St. Lucia police investigating assault of young girl in viral video

By SNO Staff

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(SNO) — Saint Lucian authorities are investigating a viral video in which a female is seen beating and dragging her much younger sibling out of a residence onto a road, according to reliable sources.

The video, which appeared to have been recorded from a minibus with locals and visitors on board, surfaced on social media in Saint Lucia over the weekend. The incident reportedly occurred in Soufriere.

Law enforcement sources said the police are conducting the investigations and they have since notified the Division of Human Services as well.

The video has sparked outraged among members of the public who have called for the arrest of the female.

A police source, speaking on condition of anonymity, told St. Lucia News Online on Monday that the girl can be arrested for assaulting her younger sister.

The source said if “she caused any injuries she can be charged with harm or wounding depending on the extent of the injuries”.

There is also a second video in connection with the same incident that is circulating on social media. In this video, persons in the minibus are heard asking the young female, while she walks along the road with two younger girls, to explain what and why she had done. One of the persons in the video is heard threatening to post the video on Facebook.


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  1. This is not new in St Lucia. Kids have always been treated like this. Parents most times want to take out their anger on the poor little souls. The teachers do it at school. They beat the crap out of kids. Isn't this abuse? So if a teacher does it then it is ok. Teachers have no right to hit other people's children. It is wrong to do so. I am calling for corporal punishment to be abolished.

    The girl abusing the kid is her sister and they are related to the England footballer Cyril Regis. The late Cyril Regis that is. They are from Soufriere. Their grandfather Asoopok who is originally from Canaries is Cyril Regis's cousin. This could have been a story had Cyril Regis been alive today. I know the family well. The grandmother is from Fond St Jacques and her name is Janie. Janie and Asoopok are a lovely couple. They got married back in the 80's. Asoopok is also related to the runner John Regis.

    I hope she gets her life sorted as a result. She needs our love and support and not punishment. Let us support them. Send some love Lucia. Yes, Love care and support. I wish them well.


  2. If she drag and beat her lil sis like that. I don't wish to see what she would do someone else child.Hummmmm


  3. For this little girl in the video I feel your pain, no its not your fault baby girl, keep this in your heart jesus loves the little children of the world, I have ask god to send his angels to look over you, to keep u safe from harms way, keep u safe from danger and from evil, it's ok to cry baby girl I know the pain is unbearable, I pray that u will be ok , forgive the abuser lord for she know not what she has done.


  4. For the little girl in this video, I know your pain, no it's not your fault baby girl, but Jesus loves the little children of the world I've ask god to send his angels to look over u, to keep u safe from harms way, from danger,from evil. It's OK to cry cause I know u hurting and it's unbearable. But I hope and pray that u will be OK. Forgive the abuser lord for she know not what she has done.


  5. Police are investigating ....what....didnt they see the video are they serious..or are casting a blind eye.i dont know the child but i am shaking as a leaf on a branch that how 😠 i am.are the police serious..dont the shey see how the dammmm woman dragging the child..are they serious ..investigating my foot..thats ure wickedness..this child dont have a mother..because i sure would strangle her...what


  6. This happens daily across the nation. School children board buses with vulgar music. Children dress inappropriately. It is now a good time to propose population control policies as the path we are currently on is only breeding little criminals.


  7. She threw a baby down and hurt the baby. Her actions were deliberate and intentional. If you were the mother of that baby, how would you react? I suspect we all would react the same way and possibly worst. Not condoning it but let us not pretend.


    • So what you're saying is that, there is no other way that the child could have been disciplined but to be dragged out onto the road and beaten?smh. A person who thinks thats the way to go has a serious problem. I feel sorry for this child but most of all i feel sorry for need help.


  8. At no time whatsoever that any parent teacher farmer no one whatsoever treat any child regardless of what they do like this.there are other ways to handle the situation.not when u do her this it will fix her and put her doing more harm to the kid than good.first alot of women make kids and when they cannot handle them they ready to kill them.she needs to discipline herself first as far as I see before she can abuse this kid so.first and foremost she needs to be punish before the child.we need to use better techniques as to how to deal with the kids nowadays.and if anyone loves their kid they will raise them and know how to punish them in the format that is not when u kill a child u get the message through.she lucky is not my kid .I am upset.


  9. That fan woman, I would ........her, these black people getting into relationships with thugs, then they pass it on the poor kids, smh at black people


    • Where did you get that from you 4ing idiot. And what in the hell is that fan woman pea brain?



  10. Dont matter what that child did. This young woman need to he arrested we hage laws in st.lucia that are neer enforced. The video speaks volumes and she needs to be charged and convicted or child abuse.


    • Of course she should be arrested and put her ass in jail. No child should be abuse outside in public. #PERIOD!!!


  11. If she abusing her on the public street like that I can only image the abuse that poor child faces behind closed doors. The child is not only scared for life but the bully she will endure at the hands of her piers! As a mom to do your child this way what do you expect of strangers


  12. No you don't have to arrest her she was picking her up to get her home she slammed her 4month baby he was badly hert
    What would you do if that was you and the girl is ok she went to school today she had no injuries


  13. kids could drive ppl to do things. you guys dont know how much stress the person is under. its because of ppl like u the nation is full of all this crime, pampering kids all the time even if they spit in our face. i have a friend who teaches and is constaanly frustrated. the kids would call her names, get away with all kinds of disrespect, children used to reverence adults. to the person who recorded, u too cantankerous, leave the lady alone. have you asked her if she needs help, what he child has done? if a lot of kids a** was being hauled this way they would be much better behaved.


    • There are others ways of handling kids when u talking bout if other kids were handle this way they would be better behaved!!bullshit....that's how u build new criminals and bullying.
      As far as am concern the law needs to buckle up and handle this situation cause that is abuse(flip,drag,kick)the child.......
      So pissed at this situation
      Next time tell your mother not to live her child for u


    • Any body who have to handle a child that way should not have a child.

      The funny thing is when she gets old that child will beat her the same way.


  14. Please arrest her immediately this is abused of a child


  15. an example need to be made out of this young girl so others WILL know such abuse is not tolerated. she showed no remorse for what she did to her sibbling. Its time that the laws of St Lucia be enforced in this country. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH..She is scaring this child for life..They also need to investigate, the parents and guadiant to see if she herself have suffered the same ordile..Incidents like that dont happen over night.


  16. This is not a slap on the arm.This is Abuse.She should be arrested.


  17. I am a mother of two and my heart aches for this little girl.This woman ought to be arrested and hauled before the courts.This is child abuse.This type of anger and abuse.It cannot be the first time she has done this.


  18. i think the only reason why the lady recorded was because she was with some tourists. am sure this is going to show a bad light cause these tourist will tell others what they just saw. its such a shame


    • ''... why the lady recorded was because she was with some tourists.'' ?????? Shut your mouth bastard. People record everything! Now this situation needed to be recorded. It's inhumane!


  19. What on earth could this poor child have done to be treated like this. This a terrible excuse for a mother. After all mothers are suppose to love and nurture their babies. I believe in correction but this is straight up abuse. I know one thing if this was my child, i'd be having lunch in prison today because someone would be dead. Very disturbing!


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