BREAKING NEWS: St. Lucia Stars fire Darren Sammy, appoint Shane Watson as captain

BREAKING NEWS: St. Lucia Stars fire Darren Sammy, appoint Shane Watson as captain
Shane Watson (left) and Darren Sammy during a recent game.
Shane Watson (left) and Darren Sammy during a recent game.

(CRICBUZZ) – After suffering six straight losses in the ongoing edition of the Caribbean Premier League, St. Lucia Stars have dumped Darren Sammy as the captain and appointed Shane Watson in the role for the remainder of the season.

Marlon Samuels has been named vice-captain.

“After six successive defeats in the 2017 season, the time is right to make a switch in leadership and incorporate some fresh thinking as the team completes this season and builds for 2018,” the franchise said in a statement on Thursday (August 17).

“The Stars management would like to take this opportunity to thank Darren Sammy for his contribution as captain this season and throughout the last four editions of Hero CPL,” it added.

Sammy, who led Windies to two World T20 titles, however, remains in the Stars’ squad for the ongoing edition of the domestic T20 league.

“Darren is a St. Lucian icon and has been a fantastic servant of both St. Lucian and West Indian cricket. The Stars management would like to stress that Darren remains an important part of the St. Lucia Stars squad and his performances with both bat and ball will be vital for the rest of the 2017 tournament and in the future.”

Stars have been confined to the bottom slot in the six-team CPL points table, having lost all their encounters in the season thus far. With four more league games to go, the management believes the side needs a fresh approach to finish the tournament on a high.

“If it were not for Darren, St. Lucian cricket would not have the standing it does in world cricket and his ability to lead both on and off the field remains unquestioned. However, after the results that we have seen over the first half of the 2017 Hero CPL, a change is needed to freshen things up as we look to win the remaining four fixtures this season,” said Stars’ owner Jay Pandya.

However Watson, who also captains Sydney Thunder in Big Bash League back home, has not had a great season with the bat thus far. He’s scored only 44 runs – with a best of 32 – in the four outings for Stars and hasn’t bowled at all.


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  1. You can't be just a captain, not bowling and not batting. He worked himself off West Indies team the same way.


  2. Sammy has done very well however his side has not been performing. As a manager you are responsible for the success or failure of your team, when your team wins you win, when it fails you fail and you must examine your self to see where you fell short whether your decisions where right or wrong. You must also demand good players those that will contribute to the success of the team. You must give the younger players the opportunity to prove themselves don't wait in anticipation of their failure to grab the spotlight. Sammy has made his Mark and it's time for him to move on. Thank you Sammy you have played your part. Shane Watson like Sammy must move on, he is not going to bring success to the team, he has reach the pinnacle of his success and should make way for a younger players.


  3. Its rather unfortunate that Sammy had to face the axe for the dismal performance of seasoned professionals. And to add insult to injury appoint a captain who has contributed a fraction more than nothing in the tournament thus far. This decision in my opinion only fuels the speculation that the Stars will no longer be here next year


    • I hope so too. they were asking our government $450,000 for that franchise to remain here. we paid $250,000. I say not worth our tax payers. take y'all fallen stars somewhere else.


  4. It was time.Sammy doing well when he captaining in Bangladesh and all them other Asian countries and is shate he doing here...Im happy with the decision!


  5. That's nonsense that going on like really trust me awaah that bullshit going on ok it's not his season ok they don't have treat the man so awaah that's nonsense the man did well don't worry no one no wat he going through just live it


    • what he going through. his woman have next man? or he too worried about his bat cave? Shriwiwiwiwi

      Sammy always going around having so much fun around island instead of focusing on his if you say its not his season, then why should he be captain now? let someone else lead for now. Gosh.


  6. You mean to tell me them owners so smart? Watson? Really? How can you put the losses of the 5 games on the captain of the side when is the whole xi that makes up a squad the entire side has not been performing at their best especially the top order, why not tinker with the line-up a bit, no... y'all go straight to remove the captain. Watson y'all putting as captain. Y'all eh see what Watson did to RCB in ipl this year? Really? In this tournament Watson hasn't bowled, hasn't batted properly and still I wouldn't put the blame on one man when it's a team effort. The team is not performing that's it. And I am very disappointed that Sammy was removed from captain and in his place was Shane Watson. To show you how despicable that sounds I would put Shane shillinford to captain the side if is that, smh. But who knows with all sammy's humility Maybe it could be a good thing as well, now that Sammy is not in the captaincy role he can focus on his batting and bowling and his value to the team. But I'm very disappointed


    • Shane Shillingford is like a kid in front of Shane Watson.Yes It is correct that Watson has not performed well enough in last 2,3 months.But he is a proven performers in cricketing world.


    • Dont be too emotional. A team which fails has a lot to do with its leader. What if Charl;es was made captain, Im sure you would think its good. because us Lucians, want all for ourselves. We never want to realise that Sammy hasnt been a great cricketer for years.Stop rallying behind people just because they have name. You lot do the same thing with your politicians. as if they should not account for anything
      Sammy has LED a team to 6 straight losses. They never said he was the cause. But something had to change, so they change the leader. Whats difficult to undestand in that. If all remained the same, what different outcome would you expect?


    • Sammy's humility you say. Sammy has been riding a high horse my friend. He is overrated. We must support our own, but not to oblivion.
      Lots of sportsmen get a certain high and fame, and can sometimes ride on it even when they dont perform. Bolt has been consistent, Sammy has not.
      Now we have a sense of entitlement inour blood in St.Lucia, Sammy is not entitled to no captaincy. Lucians thought he was entitled for WIC team captaincy too. even after his bad performances. Get a life. Sammy still gone live. I eh crying for rich men. he got paid 90,000 USD while you and I are going our best to get that amount in 10 years work. (And btw im a trained professional educator, vivid cricketer and Support local and sammy; but we must be accountable)


    • I'm very much agree a whole teams not doing well android here's your goals against Sammy gets blame so what' they are trying to say sammy alone should be the whole team shame thats why west indies cricket not going nowhere smfh


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