BREAKING NEWS: St. Lucia records another homicide!

BREAKING NEWS: St. Lucia records another homicide!

A young man, who was stabbed a few weeks ago, has succumbed to his injuries, pushing the island’s homicide figure for the year to 39, according to reliable sources.

The victim, identified as Corinth, Gros Islet resident Julianus Felix, was reportedly stabbed by a known male suspect  at his residence about two to three weeks ago.

Felix died at hospital this morning, Sept. 24.

It is not yet clear if the suspect has been arrested.

More details later.


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  1. All those crimes and most times no retrieval of suspects. I wonder why at first st.Lucia got independent, if they didn't st.Lucians wouldn't be moving out going to find better livings, instead foreigners would have wanted to come to st.Lucia cause of being under the English law. Its good and bad. Cause only rich people would have had a house of their own, others would have lived in apartment buildings. Anyways they have already chosen a path. You should stop putting money to waste on fête and such, and should put it to buy proper equipment for cops, hospitals so that they would find the real criminals cause they got many BCF that's are innocence and shit shouldn't be expensive. Anyways condolences to FAM, be safe. And if ure in a prob don't loose ur life uselessly and young for petty things. Blessed to st.lucia, and to all other, be safe.


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