UPDATED: St. Lucian man accused of stabbing two sisters in Dominica

UPDATED: St. Lucian man accused of stabbing two sisters in Dominica

(St. Lucia News Online) — A St. Lucian man is on the run after allegedly stabbing his son’s mother and her sister multiple times during a domestic brawl in the village of Grand Fond, Dominica on Sunday afternoon, April 12, according to relatives and multiple sources.

The sisters have been admitted to a hospital and both are reported to be in stable condition.

It is alleged that the accused stabbed his 23-girlfriend girlfriend and then attacked her 17-year-old sister who tried to intervene to help her sibling, another sister told St. Lucia News Online late Sunday evening.

The couple’s six-month-old son was at home at the time of the incident but was not hurt.

“They meet her on top of the baby in a pool of blood and my lil sister was outside — like she was running — in a pool of blood. They both got several stabbed wounds. His girlfriend got seven including one in her chest. My lil sister [got] 22 on her back and all over. My mom said they are stable,” the sister who wished not to be named.

Relatives fear other family members might be in danger while the suspect is on the run.

“My lil sister told my mom he said he will kill my little girl — she’s 10 — and my other sister,” the sibling added.

She further disclosed that her sister and the suspect have had a rocky relationship.

Asked if she knows the motive behind Sunday’s attack, she said: “No, but he always talks about killing my sister and he also said he killed people in St. Lucia. He always abusing the girl. Mom reported him how many times.”

No further details are available.

Dominica is currently under a shutdown as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak.


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