BREAKING NEWS: St. Lucian woman charged for money laundering in Grenada

BREAKING NEWS: St. Lucian woman charged for money laundering in Grenada

PRESS RELEASE – A St. Lucian national, who was nabbed during a police operation on Monday 13th March, 2017 has been charged with three counts of money laundering, two counts of attempt to commit a crime, to wit fraud by false pretense and one count of conspiracy to commit money laundering.

22-year-old Kishael Conchon, presently residing at Grand Anse, St. George appeared in Court on Wednesday 15th March, 2017 after a quantity of fake ATM cards, MoneyGram and Western Union transfer receipts along with other items were found in her possession.

Conchon was granted bail in the sum of 30-thousand dollars with two sureties.

She is due to reappear at the St. George’s Magistrate’s Court on Thursday, 16th March, 2017.


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  1. Oh my dear lord. I am so suprised that kishael would throw her life away like that... You finished your studies and your parents were proud now I net they are just as disappointed as I am.... your little brother looks up to you as a role model and this is what you teach him.... My goodness... Never would I expect that from you... to go to university just to end up in jail.... should have just gone to jail in the first place n save your parents the tuition money to bail you.. or not... I am still in shock... Shame on you Kishael...For someone who is intelligent , you sure fir the fool role right now.. I was actually proud of you but it turns out you're just another common criminal...


  2. I have not seen or heard of any plan to fight crime in St. Lucia. Do we have a Police Commissioner.


  3. She friends with St Vincent Jammy? Yall day come! Yall been wirking behind the scenes long time! Cause i see yall is friends on facebook!


  4. How did we get into this situation??? all of a sudden we making headlines regionally for crime...


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