UPDATE: Man fatally shot in Saltibus

UPDATE: Man fatally shot in Saltibus

Police have confirmed that a man was fatally shot in Darban, Saltibus on Saturday, Dec. 8.

He has been identified as 38-year-old Gerald Antoine who sustained a gunshot wound to the upper left thigh area. At the time of the incident, the police said Antoine was at his residence.

Police responded to the scene at about 6:35 p.m.

Antoine was pronounced dead at St. Jude’s Hospital.

St. Lucia News Online will provide more information as it becomes available.


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  1. He bleed to death before any medical assistance arrived. The area where he was shot is secluded and by the time he dragged himself to the nearest house to alert them it was too late. All he could say was he got shot. I hope they fine the culprit and make sure they pay for taking a persons life.


  2. Can somebody please explain to me, how someone dies of a bullet to their upper thigh? Damn, our health care sucks...


  3. I understand how upsetting the killing of the Caucasian-Christian-tourist must be for the House-Negro-slave, who is able to experience the pains and ailments of the White-Slave-Master, “We sick today Massa?”, “We head hurt today Massa?” I can even understand the fear that Lazarus imagines if the crumbs from the Rich man's table would be terminated.

    What astonishes me most however is the total lack of sympathy demonstrated by the self-hating Negro Lucians when a Lucian “Mal-lay-way” is murdered, as in the Thursday killing of 27 year old Arthur Paul Jones of Bagatelle, Castries and today the murder of 38-year-old Gerald Antoine , and the nonsensical excuses tendered to devalue the life of a Black Lucian – Oh, he used to hang out in the Grave-yard; and used to smoke Ganjah; and mate was always begging people for food! There! You see, he deserved to die, so the police should not waste time to find the Killer; so how many murders of the little “Mal-lay-way” are never solved.

    But burst the head of a Caucasian-Christian, Whiskey-drinking, Hotel-staying, without-sin-tourist, who died as a result of the Antiquated Hospital's failure to conduct the required test for a head-injury, and all the House Negroes cry, “Massa we dead, woe to us!”; “Who kill sweet Jesus?” “Saint Lucia Bad! Me feel shame!” Would a Caucasian British/American behave like that? This is the inferiority-complex that has afflicted the Negro-slave who worshipers the Naked Caucasian Man on that cross as God, in the church opposite the Court House, on Micould Street.

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    • You're a twisted, sick, racist person and you should seek help before you hurt yourself or someone else. I take it you live in the States.

      Basic courtesy dictates that you take care of people when they visit your house...not kill them. So please keep your hatred and racism to yourself, we don't need that in Saint Lucia.


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