BREAKING NEWS: St. Lucians arrested for allegedly shooting pregnant woman and boyfrend in Canada

BREAKING NEWS: St. Lucians arrested for allegedly shooting pregnant woman and boyfrend in Canada
Both male and female victims were shot at multiple times while they slept, police said. (Tony Smyth/CBC)

Both male and female victims were shot at multiple times while they slept, police said. (Tony Smyth/CBC)

St. Lucian nationals have been implicated in a Canada home invasion on Tuesday morning (July 4) in which a 19-year-old-pregnant woman and her 2o-year-old boyfriend were shot several times while in bed, according to police and media reports.

Police said the woman was shot in the chest and shoulder while her boyfriend was hit in the leg and hand.

Police said the victims were hospitalised with serious but non-life-threatening injuries.

Two children who were sleeping in another room at the time of the invasion were not injured, police said.

The 11-week-old fetus was unharmed, police said.

On Tuesday, July 4, 2017, at 8 p.m., police arrested Toronto residents McKenzie Seraphin, 32; Tola Paul, 32; and Edsel Augustin, 29.

Several St. Lucians living in Canada contacted St. Lucia News Online (SNO) on Wednesday and pointed out that all three men are St. Lucian nationals.

“Three St. Lucians just got arrested in Canada for trying to kill a pregnant woman and her boyfriend and they are well known too, from Castries, smfh,” said one of the persons who contacted our newsroom.

Police and media sources in Canada have told SNO that St. Lucia natives are among the suspects but could not be specific.

Police said all three men were charged with careless storage of a firearm, careless storage of ammunition, two counts of attempt murder, two counts of pointing a firearm, carrying a concealed weapon, unauthorised possession of a firearm, use of firearm during commission of an indictable offence, possession of a firearm knowing its possession is unauthorized, two counts of discharge firearm with intent to wound or endanger life, possession of a loaded prohibited or restricted rirearm, use firearm during commission of an indictable offence, and possession of a firearm obtained by crime.

They were scheduled to appear in court on Wednesdy morning, July 5.

According to media and police reports, shortly after 1:00 a.m. on Tuesday, three men, wearing masks and dark clothing, allegedly entered an apartment unit of a building on 2757 Kipling Avenue, Rexdale, a Toronto district, armed with handguns, and shot at the sleeping couple multiple times then fled the area.

Police suspect the shooting was gang-related and a retaliation for a previous home invasion. The victims appeared to have been targeted and nothing was taken from the apartment, police said.

The male victim was placed under arrest, because according to reports, he was known to police and was wanted for various offences including attempted murder, home invasion and robbery.

The woman was not arrested.

Note: Special thanks to CP24 reporter Chris Herhalt for information.


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  1. This is the result of babies having babies and no family unit in the home. Why is it plaguing the black community so much? Ever thought that one day this concept of mothers raising boys would eventually backfire? If so much of our brothers, sons, fathers, cousins are incarcerated or dead, who do you expect to raise our sons, their mothers? You reap what you sew, that is why the black community will never be a unity we don't have the skillS to learn to love each other and realize we are a force to be recognized, instead we slaughter each other and expect the next generation to do well. I should open up a morgue, at least I am guaranteed a job. STOP MURDER ONE ANOTHER, SHOW LOVE AND PEACE.


  2. The bigger issue is - why is St Lucia along with Trinidad and Jamaica and the rest of the Caribbean producing these kinds of monsters? They were not born that way but nurtured by St Lucian society.

    We have seen this happening for the past 30 years and it is getting worst. Yet we refuse to acknowledge the fundamental problems affection us.
    Is it money? T & T have double our per capita income and their society is just as corrupt.
    Our culture has gone bad. From the little to the big we have no sense of personal responsibility and no family structure to build our youth.
    More money may hide the problem temporarily but how long before some criminal act affects our tourist industry. Then what?!


  3. That's is why I eh sleeping with no man that dealing with crime. You can get killed for his stupidness


  4. Those inconsiderate pricks keeping making it even harder for the commoner to go try make something of themselves in canada...each time...theyre just misrepresenting the island and its citizens...lucians abroad stop to think of actions and its guys are screwing up...we already have to plead to members of our family to file for js just to visit or go on vacation... You think they want us to come to leave our country with that knowledge? Geez


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