UPDATE: Man stabbed by brother succumbs to injuries

UPDATE: Man stabbed by brother succumbs to injuries

policelights29A senior police official has confirmed that the bloody feud between two brothers in upper Saltibus has resulted in a homicide.

According to the officer, as well as family members, the victim, Rufus St. Croix, aka Vanbere, had succumbed to his injuries.

The officer could not provide any additional information at this time, but a relative of the deceased told St. Lucia News Online that Rufus’s brother is in police custody.

The incident reportedly occurred around 5 p.m. when the two brothers got into a heated argument. Rufus was stabbed outside his home. His brother lives nearby, relatives said.

The deceased had a habit of stealing and using drugs, family members have alleged. They denied he was a vagrant, saying he lived downstairs his mother’s home.

The Laborie Police Station is investigating.


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  1. Can anything good come out of Choiseul? I have my doubts. Just look at what it has produced in the last 40 years. We see one blight after another. There you have it. We have Idiots as ministers of government, ex-convicts as ministers, crooks as ministers and miscreants.


    • Sounds like a shabin from choiseul didn't wanna throw the pussy your way. Because that statement is pure trash.


  2. rip
    i hear brthers brothers brothers but, believe your families are the worse enemy you can ever have. no respect for you and them self. i have some members and boy god is the one helping me. may the lord forgive the brother who committed the crime and may the decease soul rest in peace. sometimes death is the only answer


  3. how politics getting into someone chopping or someone doing a crime.. jackass wake up and smell the coffee .. it the other people who doing the crimes ....rubbish!!!!!!


  4. Shut ur'll ass (I hate saltibus) and (whyohwhy) who the fuck u ppl think u are to judge saltibus ppl... Saltibus don't have crimes like that.. I want u to explain which 3 incidents saltibus had for this year...Chupse... As you u (I hate saltibus) saltibus doesn't like u either and you that's the ignorant fool. Ur'll quickbto type stupid comments... I'm soo pissed right now... R.I.P vambere.. We miss you


  5. This is the third incident coming from Saltibus area this year. What is wrong with you people in that area taking cutlass to resolve differences. chopping and doing endless criminal madness. Well that is what happen when the courts let them off after murder and rape and murder. so these fellas see that nothing happen to the rapist and murderers in saltibus now walking free in the community back and forth. so they feel they can now do what they want. this is what failed justice in st lucia brings. they now feel they can committ crime willy nilly. unless judges stop being afraid of lawyers and bring some REAL SENTENCES then crime will continue.


    • Shut your arse you stupid idiot. What do youu know about Saltibus or it's people????? Very rarely incidents happen there inlike north of the island where there is a rape or murder every other day and not one or two. Go look in your own back yard or in the mirror and tell me what you see? Exactly . Fool.


  6. so when does this "last days" u speak of occur? Cus ever since i was a kid in the 90's ive been hearing of it. Stop being sheeple aint no last days, we'll all leave this world as we got it


  7. Honestly people i have been in a similar situation all my life where my brother uses drugs and steals everything from my self and my younger bro. We would try our best to assist him but for some reason he would break and enter the house when we are gone and steal valuable stuff.

    Its really not a situation any body wants to be in especially when your mother begs you not to call the police or retaliate, she wants a peaceful resolution that just doesn't seem possible.

    When all is said and done most people have a limit and when they get to that point they will TICK.


  8. Every time SLP in office st Lucia turning to sh**. We can only pray to the most high to deliver us from this curse called the st Lucia labor party.


    • You are a better mathematician than most to find a correlation between the current Labour Party and this current fratricide!

      Join the queue with the APOCALYPSE NOW who sings St Lucia’s doom after every catastrophe!


  9. Brothers again thats a smh;watever the problem was brothers ull shuld hv handle it a better way;hope the victim getter soon


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