Six suspects wanted for gruesome chopping incident in Belair

Six suspects wanted for gruesome chopping incident in Belair
One of the victims of Sunday's gruesome chopping incident in Belair.
One of the victims of Sunday’s gruesome chopping incident in Belair.

Marigot police have issued arrest warrants for six men suspected of being involved in a chopping incident in Belaire on Sunday, Oct. 13, 2013.

A police press release have been identified the men as Indy, Malcom, Dede, Brian, Callou and Tibou. All are residents of New Development, Belaire, Marigot.

Police said another suspect was arrested on Monday, October 14 about 6:45 p.m. at the George Charles Airport.

“He had left the island earlier that day on a flight destined for Tortola. After liaising with regional authorities, the suspect was returned to Saint Lucia,” police in a press release.

The lawmen are pleading to the other six suspects to turn themselves in.

“If the suspects are viewing or listening to this broadcast, they should report themselves to the Marigot Police Station as soon as possible,” police said in a press release. “If anyone has information pertaining to the whereabouts of the above mentioned individuals, should contact the Marigot Police Station at 456-3895 or the nearest police station.”

Two men, 31-year-old Martin Willie, also known as Tempo or Kieran, and 55-year-old St. Claire Augustin, also known as Compton/Lion, both of Belaire, were critically injured in the chopping incident which occurred about 2:45 p.m. Sunday, October 13.

Police said in a press release that about 2:45 p.m. on Sunday, October 13, 2013, officers attached to the Marigot Police Station received a report of grievous harm at Belaire.

“The officers proceeded to the scene and observed two males lying on the ground with multiple slash wounds about the body. They received information that the two males were in the vicinity of the Belaire Community Centre when they were attacked by a group of men armed with cutlasses,” the press release added.

On Sunday, a resident described the scene as gruesome.

“There are body parts all over the place. It’s a gruesome scene,” the resident said. “None of them are dead but there a lot of blood and fingers on the ground… even a nose.”

Reports are that the incident is a long-standing feud between men from the community.

“It was a one-for-all gang fight. Cutlasses, a lolobef and a sword were used,” another resident told St. Lucia News Online (SNO). “The guys from the Upper Hill didn’t have time to use the sword. Deh send it to the grass. That’s a feud from so long. The guys just don’t mingle with each other.”


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  1. They are not hiding. I am the brother of one of the accused and I am not speculating like many have done. I have been in contact with my family and believe me unless one hears what these young men from New Development Belaire have been subject to at the hands of the victims, you will never understand. I know there are two sides to every story, but from what I've been told by friends and family, the victim who lost his nose isn't the saint the he is painted as by his grandma and girlfriend. He instigated the entire ordeal. If my brother and the other young men per chance are found guilty, I am certain they will serve their time or pay whatever fine assigned, but the real victims in this tragedy are the remaining young men in the two communities who will continue to duke it out until a serious intervention is initiated. So go ahead, call them chicken shits or fools or ask that they be hanged by their balls, but know this what goes around comes around, but only when The Almighty ordains it to be so. Stay tuned there is chain of events taking place already...


    • I agree with you Ben I live just above from the community and what I have heard the victims are the one's causing all the trouble and all of this needs to stop. and I also heard that if people where in the victims shoes that they will kill all the suspects family until they found that person so I am on your side.


    • Baby belairman to daddy belairman: daddy you have no nose

      Daddy belair man to baby belairman: I swapped my nose for a reminder to you that war brings pain and hurt. Please don't follow in my footsteps, be peaceful and educate yourself; your brain is a much more powerful weapon than the cutlass laying beside me in my moment of madness. Learn to walk away son. God bless, good luck and preach the good word to your friends and bring peace back to our land.


  2. you retard stop putting politics in everything. thats why st lucia is in that mess. let us pray and work together to try and curb the growing crime problems. all you party hacks like too much roro.


    • that eh have nun to do with politics at all. youre simply trying to create controversy over lucians acting like kids making gang and doing other words youre simply being an a..


    • lets see how long a labour takes to make a retarded..... oh wait that's you, no politics were brought until you said it


  3. Its such a sad situation in st .lucia now. gangs were do ee get off having these low life sobs acting like they r from the wild west. i did say some 25 years ago that this 24 hour tellee would cause trouble thats one of them gangs. hang all those bastards by their balls and call it just.


  4. They should not be hiding turn all you selves in cowards. they should be hanged by their balls wicked fools


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