BREAKING NEWS: St. Lucia records homicide #30

BREAKING NEWS: St. Lucia records homicide #30

A 61-year-old man who died in hospital on Monday, July 3 after he was severely beaten, has been added to the island’s homicide record.

A post mortem examination conducted today, July 7 on the body of Julian ‘Norway’ Henry revealed that he died as a result of “subdural hematoma secondary to traumatic head injury”.

Henry was found barely conscious in his shack in Soufriere on Thursday, June 29.

He was transported to Soufriere Hospital via ambulance but was later transferred to St. Jude Hospital where he succumbed to his injuries.

A male and a female were taken into police custody for questioning.

It is alleged that Henry got into a fight with a female and a male intervened.

Relatives said Henry suffered from mental illness and was known to be troublesome.


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  1. Allen Chastanst in not to blame for what is going on in saint lucia with the young children and crime it is not saint lucia alone this is happening , it is all over the world this is about how children are being raised today when children are doing bad thing family and friends should come together and find out what is the problem instead of the gossiping behind each other back, it take good parenting , family ,and a village to raise children let's come together now and stop pointing fingers


  2. Wait a second. Let's go there. Let's politicize this for a change. When SLP was in power, it was their fault. The creole fool kept calling Kenny's name for every homicide. Now, the problem is escalating, and you Chastanet said that you were going to reduce crime, (among other lies) and don't go there? We are going there. A year has passed. The dust has settled. We need to see change. We need the jobs that you promised. We need the ching ching in our pockets(not coins). We need the truth. And we need it NOW!!


  3. Someone who has a history of mental ill-health is a vulnerable person, but doubly vulnerable if he/she is at large in the community without adequate support. The mental health provision is St Lucia is overstretched and lacking in resources to meet the needs of vulnerable people in the community. I am surprised that more people with mental illness have not been killed.


  4. Congrats we are well on track to doubling the homicide rate!!! Thanks you Make Saint Lucia Safe Again #MSLSA


  5. Mr. PM - Allen Chastanet instead of continuously travelling at our expense get help in fighting crime from outside the country. Ask the U.S, England or Canada for assistance. At least Lucians will say you tried your best. Put those trips off for a while and focus on the crime problem.
    Any sociologist will tell you that the more poverty and unemployment you have the higher the crime rate will be.
    Giving the Chinese 800 acres in Vieux Fort for a Casino & Racetrack is not the answer. These activities will bring more crime. Be smart man, take a trip to Vieux Fort and meet with VFCCCC or invite them to your office for a meeting. No media. Remember what Nelson Mandela did when he became President of South Africa in 1994. No leader has all the answers.


  6. In his justice he will pay back those who persecute you.

    – 2 Thessalonians 1: 6


  7. We now match the total of homicides for the whole of last year! Yet the minister of National Security remains moot on the subject. But when it was La Corbinair it was a different story. Deux ban hypocrite.


    • yep when the leaders doing what they want and getting away with it, when leaders are more corrupt than the people of the country, when they dont lead by example, like any "body" if the "head" eh right nutting else will be...............


  8. These damn criminals and you'll have the nerve to tell mei ned to stop.No the criminals need to stop.And Allan Chastanet my prime minister think these demonic people can be Rehabilitate,not at all.The only form of Rehabilitation for these people is life behind a cell.They are born killers.Its in their system.No one can change a killer.


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