St. Lucian killed in Toronto

St. Lucian killed in Toronto
Andrew Surage
Andrew Surage

A St. Lucian national was fatally shot during a robbery in Toronto, Canada this morning around 5:40.

Dead is 47-year-0ld Andrew Surage, also known as McKenny, who is originally from Belle Vue, Vieux Fort.

An eyewitness told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) that she was leaving an after-hours bar at the back of a plaza with Surage and another male friend when the incident occurred.

The eyewitness said while walking with Surage, she heard the other male friend, who was walking some distance behind them, shouting for help. Surage responded and met the male friend being robbed of his chain. Surage reportedly shouted at the robber who was observed hitting the male friend.

The robbery suspect left and re-appeared minutes later, firing shots in their direction, hitting Surage in the torso.

The eyewitness said Surage died in her arms.

According to Canadian media reports, police have detained a suspect who has been described as a white man of medium height, with a medium build, who wore a light-coloured jacket, dark pants and shoes, a baseball hat and a hoodie.

Andrew Surage (inset) was shot and killed during a robbery.



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  1. just sad how some people are using this page to argue and bicker back n forth like some kids....grow up and pay homage to a sad situation. people these days have no respect


  2. Can't believe this happened. Andrew's positive vibe I'll never forget. You will be missed. RIP bro from the boys at on-trac.


  3. Baby Jean pay chuuuwww la...
    Grow up, u must e be so miserable, ... U were nothing to him, even in death...
    stop sending condolences, noone wants to b u r friend,,,