BREAKING NEWS: Soufriere Hospital on fire

BREAKING NEWS: Soufriere Hospital on fire

Firefighters are currently battling a raging fire at the Soufriere Hospital in the town of Soufriere.

There is no word yet of any death of injuries.

Emergency officials received news of the fire at 7:01 p.m.

An eyewitness said the fire is “spreading rapidly”.

The cause of the fire is not yet known.

Unconfirmed reports are that the entire maternity wing is completely destroyed.

This is the second time within a few weeks that the hospital is being affected by a fire. However, by witness accounts this one is by far the most extensive.

Services were relocated to Etangs Wellness Centre due to a fire in the records room of the hospital  in the early hours of Thursday, November 9.

More details soon


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  1. This is just another sign to the spiritual oriented people. Guys we need to pray reject evil and immoral acts and things. There seems to be a curse looming over us unless we balance our consciousness.


  2. Take the one in Vieux Fort transfer it to Soufriere now this clears the way for Teo is King to benefit without the need to demolish. Bradley dun turn Chinese to support the cause.

    Trying all tricks to get that FRESH START and Dumbest Shit Happens [DSH] to go through.

    Strange all the hospitals burning under Flambeau. Now the begging to repair begins.

    Corruption is rampant under this regime.

    Some of you will be eating dirt when Chastenet tenure come to an end. Play on, play on, play on....


  3. Isn't it premature to speculate on how the fire started without a Fire Brigade's investigation report?
    We should avoid scapegoating and failing into an abyss of doom and gloom!


  4. An eyewitness said the fire is “spreading rapidly”. Electrical lights in the hospital are on during the fire. So definitely the fire was not spreading because of the electricity. The fuse would have tripped during the fire. What had the fire to spread rapidly?


    • The eye witness's account is subjective, is that eye witness an expert in the growth rate of fires? Since when does fire spread because of electricity? A fire can begin as a result of some electric malfunction.


  5. Th CHief Fire Officer should be letting the public know the cause of these fires. the chief engineer always speaks and so does the Chief Medical Officer. Now I wanna hear form the CHief Fire Officer. Too many times we wanna hear form politicians or ministers. Let ministers talk about policies to make us better. This is an issue for the chief fire officer to respond to. He is the technical officer who can explain the investigations not the minister. Does anyone agree with me?


  6. Politics have these people in Saint Lucia so drunk and divided, everything that happen in the country they find some way to put a political spin on it. Smh

    Now it's SLP supporters that burn the hospital,... with no proof or evidence, they find some way to talk garbage. why are these people so *ucking ignorant ? It boggles the mind.

    Everytime they throw their hands up to support political parties is the politicians that win because no matter who is in power their living condition never change.

    Every election politicians come around to offer these scrubs pennies and rum ( cheap bribery) for votes. Smh

    All they do is stand on the sidelines like chair leaders shouting "boss man", "boss man" supporting parties and criticizing the ones they don't like.

    But around the world people are protesting kicking useless politicians out of office. Not so in this hell hole they all drunk, divided and quite frankly to frigging ignorant to stand up to demand change.


  7. Sad sad state of affairs..Health care is we cant afford to waste time not hving two hospitals down...Have we thought now what will be happening to the other hospitals now??? it will b saturated with patients. That prime minister... i hope all these meetings u hv ur nose in oecs this n that lobbying for other islands..head of this n tht..i hope since u at the forth front u can now ask for help for ur own damn island...
    And i hope the ppl who read sno on ur behalf read my comment...You are like a bird leaving its babies on its own after they hv hatch to fen for themselves..while u all over looking for stuff to make nests for other birds before they lay...but the branch where u placed ur nest with ur babies is swaying n about to break..coh tay ou...mind ur business...mwe fachè...
    look for the pen uh panieh for us not for freaking idiot...


  8. Lucian’s you are all ruining my island you keep pointing to politician but take a look at your selves you guys depend on others for hand outs and say it is some one else .When I was brought up on the island we cared for each other and we used politicians to get what we need as a result they were our tools .Today my people allow politicians to use them and call it the fault of others.
    Yes the hospital has been destroyed but it is not Slp or UWP it is a Saint Lucian problem .
    Stop politicking and let’s fix our counter


  9. Wow! I am speechless......2 fires at the same hospital in less than 1 month.
    To the powers that be...... please put 24hr police guard at all our healthcare facilities. Safety first....and if after investigation into these fires...if someone is found wanting.......let them feel the full force of the law.


  10. Boy I am applaud by Lucian’s and their ignorance. No wonder they are so backwards. Educate those assholes. KMFT


  11. That is the work of the devil.....?using politics to divide our Nation.But in the name of Jesus we cancel his plans.What he meant for evil God turns it around for good.


  12. I can't believe some of us lucians would put the blame on any SLP or LABOUR why when st judes got burnt noone didn't say is Flambeau or uwp it's bout time we care and feel sympathetic towards our people I'm praying for no casualties letslove one another and put politics aside my people ONE LOVE


  13. Sigh. I hope everyone made it out alive and well.

    Well we can expect the government to refurbish it in the next 10 years or so. Bunch of asswipes. These men disgust me. As a young citizen of St.Lucia I can't say I aspire to be like any of these idiots. I'd hope one day I can contribute in a meaningful way to my country and if that takes me to the political arena then I say reluctanctly, so be it. But goddamit with these selfish politicians. They're not working for the people, only themselves. Breaks my heart to see. I don't know whats the point of having a government else they are serving the needs of the citizens. St.Judes is a witness against all of dem. Waste of god damn votes!!!


    • I truly understand where you are coming from. Yes. Be the change that you desire.

      Our people have such corrupt minds that they even cheer those who steal from the rest of the population. The reconstruction of St. Jude's bears ample testimony to politicians and their ilk who fleece the population like sheep and laugh about it.

      Now, and sadly there appears to be another opportunity for scoundrels to go to work again, in yet another fire-affected hospital. When will it stop?


  14. Every body no that was a deliberate stack by slp....speak Lucian....but I my heart SLP if suspect in this unfortunate turn of events maybe I am I eh no just saying....


    • Let us pretend we do not know about the freshest of starts......they cannot get the one in Vieux Fort so they tackle the one in Soufriere. Somebody is grinning big. Let wait and see who gets the contract. #CorruptGovernment