BREAKING NEWS: St. Lucia gov’t issues health alert after 4 suspicious deaths in Marigot

BREAKING NEWS: St. Lucia gov’t issues health alert after 4 suspicious deaths in Marigot
Chief Medical Officer Dr. Merlen Fredericks
Chief Medical Officer Dr. Merlen Fredericks

(PRESS RELEASE VIA SNO) – Chief Medical Officer Dr. Merlene Fredericks has raised a public health alert due to 4 suspicious deaths in close proximity to each other.

The four individuals are from Coolie Town in Marigot.

More in this report from Glen Simon

The Ministry of Health is currently investigating 4 unusual deaths of adults in the Coolie Town area. The deaths occurred between Friday 9th and Monday 12th March 2018.

These patients presented to the Victoria Hospital at varying times with unusual symptoms, such as sudden onset of blindness, abnormal abdominal pain and in some cases, persons developed rapid unconsciousness and death.

The symptoms seem more in keeping with a poisonous substance. We do not believe that the individuals died of an infectious disease.

We have heard rumors of a possible toxic substance, perhaps something that looks like and smells like alcohol being stolen and shared but have no evidence at this point of what the actual toxin may be.

Whilst the Ministry continues its investigation in the community, alongside the police, we are cautioning persons against drinking alcohol, especially drinks from unrecognized sources.

The Ministry is advising anyone with information to come forward and share with us and the police, in order to prevent further persons from being exposed to this toxic substance.

Persons who believe they may have been exposed should visit a health facility where they can be examined, tested and managed.


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    The question ? was one given to the patients ?


    • True, these people act so slow with calling experts, and doing basic, forensic lab work... "we want blood tests to know what chemicals we are dealing with".
      Stop speculating and making people more afraid, to eat or drink from sellers of genuine rum or alcohol products.


  2. Activated charcoal (or finely ground “coals”) should be made available to the public as a first aid treatment for suspected methyl alcohol (methanol) poisoning.


  3. Moonshine. ....My be the culprit....Back yard made liquor....In large batches can be poisonous because it contains Methanol"....Which Vaporizes at a lower Temperature than Alcohol..The First Liquid produced by the distillation process can contain Methanol"..The larger the batch of the more Methanol"...Methanol is highly poisonous and can cause blindness even death. ...Also Antefreeeze is also can be mixed in liquor it has a sweet Fruity taste and hard to detect....


    • You posted this in the online article and here as well? Seems you're the one supplying the "moonshine" since you know so much, matter fact join the ...police of figuring out what.. hate damn ass speculation did you not read "STOLEN & SHARED" gosh man.


      • You need to stop this anti-intellectual attitude. The article's contents have been changed from when we read it this afternoon. The paragraph containing the "stolen and shared" statement is a recent update to the article.

        Speculation is a product of a society that doesn't allow its government to throw people in prison for speaking out on the day's issues. You should go live in Russia where you are "encouraged" to shut up and be quiet, like they tried to do with Sergei Skripal, the spy that was poisoned because he was tired of the corruption in his home country.


  4. Sounds like they tried to ingest homemade alcohol. This is what happens when you try to ingest homemade alcohol. :/


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