BREAKING NEWS: St. Lucia strikes historic gold medal at Commonwealth Youth Games!

BREAKING NEWS: St. Lucia strikes historic gold medal at Commonwealth Youth Games!
Alfred winning

St. Lucia has won a historic gold medal at the 2017 Commonwealth Youth Games in The Bahamas.

Julien Alfred won St. Lucia’s first gold medal in a sprint event at a major championship by taking the girl’s 100m final in 11.56 seconds.

She had earlier won her heat in 12.02 and her semi-final in 11.80 seconds.

Alfred, who trains in Jamaica, placed fifth in the under-18 girls 100m finals at this year’s Carifta Games in Grenada. Her time was was 11.90 after running 11.89 in the preliminaries.

She is a former student of the Ciceron Primary School and the Leon Hess Comprehensive School. She also represented the Survivors Track Club in St. Lucia.

See video of her golden race below:


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  1. Excellent Job. There is tremendous talent in St. Lucia. Academic ability is one type of talent. I trust that Julien's achievement will show that ws have been mismanaging our human resources. We need to recognise that when we provide opportunities for all kinds of talented people, we lay the foundation for genuine development. The emphasis on academics is inimical to our progress.


  2. Congrats my girl continue doing what you love you will go far just hope you get the support that you need.


  3. Am soooo proud of you. Just reading those comments brought tears to my eyes. A little island products a BIG Star.


  4. Well done Julien! Let's not forget Trois T Neis who identified, provided her initial coaching and recommended she be sent to Jamaica for further development. Nuf respect Trois T Neis! Kool runnings to both of you.


  5. Congratulations have truly made st.Lucia proud.... Teacher,principals and the ministry of education needs to find out what is happening in Jamaica when it comes to them producing athletes (note well im not saying they produced this lady...we did that).... I find that in St Lucia the focus is too much on the academics and not on physical fitness for kids... Nowadays kids are not even a lunch hour.... In most primary schools children are given 30mins for lunch and no time for play....back to the classroom.... This happens a lot at some of the so called prestigious primary schools.... Our kids a very obese because principals have made it their mission to care only about common entrance....thank good for clubs like survivors and rockets


    • Congrats Julien.Proud of you.Let the world take notice.Stay focused and determined.?


    • Congrats Julien.Proud of you.Let the world take notice.Stay focused and determined.?


  6. Jamaica's program proves its claims to be the best sprint training regime in the world. Thanks again Julien. WE LOVE YOU.


    • They should have sent them long time St Lucia would have had it's own Olympic gold medalist already. I have always said St Lucia has it's own Usain Bolt but who is going to give him the chance to break out. Before the stadium turn into a hospital they just had it lock up A WHITE ELEPHANT the youths have no where to train and sharpen their skills. I remember a few years ago one Christmas my son had gotten a remote control car as a gift so we went to the stadium parking lot to use it. The caretaker came over to watch him use it so I ask why they don't open up the stadium so people could train in it he tell BOLD FACE who going to clean it up.


  7. Proud of you girl! We must encourage our own to thrive and prosper. Congratulations look to the next Olympics!


  8. Good one. May your good example be emulated. Keep at it. Your dad would be so ecstatic. Again. Well done.


  9. Congratulations dear...I've made y country I'm very proud of u..God bless keep moving


  10. Congrats Julien!!! Way to go St.Lucia!!! This news has made me so emotional.. My daughter's former school mate... Hess is proud!!!


  11. Blessings young lady 7578 to the world yout made his proud . Very, very proud. Thank you ,your parents and your coach. Job well done.


  12. Well done so that means apart from st Joseph convent and st Marys coledge student from other school can do much better


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