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  1. In Europe the authorities don't put people in prison because they over stay and don't have a return ticket 'no they dépôt them Within two to three days back to their home country. GREAT JOB BABONNEAU POLICE AND THE business man for keeping our community friendly and Real.



  2. Yes inspector Terry Bradley and your team of police officers of the Baboneau police station, that’s the way forward, when you can’t help someone, you then ask for help for that person. I was ashamed to hear Mr. Alexander on that matter, he even added that the old man would spend time at B.C.F. until.......... is overstaying a crime in this country? Don’t we have a foreign policy? What a shame for a so call tourist destination, Inspector Bradley, respect to you and your colleagues. You maybe a St. Lucian, but not a jackass like our P.M.


  3. Yes inspector Terry Bradly,this is the way forward, when you cannot help, you ask for help. I was so ashamed to see our chief immigration officer speaking on that matter. Thank you and your team, for putting back smiles on our faces. At lease you are not a jackass like our P.M.


  4. Been to St Lucia same time last year,Babonneau was my favourite village,good job officer never stop doing good no matter what!


  5. Wow I am so happy to hear that. I personally thought he was on crack. Saw him a few times in Rodney Bay and on the redruit beach with the same clothing. Most times he would be begging and giving people his sad stories. At one point I over heard his landlord put him out because he could not pay. He tried sneaking inside the hotels in Rodney Bay many times. He also has a nasty attitude and would insult black people. I was insulted once by him because of my skin color. Anyway regardless I am happy for him. I think he could have gotten help quicker if he was more humble and honest. Happy is the same black people that help him.


  6. He isn't a vacationer, he is a vagrant now he got a free trip back home with his fake story during summer months.
    Little known fact that vagrants fly to tropical climates during winter months to avoid the cold of the streets. he should have been deported a long time ago.


    • Shut the hell up, I hope you or your family member don’t end up like him. There is always one jackass to turn something into what it not. I am happy the gentleman got to return to his country. Thank God for those who helped out. I pray that the Lord return to you guys ten fold.


  7. God bless those who helped.
    And God bless and keep him on his journey.
    Love is the answer. Thats more Blessings for our children now and those to come.


  8. Many Lucians are illegal in Canada. They work eat n live . Also the farmers exchange program which benefits us as a country. Good job Bradley.


  9. What's sauce for the goose is source for the gader. St Lucians over stayed in Canada it's time to be repatriated


  10. Now thats the st.lucia i know....thumbs up to everyone who made this possible....Bon voyage....


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