BREAKING NEWS: Shooting in Rodney

BREAKING NEWS: Shooting in Rodney

shootingA man was hospitalised Saturday night, Nov. 7, 2015 following a shooting at a popular bar in Rodney Bay, Gros-Iset.

Reports are that a young male, known as ‘Focus’, was shot by another male at Verve.

The suspect, who is known, reportedly fired about two shots at the victim. One of the shots allegedly hit the victim in the stomach area.

It was further alleged that one of the shots was targeted at the victim’s head but the gun jammed.

The victim’s condition is unknown at this time.

An eyewitness said in a Facebook post (verbatim): “I was right there when that happen…I aint moving in my house from today…st Lucia isn’t safe…I panicked I didn’t even know where to run….the man had gun pointing towards the running guy withing the small crowd funny God didn’t make him fire random shots…thanking Him for that…ppl no matter how careful we are we can still get innocently injured I’m still in shock though.”

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  1. We sell our country as a tourist destination. We cant even protect the citizens of this country muchless the tourist. Last see i saw a message from canada warning the citizens about the crime within in st.lucia and other parts of the csribbean. Are these governments turning a blind eye to whats going know and how its affect the country or are they in business with the criminals.?


  2. The point is not the excitment or horror of another shooting in Rodney Bay.
    The issue for a mature and sensible people is - how do we prevent this in the future? Sooner or later this escalation is going to result in a major disruption of our tourism product and then all fall down with more unemployment.

    This is where politics raises its head. Under Kenny Anthony the country's internal security has always been a shambles. While he has been leader at least 400 murders have taken place in this country and he has never had a solution. Remember: 'Give the people a break for Christmas!'. What a joke for leadership.

    We know that someone like Allan Chastanet would have no solutions to such social issues while he travels and talks all over the world playing games. His daddy also would have no interest.

    The only person that we know would have the courage, focus and consistency to make a dent in the sexual abuse issues and internal security problems would be Sarah Flood Beaubrun.
    We know that yet just accept the view that in the coming UWP leadership fight that the delegates have been bought and paid for.

    I do not think so and come Nov 15 the UWP has a real chance to change the face of St Lucian politics for the better by electing Sarah Flood Beaubrun.
    We know that she would not stop at anything to ensure our people are safe and that investment takes place in St Lucia with a stable environment.

    There is no sense complaining if we do not elect someone who can get the job done like John Compton did.


  3. People are not blaming government for crime. If you think so then you are a very foolish let alone DUMB Barbadian. What the government is blamed for is not employing either resources, policy or manpower either in aid of crime prevention or crime detection, or even fixing the judicial system.

    Only a fool could think that governments can stop crime. However methods can be employed as a deterrent including providing economic avenues to people. Conveniently, many here are trying to break the link between poverty unemployment and crime, unfortunately they only doing it when their party in power.

    In any economically deprived community there will be a high incidence of unemployment and resulting crime, there is a direct correlation. Persons must understand in a community there will be instances of revengeful violence, and in most instances it is as a result of the original act being committed because of lack of means.

    We the tax paying people of this country deserve better. NO SECURITY< NO FORENSIC< NO JUSTICE, then NO TAXES.


  4. Jones you sound foolish! This could happen anywhere. Look at these girls raped in the safety of their home. The fact is st Lucia has a terrible crime issue. Verve may be small, and I have no problem with them having a heavy team of security, that doesn't make it dangerous, it only shows that management is taking safety seriously. This was a targeted crime and it could have happened anywhere. Sh*t i keep watching my back just walking to the supermarket. What needs to happen is st Lucia officials need get these criminals off the street. Hats off to verve management for their prompt press release and kudos for wanting to improve and continue the hard work


  5. This is just sad. Those guys are ridiculous.people can't even enjoy themselves now because you want to be a "thug". It's not all the time we have to blame the economy. Those men are not trying to do anything in life. From time this boys leave school they choosing bad road like come on set yourselves apart. You guys see where bad road can take you. Try and do a little something for yourselves,some of their parents work hard to send them to school and they come out and want to be "thugs" . "St. Lucia" is not no bad country it's the few idiots that's making it this way!


  6. Sad to say that the police them self cant prevent all the crime happening ... we need stiffer penalties to these crime offenders


  7. It's high time they bring back hanging to start hanging these bastards, and Mary Francis should start checking for innocent victims of crime ,rather than checking for criminals


  8. Verve is a great place owned by a young entrepreneur. i think he should pay attention to the characters he has around.this is a great bar! and get some more lighting in the bar your staff and customers lives are important. may you continue doing well.... all the Best to Verve!!


  9. Crime is a result of the economy and society. Crime in rbay is not the fault of Verve. So u seriously going to blame a bar for criminal activity? The bar cannot commit any crime. The bar provides entertainment similar to any other nocturnal establishment. Verve generally has 6-8 SSU police so nothing usually happens there. The incident happened unfortunately at a time where the police had not arrived for their shift as yet. In any event the young man who I know personally has tried many ways to weed out certain elements from in and around his business up to a point where he has been made to look like a bad person. Most of the idiots have been banned but what they do is anchor around the premises and make other ppl buy liquor for them. The victim is no trouble maker, as a matter of fact he was only standing up for his rights. The perpetrator on the other hand is a known nuisance ad alcholic. Verve will continue to thrive with bigger better entertainment, more security and also tighter security policies will be introduced to ensure the safety of patrons. An establishment can't be blamed for crime...obviously if there is a hot spot for entertainment it will attract larger masses of ppl where there will be unsavory characters in the mix but it would be downright malicious to blame the your man's business which was doin so well in rbay for this occurrence. All kinds of things been happening in the area. Blame the police for not preventing it, the idiots for engaging in it, but Verve cannot be blamed for the acts of a few fools.


    • I don't normally like to do this, but it is imperative that I respond to this way of thinking, as it relates to your first comments, crime in any country, cannot be as a result of any economy, that is a myth, crime is a result of individuals, who believe that they are above the law, people commit crime for various reasons, and none of these reasons has anything to do with the economy, the nature of any government is discern by its laws, therefore the law must be observe by all and sundry. What has happen in recent times, is , that, our youth in society believe that they are ungovernable, and they way of life is to take matters into they own hands , what is most unfortunate is, that, Caribbean governments, are signatories to treaties and conventions, that has seriously interfere with they ability to hang convicted criminals, my view is and always was, that, the bail act needs to be revisited , whereas, that government has to make it extremely difficult for person who commit crime to access bail, and in circumstances where a fire arm was use to commit a crime, the perpetrators of such crimes should have to make an application for bail at the high court, and those persons who has a desire to sign the bail application should be the express owners of any property that they so wish to use for the application of the said bail, and the property should be free from, any mortgage or encumbrances. in other words make it extremely difficult for them to get bail.


  10. Jones you sound like a disgruntled bar/restaurant owner who only wants to incite more trouble. What saddens me is that you have a young man, one of the few proprietors who are actually LOCAL/NATIONAL doing something solid for himself and there is such 'fight down' Why not unite in finding a common solution if you are so concerned with what Rodney Bay has become if you truly want to dish out good advice. Crime is everywhere and if you are from the area or even frequent it you would know the trouble makers and this could have happened anywhere. From what I have seen this bar has had visible security and let me say it a problem that locals have a spot to enjoy in Rodney Bay? Is it that we would soon need a visa to come to Rodney Bay because it is for only tourists. How dare you imply such. Before we jump to conclusions think about what you are saying.


  11. That shit got to stop,they need to give the police rights to do their job,I don't mean that the police suppose to go on a shotting spree, but they need to do their job and don't let the criminals wine,enough is enough


  12. Just put the real bad boys to patrol the area then there will not be any shootings again.. the police raid homes for drugs and guns but not suspect who shoot up the place. .awarrrr


  13. OK we still at the usual 30 murders yet for the yr. This 1 only because gun got jammed. Well I am not surprised this is happening. 1, the police may not be motivated to hunt that guy down for obvious reasons n if caught he will just get bail for $5000. So here we go again. No new policies or laws to deter such activities. Makes me wonder why Kenny and Cobinere are getting monthly salaries


  14. bye bye verve got shot at the bar bois d'orange session done corner bar session done now the one lil bar that have vibe that well adios


  15. In all that rain you still finding time to do some senseless act of violence like that. When will yall learn to cool out and find other ways of handling yall disputes. You coming out in a open crowd like that and firing shots to kill someone like if is a movie you are in suppose one of your shots had hit the victim and pass through hitting someone else or even worse you missed him and hit someone else man. Everybody saw you and now you are running like and ass when will yall learn to THINK it's not just he do me something let me do him back wherever and whenever. Life is not a gangster movie I hope the catch you because you are a dangerous fool with a gun and an intention to use it when and wherever you please.




  17. I am Patrick king, I hail from Barbados. I have observed, that, all across the Caribbean the use of fire arms has now become the weapon of choice in the settling of disputes, this to my mind is so unfortunate, however, this reckless conduct, displayed by our youth, cannot be laid solely at the feet of any administration in office, it is my respectful view, that, the installation of video cameras and heavy police presents, will in no doubt, assist in the apprehension of these culprits near and far, this behavior is not unique to St Lucia alone, but, what I believe the governments across the region ought to be doing, is, to place much of their resources behind the security forces, in an attempt to fight this nonsense to the ground, in light of the fact, that, these Caribbean countries rely heavily on the tourism product.