UPDATED: St Lucia awarded third runner-up at Miss Caribbean World Pageant


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St. Lucia’s Joy-Ann Biscette finished third-runner-up and won best national costume as the Miss Caribbean World Pageant concluded at the Multi-Purpose Sports Complex in Road Town, Tortola, British Virgin Islands (BVI) Saturday, May 4, 2013.

The winner was Miss BVI’s Sharie B. deCastro who also won Miss Intellect, Miss Poise, best evening wear, best talent, and tied for best swimwear with Dominica’s Leslassa Armour Shillingford.

Shillingford won the first runner-up position and Miss Photogenic; St. Vincent and the Grenadine’s Carice Glasgow won second runner-up; and st. Kitts and Nevis’ Trevicia Adams copped fourth runner-up.

Biscette was among 11 contestants who participated in the pageant.

The others were USA ( Jaielean L. Thomas), Antigua & Barbuda (Ranee Laronde), Bahamas (Mea Petit Homme), Cuba (Daniela Garcia), St. Croix (Cliaunjel Williams) and Trinidad & Tobago (Sonia Millington).

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  1. Congratulations are in order Joy-Ann. You did well be proud of yourself and thank God.

  2. OMG!! Terry was just asking for greater support for people like Joyann. She has indeed been in the pageantry for years and hasnt been able to win a major title. Why is that? As Terry pointed out, it isn't her fault. We do need more support for these ladies, especially the financial kind. How many of the representatives of OUR COUNTRY had to source their own pageant gowns/accessories/PLANE TICKETS etc!! I agree with Terry. Any form of external support, be it from the tourist board, govt etc will see a seasoned person like Joyann do much much better! They in turn will reap many benefits from a major win. Despite this, instead of criticizing, we must congratulate her for placing 4th out of 11! Excellent job.

  3. That's Me Alright

    @ . You need to go back to grammar school for you sure cannot read english properly. Before you write BS read carefully, you ignorant jackazz stop making a AH of yourself sak way makak. Quick to write ha, digest the comment before you answer.

  4. Dammit!!! When will St Lucia get a proper crown? Sometimes doing your best is not enough, what more do they want? Joy Anne deserve that crown, no competition there.


    congrats joyan, you made your country proud, you should be proud of your self

  6. Congrats Joy-ann you did your best...

  7. OMG!She's been in this for so long and yet she can't bring a major win to our country. St. Lucia needs to realize that she has potential and she can make it. But how can she do it alone. People who go out to represent us struggle on their own too much to find funding for their cause. Our Tourism Minister must step in and throw a 100% support if we are to realize success. At the end of the day St. Lucia will benefit from all the PR. Trying to push arts; rebranded jazz etc, among the youth and here you have a young woman with so much to offer, bullshit i say. Save our country and our young people, lets get it done!

    • All you St.Lucians not easy!

    • Terry if you can do a better job volunteer next year, otherwise pais chew. Congrats Joy-Anne.

      • You obviously didn't read Terry's post properly, otherwise you would have realized that he was simply advocating for more support from stakeholders. "...here you have a young woman with so much to offer" he said, so tell me how does that statement equate to your interpretation that he was criticizing her. You need to go back go grammar school. SMDH!!!


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