BREAKING NEWS: Soufriere toddler injured by flare gun explosion

By SNO Staff

A flare launcher (gun) with cartridges. (Not the gun mentioned in the article below)

A 20-month-old female from the town of Soufriere was injured last night (Feb. 15) a result of an alleged accidental flare-gun explosion, according to reliable sources.

The toddler was reported to be in stable condition at the time of posting this report.

She was taken to Soufriere Hospital then to St. Jude Hospital where she was treated for a wound to the chest. The injury is not life-threatening, according to medical sources.

The circumstances that led to the toddler’s injury were not immediately clear, as officials have indicated receiving various reports, some conflicting, according to sources.

However, unconfirmed reports reaching St. Lucia News Online (SNO) indicates that a close relative was playing with the flare gun while the toddler was on a chair when an explosion occurred.

Another unconfirmed report indicates that the flare gun fell, resulting in an explosion. It is believed that the ricochet hit the toddler.

A flare gun is a firearm that launches flares and is typically used for signalling, as distress signalling, for people at sea or from the ground to aircraft, according to Wikipedia.

It is not yet known if police have received a report of the incident.

SNO will provide more information as it becomes available.

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  1. The hospital should have reported the incident to the police for a full investigation,after all a minor got hurt.Question to the parents why was a flare gun around a toddler?

  2. Ke ro ro sa

  3. I hope she recovers fully and the stupid people that did this learn their lesson

    • New online get your facts staight.cleo before you call anyone stupid ask what happen u'll to quick to judge.who f---ng tell u'll my mother was playing with the flare gun SMFH.jah jah see's and knows.

      • Hi: This is the editor from St. Lucia News Online. Contact us on Whatsapp/call +1758 712 6700. OR via our Facebook page or email [email protected] And we did not mention anything about the mother playing with a gun. Read the story and you will see nothing of that sort. However, we would like you to help us get more information. Thanks in advance.

      • Hey Ms Avril before you gonna make some people think of you as just how Cleo described the situation. You should give some thought to what you say before you post.

        Those of us reading here didn't know who was involved.
        You now giving information that can further incriminate the person(s) involved.

        Let's look at the situation on the other angle.

        Why was a flaregun kept in the home?
        Is the user licensed?
        Why was the flaregun armed?

        This piece of equipment carries the same handling procedures as a regular firearm. It's possible to be charged if the police get involved.

        Just my two cents


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