BREAKING NEWS: Step-mother charged with murder of 4-year-old boy, father charged with child neglect

BREAKING NEWS: Step-mother charged with murder of 4-year-old boy, father charged with child neglect
HAPPY COUPLE: Mr. and Mrs. Ferdinand seen in this wedding photo have been charged in connection with the death of four-year-old Milan Ferdinand.
HAPPY COUPLE: Mr. and Mrs. Ferdinand seen in this wedding photo have been charged in connection with the death of four-year-old Milan Ferdinand.
HAPPY COUPLE: Mr. and Mrs. Ferdinand seen in this wedding photo have been charged in connection with the death of four-year-old Milan Ferdinand.

PRESS RELEASE – On Thursday, October 22, 2015 police formally charged 24-year-old Kersharma William Ferdinand of Grand Ravine, Dennery for the offences of murder and ill treatment.

Her husband, 24-year-old Marlon Ferdinand of the same address was formally charged for the offences of ill treatment, neglect and exposed/abandonment.

They were charged in connection with the death of 4-year-old Milan Ferdinand.

They are scheduled to make an appearance at the Second District Court on Friday, October 23, 2015.


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  1. Oh,how quick we are to cast judgement. Isn't it a bit hypocritical that most moms in st Lucia have raised their hands at their children. If any of you are innocent then let him or her judge. I grew up in st Lucia and every parent physically, psychologically and emotional abuse their children. The law never protected me or any of my friends and family from abuse at school, from elders and from our own parents. I am not a believer in hitting anyone and I do not support abuse. I am a mother and I do not claim to know how it feels to loose a child in such a horrific way but this should teach us all to be advocates when we witness a parent abusing a child and report it to the authorities(children services). Let's all ask God for help so that this tragic event do not repeat itself with another innocent child ending six feet under.


  2. the husband look like a retarded in this photo;your own flesh and blood and you putting an old-looking woman before him. no wonder you look retarded


  3. I just hope that this little boy did not die in vain. I hope that we look within ourselves as a society and stop this child abuse. There is a big difference between not sparing the rod and abuse and in most cases the rod is not needed. Some of those children grow up to be violent because they think that's how they get respect. This just goes to show that acting when you are emotionally charged almost never has positive results. You have to be disciplined yourself in order to discipline someone else.


  4. Two days after Milan was put on life support ......according to what I saw on the news.... I was coming out of a restaurant when I saw a young mother hit her son on his head for not walking fast enough. I offered some words of advice and thought to myself it is probably more common a practice then we are willing to admit...especially with younger mothers....she also happened to be holding a baby as well. You might ask where i'm going with all of this...well, anyone who can be so enraged as to physically abuse a four year old to the point of death has a serious emotional problem..I am not trying to say that the court must be lenient with the final outcome but surely it is obvious that both the father and the stepmother need help. It makes me wonder what the stepmother went through as a child to so want to punish. Yes it is very hard to watch an innocent child lying in a coffin and yes we can all be angry and think of retribution but must we as a society not stop and think that a person of sound mind and emotions wouldn't have committed such an act........And for Milan's family I ask Father God to strengthen you in this most difficult season of life .....maybe one day you will be able to forgive


  5. It is very very sad what happened to this child. It should never happen to any human being but it looks so much worse when it happens to an innocent/helpless one.
    On another note, it is appalling to see the hate that we are spewing out towards this couple. No one condones their actions in the least. None their less is as much as we strongly condemn their behavior individually and collectively as a society, we should not direct hate towards them as human beings. I am in 101% at condemning their behavior or actions but to talk of their being as if they were not humans themselves (even if their behavior is extremely objectionable and contrary to proper human behavior).
    I give them no excuse, non the less i do not know the circumstances surrounding their actions. This world is an evil place. It is good that we are all not numb to the evils in society and cry out when atrocities of this magnitude. But let us not be bias. Let us cry out for them all!
    Let us judge ourselves as well, our own 'sins', faults and failures, not by comparing ourselves to each other but by the Great Standard Bearer. Let us be more critical with ourselves and lenient in how we judge others. Their actions are heinous no doubt but in the great judgement day, if they'd repented of their evil, they'll be found just and if you didn't of your white lies, hatred etc. and heart sins then you won't be as lucky, partly because you never saw and judged the wrong you did.
    In conclusion, their actions are manifest and the law (we hope) will deal justly. Let us continue to cry against wrong doing but not only theirs but our own. Let us try our best to separate our hate for their actions from them, cause to hate someone, anyone for that matter makes us as guilty as them, a murderer indeed.


  6. guess urll wonnt be smiling now,.......He was only four years a baby still in any mother's eyes and you stripped him of his happiness his fun his childhood years....the eexperience of growing up....I hope the two of you never know what it feels like to walk and be free, and i hope the mothers in side the prison cell give you a beat down and know some sence in that Brain of your and the father i dont even know to say..Just dont drop the soap... we must continue as a country to see that this can never happen to another lil boy of girl our children is the furture.. #justiceformillan.....Sleep in heven lil one......and again to those to took ur life i dont know if they will ever be happy again.........


  7. Who can ppl be so wicked,abuse to the point of death,trusted me God is lying down but not a sleep,if you really did this to that little boy may you never know peace evil this point not amount of crying will help you ,you are VERY VERY VERY WICKED and heartless and what kills me the most she call her self a Christian. She should have known better...


  8. What would Jesus do some of you asked? John 8:6-8 '...But Jesus bent down and started to write on the ground with his finger. When they kept on questing him, he straightened up and said to them, "if any one of you is without sin, let him be the first to throw a stone at her." Again he stooped down and wrote on the ground.
    Jesus hates all sins and there is punishment and consequence for every sin regardless what is it; murder or lies. Jesus forgives when we ask for forgiveness and he corrects those he love. His correction is never to destroy us but always to build us and make us better.

    Their lives have not ended. not as long as Jesus sits on his heavenly throne.


    • You are right. THEIR lives have not ended... I hope they rot in jail! But little Milan's own has. He was brutally murdered by so-called believers! Supposed christians... who's faith had the depth of a fucking mustard seed! HOW can you sit there and quote scripture and link it to those DOGS!! Because thats what they are. They are BOTH spineless DOGS who deserve the FULL wrath of God!!! Did Jesus not also say "let the little children come to me, and hinder them not! for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these" You talk about ye without sin! YOU FOOLISH blind S.O.B!!! How quickly you forget the other parts of the bible when it suits you! How dare you make such a BLASTED STUPID statement!!!