Castries stabbing death: Alleged attacker had been given restraining order

Castries stabbing death: Alleged attacker had been given restraining order


Relatives of the first homicide victim for 2016, Joseph Herman, said his attacker had issued death threats to him on countless occasions and the matter was before the courts.

Herman’s relatives claim that the both he and his girlfriend, Jacky Roberts, have been constantly harassed by his alleged attacker, who is a female.

This publication understands that Herman and his girlfriend have been attending court for the past 9 years, over threats the female allegedly made to the couple.

The court had even issued a restraining order to the female who is being accused of stabbing Herman, but this never made any difference, because she always kept troubling the couple.

Reports are that on the night of the stabbing, Roberts was on Jeremie Street, when the female, issued more death threats.

Scared for her life, Roberts sought protection in a nearby boutique and called her boyfriend to get her. But on arrival, the female who was in the company of a group of thugs allegedly stabbed Herman.

Upon realizing what had happened, Roberts went outside to assist Herman, but the female and the group of thugs, as she described them, allegedly dealt several blows on her body.

Despite they were both in a bad condition; Roberts managed to take Herman to her car and drove to Victoria Hospital, where he was admitted. But she claims that the female followed her all the way into the emergency room and allegedly removed his oxygen mask.

Herman was stabbed multiple times on Old Year’s night and succumbed on New Year’s Day.


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  1. 'Claims' the lady entered the emergency room and 'allegedly' removed an oxygen mask. But there should be cctv cameras in an important public place as VH. That place always have roro. Then all the allegations should be played out on the rewind. Then again it might be the same old thing. No cameras or if so they non functional like on Chausee road


  2. on Thursday bride of chucky was stealing in a Chinese store on coral street and threaten the security by saying I must killing somebody for the new year well her wish has come true


  3. a couple of weeks ago this womAN BRIDE OF CHUCKY was seeking help now she at it think i wld feel sorry for her..... RIP TO A GREAT co worker, u will surly be miss great personalty.. hope she plays her bad mind in jail..smh..cuz she is gon be somebody's bitch


  4. Very sad state of affairs in our little St Lucia, people have no respect for life, themselves and the law. The government need to make law and order a priority in this country, successive governments including this one have continued to fail the people in that regard.
    Mr Prime minister call a national referendum with persons from all walks of life so that we can make this issue serious enough to consider possible solutions and repercussions. Then find the will and resource to enforce all workable recommendations.
    People of Saint Lucia stop condoning crime. Some of you know the people who constantly break the law because at times they are your friends and families.

    Sorry can't erase the pain but to the family of this man I say like Daniel in the Bible, Lord we have sinned.


  5. Human degenerate, sub-human trash that should have been killed in the womb. I hope the perpetrators goes to jail for a very long time or even get the death penalty, but this being St Lucia, killers gets lighter sentences than people carrying a little weed on their person. St Lucia court system is a joke and needs a complete revision after this useless government gets voted out of office.


  6. Bride of Chucky strikes again. I hope they finally get rid of her for good because people like her don't deserve to walk the streets among law abiding citizens. This bitch has a wrap sheet long than ten football fields. Now she's done the act and will be going to jail I wonder who's going to take care of her children who might just happen to turn out like her.


    • What??? She did that?? Just recently I read an article where she was asking society to give her another chance after she was stabbed in Rodney Bay. I'm shocked.


  7. Woow not even courts order can keep some people safe were violent revenge is the best so LUCIAN 4 solving disagreements woow so much 4 call our SLU THE HELLEN OF THE WEST i guess the nu name is D HELL END OF UR REST it sure is a nu yr were we need to pray 4 piece of d old SLU when we cared an sheared more then worry about d few bad seeds so hp nu yr my peeps with hope 4 positive change in every ting das not helping us to live better lives in sweet St.Lucia.


  8. hmm, to tell the truth, when I see these mad people screaming their head and kicking invisible ghosts in the streets as if something taking them, I don't feel any sorry for them, I have a feeling is something they paying for, Karma is real


  9. R.I.P Persy,from the day i got to know you on to this day i can surely say Persy was a really calm person,always on his own vibe,WICKED excavator operator,good friend through thick and thin,from the Cedars Massive Crew,R.I.P my bros. So sorry it had to end this way,condolences to the family.


  10. A strong Police presence at night on the popular Jeremie Street could have averted this tragic incident.
    The whole incident points to the breakdown of law and order in Saint Lucia and the criminals are moving in to fill the law & order vacuum.


  11. Oxygen mask taken off his face in the emergency room. What is going on in this place. Are we watching a movie. Since when women have become so bold and cold. Instead of calling the boyfriend why did she not call the police. Even the person shielding her should have thought of calling the cops even if the boyfriend was called especially since she knows there is a court matter going on where restraing orders were issued.


    • What you say is true but when the scene hot on you you don't think straight you do what ever first comes to your mind


  12. Where is the security in the hospital! How can they allow a patient to be attacked all,the way in the back or the emergency room who was being treated???


  13. the securities were present but how much can they do if the securities employed through the ministry of health are not armed?


  14. Rip Persie, your life was taken for not good reason at all, you left a grieving daughter, and family, u will always be in our heart, gone to soon


  15. Oh my goodness the new year, just started we are back on the same old routine, stabbing , chopping shooting, when are we as a nation take action against all these senseless killing. Its 2016 we have to stand against in St.Lucia. jesus.


  16. This is a new year and on the first day of the year the murders have already begun. I'm hoping that gov't can enact some stiffer penalties to help curb this senseless violence plaguing our little country.


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